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application modernization for business agility

Application modernization allows your organization to digitize your legacy applications and make them future-proof. It covers app redevelopment, evolution, redesign, migration to the cloud, and other operations to enhance app performance, security, features, and scalability. Adhering to software modernization and risk management practices, at Agile Infoways LLC, we re-engineer your app without disrupting your existing business processes.

modernize applications and maximize business potential

Application modernization aligns your applications to current business requirements, reduces the in-house server footprint and associated costs, streamlines business processes, and enables seamless growth.

Better user experience

State-of-the-art security

Higher availability & scalability

Lower maintenance cost

Why App Modernization

be relevant with application modernization services

Application modernization services help you migrate legacy to new applications or platforms, including integrating new functionality for facilitating the advanced functions to your business. It boosts agility, increases resilience and continuity, and fuels innovation.

  • Application modernization consulting

    It begins with assessing the architecture, codebase, dependencies, and overall health to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Considering the assessment and helping you exceed the business goal, we design a development roadmap, setting the path forward and improving the existing technical framework with advanced solutions.

  • Application reengineering

    We re-engineer the app codebase slightly via a systematic approach by adopting advanced architecture and technical framework to adjust the app to current and future business needs. App re-engineering improves looks, feel, performance, response time, DevOps, and CI/CD enablement and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Application rearchitecting

    Changing an application architecture makes it more flexible, integration-friendly, and secure. Applications with advanced architecture are simple to evolve and maintain. It benefits from cloud flexibility, distributed computing, and resilience. You can obtain maximum value with service-oriented architecture, serverless implementations, and microservices.

  • Legacy to Cloud migration

    Cloud migration ensures reduced infrastructure and speeding up time to market. Considering business needs, we offer three ways for cloud migration: application rehosting, application re-platforming, or cloud-native implementation. We offer end-to-end migration support across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.

  • Application containerization

    Application containerization offers easy scalability, enables CI/CD practices, simplifies movement across different environments, and runs with fewer resources to run an app. Amongst many modernization options, we pack your apps’ parts into packages in isolation from each other at the OS level.

  • Legacy data modernization

    Application containerization offers easy scalability, enables CI/CD practices, simplifies movement across different environments, and runs applications with fewer resources. Amongst many application modernization options, we at Agile Infoways LLC pack your apps’ parts into packages in isolation from each other at the OS level.

  • Security enhancement

    Application modernization services involve implementing security measures at every development stage. Being a certified app modernization expert, we offer the necessary skills and knowledge to assess and upgrade the security of desktop, web, and mobile applications and implement tested and proven data protection measures.

  • UI/UX modernization

    Understanding your needs, we offer unique, user-centric, and device-responsive blueprints. With frontend modernization, we help you leverage modern browser functionality. GUI modernization allows users to interact with apps via visual elements and offers an interactive and aesthetically pleasing interface that engages and retains your users.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Re-engineered applications must comply with applicable laws and regulations (HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc). Therefore, our application modernization engineers assess your software, its design, development, testing, and deployment process, identify gaps in your compliance programs, and develop a customized strategy to address them.

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These experts are responsible for transforming legacy systems into scalable, modern, and efficient platforms. Their expertise lies in guiding the migration process from monolithic to microservice architecture, assuring seamless integration with advanced technologies.

Application Modernization Expert

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Sanvi Gupta

Sanvi Gupta

Sanvi is an application engineer with 10 years of experience. During this period, she has modernized a number of applications, some of which currently have 5 million monthly active users. She enjoys working with an analytics-driven approach to developing the best UX.

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The ins and outs of application modernization

Application modernization services aim to deliver improved software by updating rather than replacing legacy software systems. Application organization consists of remodeling or migrating applications to a newer platform to enhance functionality, user experience, and scalability. It is the holistic revitalization of applications wherein we help you identify gaps and strategic misalignments and create a blueprint for application reengineering so that your organization can counter future possibilities readily. Application modernization is more than updating applications since organizations transform applications across various pillars, like refactoring, rearchitecting, or replacing your applications. We work with clients across industries to re-engineer the application and deliver digital agility with increased business value. The core transformation pillars include adopting cloud-native and harnessing the power of API, choosing DevOps and CI/CD ways of working, and many more so that app management and monetization become seamless.

Reasons to modernize legacy applications

Most legacy applications are monolithic and have distinct characteristics that make availing application modernization services necessary. Considering their conventional architecture, these applications are difficult to update and expensive to scale. These applications’ components ship together, have complex architecture, and pose integration challenges, which makes it difficult to add features as well.

For somewhat similar reasons, these applications are expensive to scale. Even if only one component experiences load and performance challenges, scaling up the entire application is essential to serve the most demanding components. So, reengineering an application with microservice architecture with smaller components that are loosely coupled can be deployed and scaled independently.

Developers and operations engineers suggest application modernization considering the following major issues of monolithic architecture.

  • Expensive
  • Incompatible
  • Vulnerable security
  • Poor customer experience
  • Outdated technical specifications

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    Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

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