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Our IT strategy services at Agile Infoways LLC transform businesses with actionable insights and help them make informed decisions, mitigate potential risks, solve complexities, and achieve organizational goals. Our IT strategy services allow you to pick the best-fit strategy to shape and remodel your business to create unique and sustainable value. Collaborate with us and get a better business value.

transform your business IT state with our IT strategy services

Agile Infoways LLS helps you create and align IT strategy according to your business needs and goals and helps you navigate the digital landscape amid a fast-paced business environment.

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Why Avail IT Strategy Services

IT strategy services to fix the value equation with technology

IT strategy services help you stay current on the most relevant strategies for bringing innovation to your organization. We help clients develop a shared understanding of how to set, measure, scope, and deliver value from IT strategy services.

  • IT strategy consulting

    Our strategists at Agile Infoways LLC begin by reviewing the client’s mission, vision, goals, and requirements of the business. We derive the implications of IT and what needs to be done to support the business strategy and deliver value. Overall, it simplifies your business IT operations.

  • Emerging IT consulting

    Our IT consulting services help clients stay at the forefront of the most advanced technology. We help businesses identify and capitalize on emerging tech trends. Considering the changing customer preferences and intense competition, we highly emphasize on agile IT strategies that bring innovation.

  • Application modernization strategy

    We take your existing legacy applications and modernize their feature, platform infrastructure, and internal architecture. Before finalizing the IT strategy, we mitigate the customer experience and ROI by considering speed, new features dev, benefits, and performance so the complexity of the modernizations is manageable.

  • Strategic legacy modernization

    Considering the business priorities, our legacy modernization team helps you define the scope of your legacy system and create the most suitable IT strategy. We emphasize a low-risk and gradual approach that stresses improving the core system and creating quick business value.

  • Cloud computing strategy

    Our IT strategy services assist clients with cloud migration by identifying suitable cloud solutions to improve scalability and agility and minimize cost. We implement an advanced and comprehensive cloud strategy that accelerates performance without disrupting the existing system and daily workflow.

  • Strategic DevOps enablement

    At Agile Infoways LLC, we enable businesses globally with operational transformation with guidance and training. It optimizes IT infrastructure by utilizing a cross-platform and collaborative approach that aligns the performance and deliverables with clients’ needs and objectives and fastracks the business operations seamlessly.

  • Digital transformation strategy

    We assist clients in deploying tech at scale and rewiring the organization to pursue digital transformation and optimization in parallel. With a clear vision and leveraging technology guiding businesses to upgrade their operations, improve existing processes and customer experience, and drive profit.

  • Cost optimization strategy

    We work with clients to reduce costs thoughtfully and quickly as we review each focus area while positioning the client’s business and driving innovation and growth. We also carry out system workability tests that evaluate the feasibility of tech integration into existing systems.

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hire IT strategy consultant

Its strategy consultants specialize in aligning IT capabilities with business goals and needs. They evaluate existing IT states, identify gaps, and design and implement strategies to maximize IT performance. Hire an IT strategy consultant to manage the IT initiative.

IT Strategy Consultant

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Mohit Nigam

Mohit Nigam

Mohit Nigam is a seasoned IT Strategy Consultant with 8 years of experience. He successfully transformed and digitized many businesses to the core by mitigating risk, implementing organization-wide, safe, and secure network infrastructure, and providing support.

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  • IT Strategy
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what makes Agile unique

With a proven track record of providing successful enterprise business solutions globally, we serve multiple industries offering a variety of services and engagement models

  • 85% NPS

    Choose Agile Infoways for an exceptional client experience, reflected in our impressive 85% Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • Pre-vetted resources

    We ensure top-notch quality by providing access to pre-vetted, skilled resources for your projects at Agile Infoways.

  • Onshore/Offshore teams

    Experience the flexibility of onshore and offshore teams, offering a seamless blend of local understanding and global expertise.

  • On-time delivery

    Count on Agile Infoways for punctual project deliveries, meeting and exceeding your expectations every time.

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Our commitment goes beyond development – with 24/7 technical support, we're here to address your concerns and ensure continuous project success.

  • 3 Development centers

    Benefit from our expansive reach with development centres strategically located to provide diverse perspectives and optimal project outcomes.

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Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

Rod Machado

Recently I hired Agile Infoways to develop an iOS Mobile app. They have done a fantastic job. They have impressed me with their support in app development.

Rod Machado

detail guide on IT strategy

Being the top IT strategy consulting company, we integrate modern technology with your existing system according to the requirements and add value to your business. Connect with our IT strategy consultant and streamline and modernize your IT operations within budget and given time frame, irrespective of project complexity.

5 key steps for creating an IT strategy plan

Current process analyses

To learn more about the areas of improvement, understand your organization’s current IT position considering the competitors. Afterward, perform a SWOT analysis and assess your IT needs to check how your IT infrastructure performs.

After evaluation, make a decision on improving the areas of improvement and how. Under the evaluation process, consider evaluating customer focus groups, employee surveys, and stakeholder feedback. It helps you to overcome the inefficiencies.

Secure consulting partner

Since you will be changing the IT processes and technology, ensure your chosen IT strategy facilitates a smooth transition. Therefore, after assessing your business, consult your IT strategy partner about upcoming changes and brief them about your current position and what it lacks. Seek their input and discuss the comparative advantages of one goal over another. It helps to make collective decisions for IT strategy.

To make the decision-making process smooth, you can break down this process into two:

  • What business outcome do you expect from the IT strategic plan?
  • To what extent are you willing to spend?

Objectives & roles assignment

After confirming your IT strategy partner, seek what steps they will take to attain your organization’s short-term and long-term goals. To whom they will be assigning the task appropriately to leadership and IT staff. Look for training resources and timeframe to keep the employees on track. Don’t forget to discuss team dependencies, security threats, and potential roadblocks throughout the process. State your strategic objective, current & desired IT capabilities, staff, governance information, KPIs, timelines, etc., with your IT strategy partner.

Plan execution

Once you complete the preparation for IT strategy consulting, it’s time to implement the strategy. As the results shake out, communicate with your IT strategy development partner and discuss the outcome. Always remain on top of the involved team and ensure they follow the given process.

Reviewing & iterating

IT strategic planning becomes more successful with iteration as time goes by. Once you attain the short-term goals, review the outcome and proceed further with the long-term objective. In case the implemented strategy misfires, revise the strategy and bypass any issue through research and studying the shortfalls of the current strategy.

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    Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

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