A few years back, the Fitness app created a new obsession in most individuals across the globe. Internet facilities are becoming more accessible among the general audience so we can go with innovations. And Fitness mobile app development is one of the best solutions for people who are more aware of their health and body shape.

Today, the fitness app development company can get the highest market share and can take your business on the right path to success. But if you’re a non-tech person, then it might be difficult for you to build a fitness app. So, how to create a fitness app, what are its various monetization strategies, and what about fitness app development costs.

This fitness guide will resolve all your queries and help you to know all about health and fitness app development.

Fitness Apps Market growth

According to a study done by the Market search Future team in the year 2019 that Fitness Apps Market Growth will reach the US $14.7 billion by 2026 with a forecast period of 23% CAGR.

  • According to the Statista report, the revenue will be US $16,857m in the year 2019.
  • It’s expected to overgrow with an annual growth rate of CAGR 2019 -2023 with 5% which results in a market volume of US $20,499m by 2023.
  • Another estimate for the annual growth rate of CAGR 2019 -2023 with a 7% market result will have a volume of US $3,072m by 2023.

Fitness Apps importance

Fitness mobile apps are a great start-up idea, especially for people who are specialized and want the best workout apps. Today there are thousands of fitness app development companies that stand ahead of the curve with a simple mobile app. With passing time, it becomes necessary to keep a sport and health app along with the prevailing inclination of a niche market and create your own workout app in Android.

Things to consider while developing Fitness Mobile Apps

Types of Fitness Apps

With millions of fitness apps on the Play store, we find different fitness app development companies that offer sports and health apps. Let’s consider the types of Fitness Apps that have invaded the fitness market.

Have a look at the below list:

1) Activity Tracking 

These are apps that are used for a specific purpose, either for cyclists, runners, or exercise trackers. Usually, this mobile fitness app can cover a person’s moment, track distance, burned calories, and more. It’s compatible with wearable devices such as a smartwatch, Fitbit, or instance. 

2) Diet and Nutrition App

There are a lot of mobile fitness apps that help the user to track the number of consumed calories. Any individual needs to choose the product he ate on the list, which indicates weight, and to get a precise number of calories. Create your own workout plan app that helps you to offer the most popular diet by adding nutritional value to your health. 

3) High-Intensity Interval Training

It’s a kind of application which offers customers short training workouts with highly intensive exercise. These exercises would burn a lot of energy and calories in a short time. For newbies, this app isn’t for you as it requires a certain level of training to use this application. 

4) Personal Trainer

It’s an app developed by health and fitness app developers for personal needs. It’s for those people who are looking for a particular trainer and fitness studio who have a different program and different functionality. The user can work according to his/her convenience and can function as an organizer. 

5) Meditation App 

Generally, it’s one of the best workout apps that usually have a range of sessions that are classified based on the user level. Any individual can choose the level and program according to their wish. It’s the best fitness mobile app that informs the user about a session at a specific time every day. Do you know how a mobile app can help start-ups to get a better success rate? 

How to Create A Fitness App?

  • Choose the monetization model

For monetization, you need to choose the paid apps that are in-app purchases, ads, freemium, or any sponsored content.

  • Consider basic fitness app features.

One needs to check the necessary features for a fitness application which includes user profiles, social sharing, notifications, geolocation, etc.

  • Hire a Fitness App Development Company

If you’re looking to create your own workout app in Android, then you need to hire health and fitness app developers to run your business idea well into a working solution.

  • Inception Phase

One can start developing a project when the product discovery phase begins. At this stage, you can build your team that helps in defining the scope of your project, create a project roadmap, plan resources and set the MVP budget. Mainly this phase will take nearly 4 to 6 weeks which combines functional development, create UI/UX design, and other visual prototype applications.

  • Technical Needs

While developing a fitness app, a technical writer should prepare technical product specifications based on the client’s needs. It includes use cases and other required info that is used to start working out to get solutions. Know how wearable apps are transforming the way of living.

  • Design Phase

In this phase, the design team mainly needs two months to create an excellent design. The fitness app needs both UI and UX to create your own workout design where the cost primarily depends on requirements. Also, you need to add some standard features that offer custom micro-interactions.

  • Health and Fitness App Development

If you launch your app on iOS or Android, then one needs to hire fitness app developers that will develop and have to work as backend developers.

  • Quality Assurance

The bug and testing phase can chunk up all development phase time. One needs to check the code for bugs. The QA testing team will work on the user experience of the project.

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Cost of Fitness App Development

 It’s hard to tell the accurate price of the fitness app development without knowing the clear terms of reference. Mostly the cost it takes to build the fitness app all depends on the complexity. But if we calculate the estimate for developing fitness app development

  • Technical Documentation – 80+ hours – Cost: $25/hour
  • Design – 160+ hours – Cost: $25/hour
  • Development – 960+ hours – Cost: $35/hour
  • Project Management – 240+ hours – Cost: $25/hour
  • Quality Assurance – 288+ hours – Cost: $25/hour

Note: The cost and time are only estimated; it varies as per complexity.

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How does Fitness mobile app development help to make money?

Several brands out there sell activity tracking devices and various apps for marketing and boosting sales. The application which isn’t associated with wearable mostly relies on in-app purchases and in-app ads. If we take an example of the game Zoombie, Run then the basic features are available for free but if you want to unlock all features, then you need to buy a membership. The business models for fitness apps work similarly to those free-play mobile games. If you’re looking to make money with a fitness app, hire a mobile app development company and create one for yourself.

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Final Thoughts

Developing a fitness app can be a challenging task, but you can easily create your own workout plan app with the help of fitness app developers. Hire a reliable Fitness app development company, develop a workout app that tells you what to do, and get possible results by avoiding pitfalls. So, what’s your plan, do you have any idea to create a workout app and want to be a part of successful app developers. You should miss this ultimate mobile app development guide which will help you resolve the precise complications and help you develop an application with ease. Let’s discuss getting a free estimate and model your brand.

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