Are you looking to build a successful mobile app for your business? Let’s begin with understanding the 2020 mobile apps estimate project generates about $188.9 billion in revenue via in-app advertising and app stores. This data was highlighted from Statista and will be growing significantly from small to mid-sized companies.

With millions of mobile apps available for iOS and Android platforms, it’s easy to have one mobile application for yourself. 

Moreover, we don’t have to worry about creating a mobile app as it’s not as hard as rocket building. The time has come when any individual can develop a mobile app with basic knowledge of C+ and Java language. Mobile apps are speedy and are a cornerstone of human and technology to interact in this modern world.

If we look at the numbers, then there are more than 5 Million apps on the App store, but out of them only 32k apps over 1M downloads are marked. To study this, we need to find out the common mistakes to avoid when developing a mobile application.

So, what can you do to stand out in the mobile market and get a real competitive edge for your business? Have a look at a few of the app development mistakes to avoid while building a mobile application. Dive in to know more:

1) Developing an application when there’s no need

Several business owners approach new ideas every day but couldn’t expand their business as they have built an app that wasn’t in demand much. So, we can say that it can be a terrible mistake made by most companies and business owners. Also, developing a mobile app development is a time-consuming process along with an expensive one.

If, in the end, you’ll develop an app, and no one is using, then there would be significant financial loss and a big burden on your business growth. Therefore, the best thing you can do is connect with the right mobile app development company that will properly guide you and help you to figure out the problem area with fixing your issues. In here, we’ll be sharing tips for How to hire a Mobile App Development Company and a few minor and major details.

2) Not doing proper research

There is a lot of research requires for any business owners if they have decided to develop an application. For that, you need to understand that development process and their different sets of objectives. Additionally, before moving on to the conclusion, one needs to think of the primary targeted audience and competition.  

3) Not considering making an MVP

To save your application from being a disaster, MVP is the last and best thing to carry out. An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) present you with a chance to test your application and market in real-time conditions with adding daily users to evaluate your use. If you’re looking to configure your Business structure with Best MVP based IT solutions, then try this MVP product testing to serve your customer in better ways.

In short, MVP is a stage that helps your application by adding necessary features and allowing it to launch the app in the market with the entire development process at an advanced level. Using MVP, one can reduce the actual product, time, and cost by speeding the development process. After this, you simply have to get feedback from the market, make the required changes to your app model, and update the final product.

4) Lack of Budget Planning

You can hire a mobile developer, designers, and marketing experts if you’re planning to develop a custom mobile application. For this, you need to perform market research about quotes with the different mobile app development company and check the various budget they offer.

If you’re wondering how to manage the unrealistic budget, there are few free apps available online which help you calculate and plan your budget using the customizing process. Additionally, you can consider the below factors to plan your App budget:

  • Optimizing Cost
  • Developing Cost
  • Marketing Cost

5) Lack of Involvement and Unclear Briefings

The best way to start is by communicating your expectations and avoid confusion with the mobile developer. Make them understand the exact features and functionality you need within the app. Sketch out each element very clearly where the user should understand when to click a specific button. It will help users and developers both to get a better idea and in settling up a realistic budget.

Whether it’s your first application or sixth, one always needs to stay on top of both internal and external development efforts. The mobile app development team will only work well when there is transparency between the project manager, designers, and developers. Open communication will add continuous engagement and help the user to keep everyone on the same page. Make sure you do not lack out this involvement part as this mistake shouldn’t avoid before building a mobile app development.

6) Not developing Cross-platform Strategy

It is one of the common mistakes that most of them make is by not developing a cross-platform strategy. It is the time of advanced cross-platform mobile app development tools where developers can build mobile applications for both Android and iOS. Today, Mobile Developers are using a single source of code to deploy multiple platforms.

7) Added many features and functionalities

We totally understand that you want to engage your customers with your mobile app. But this doesn’t mean you have to bombard too many features that are rarely used by the users. This mistake will confuse the user and will make the task more complicated by looking heavy. To overcome, you need to develop a roadmap of your mobile app and plot engaging functions that help the user to perform the task better. In the case of an on-demand food delivery app, it would be necessary to add features such as:

  • Browse restaurants and menus
  • Adding food into the cart
  • Detect location by address
  • Make Payment
  • Order Tracking
  • Help and Support

8) Too much focus on appearance while missing customers

Merely making an incredible mobile app with great design won’t make much difference to the users. The app should fulfill the demand of the customers. As user experience plays a vital role in engaging and improving the customer base. For this, the app design should be straightforward and should navigate the screen flexibly.

Take care of the following points while designing a mobile app

  • Start designing with an App flowchart
  • Pay more attention to the resolution
  • Avoid making animation
  • Take care about loading time
  • Use advanced features and gesture-based interface

9) Testing without knowing the focus area

Lots of mobile app development companies do not have a dedicated mobile testing team to test the features and functionality of the application. Testing is one of the best practices for every dedicated app tester to evaluate the work done by the app developers. If your app has failed the testing process, then it cannot be further used not to be highlighted anymore.

Note that whenever you’re testing your mobile application, make sure you carry on the testing by a professional testing team or by a third party to release the complete version of your application.

10) Failing to develop marketing strategies

Give proper time and effort in planning your marketing strategies before you invest your money in the app development company. In this competitive market in the app stores, you’ll find thousands of apps released every day. So, it’s nearly impossible to sell your app quickly, better to have a solid marketing plan to reach your audience and socialize it to promote it in a better effective manner.

Also developing a PWA can help you with the optimized format and gain better conversion rates. 

Generalize the market and narrow down the target audience with proper planning and app release. Look at the few points that shouldn’t be neglected before launching your mobile application.

  • Validate your MVP before you launch
  • Use professional help for app optimization
  • Don’t ever neglect a good UX or user experience
  • Pay extra attention to an onboarding process

But how to start?

  • Know the purpose of building your mobile app
  • How can users achieve the goal after developing a mobile app?
  • How will your application benefits users, and what will they receive from your app?
  • Know the scope of the improvement in the future

To get a better idea of how to make a scalable and customized mobile application, you shouldn’t miss out on this ultimate mobile app development guide which will help you resolve the specific problems and satisfy your customers with ease.

Final Words

Note that you’re each minute, and each resource is equally important. To avoid nightmares of app development is based on preventing silly mistakes that were done in your past. If you want to move from A to B and want to grow your business, join hands with a leading mobile app development company. Develop and design the best feature-rich and scalable mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms to give shape to your vision. Looking for an amazing mobile application?? Connect with us.

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