Elevate your dining experience with higher customer engagement

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Elevate your dining experience with higher customer engagement

Empower your experience with Food Moover: where innovation meets interaction

Food Moover is a freemium mobile app and CMS system for restaurants, cafes, food courts and other dining establishments. We help drive your business to the next level of customer interaction.

We have developed an innovative solution that provides restaurant owners with a user-friendly web-based system to manage their restaurant details, menu items, and loyalty programs. With our platform, restaurant owners can easily add, edit, and update their restaurant information.

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    Restaurant management system

Client's problem statement

A perfect app for restaurant owners & foodies

Small and medium-sized restaurant owners often face challenges in retaining their customers due to the high cost of developing custom mobile apps and implementing restaurant and menu management systems. These expenses can be burden on their budget, and, they may not be able to offer the same personalized service.

Furthermore, without a robust mobile app and management system in place, restaurant owners may struggle to communicate with their customers effectively. They may miss out on the opportunity to send personalized offers and notifications, which could further impact their ability to retain customers and grow their business.

Food-Moover App


  • Integration with third-party APIs. Food Moover need to integrate with third-party APIs

  • Food Moover need to manage a large amount of data, including restaurant information, menu items, customer reviews, and more.

  • Food Moover need to design a user-friendly and intuitive interface for both the mobile app and CMS system.

  • Food Moover handling sensitive customer data, such as payment information and personal details, and needs to ensure that this data is secure and protected.

Food-Moover app solutions


  • We have used established APIs and libraries to reduce the amount of custom code required for integration.

  • We have used cloud-based database management system, Amazon Web Services to store and manage data.

  • We have used established design patterns and principles to create a user-friendly interface.

  • We have used encryption and secure communication protocols to protect data in transit and at rest.


Receive food orders online

Seamlessly accept online food orders for pickup or delivery.

Food Table Bookings

Take and arrange table bookings

Effortlessly manage table reservations and seating arrangements.


Conduct real-time direct chats

Engage in instant, real-time chats with your customers.


Appear in user searches in your city

Boost visibility by appearing in user searches within your city.


Run a loyalty points program

Reward your patrons with a loyalty points program.


Publish daily food specials

Showcase daily culinary delights with published food specials.


See restaurant profiles & amenities

Explore restaurant profiles and discover available amenities.



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Tools & Technologies

  • Node

  • Angular

  • Flutter

  • MongoDB

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