Mobile applications have stood out to be a very promising and long-term revenue-generating source in this growing IT buzz. People have started using the technology in almost every way, even for dating too.
Hence, why not own your customized dating application and manage the users from a fell functioned admin panel! Generate revenue with just one shot investment now one would be able to own their dating application with robust app features along with details about the sales analytics.

Key Features a Dating Application Shall Have

1. Location-Based Social Search

It is necessary that the users are able to find people near to them, in order to make their dating experience beyond the virtual world. This could be done with the GPS locator into the application which shall fetch the nearby eligible users to match with.

2. Swipe to like or dislike a user

The users shall be able to categorize other users’ profiles. A robust dating application shall allow the liking or disliking of a user’s profile. If both the users like each other it is termed to have a connection or match. Which shall state that both of them shall be interested in communicating with each other.

3. In-app messenger

To communicate with each other it is required that the applicant shall provide a medium of connection where they are able to interact with each other. Basics would be to have a one to one messenger where they are able to send text messages to each other, furthermore the user experience increases if the users are able to audio call or video call through the application.

4. Set dating preferences

Options are vast in such a platform, hence it is required to filter out the choices based on each user’s preferences. This helps in building a personalized environment for the users. The basic preferences could be to select the gender, search radius, age range, setting profile to public or private, etc. This shall help the users to search for matches based on their requirements.

5. Find Matches

The users would be obliged to know if they have some match for the application. This shall help them to approach other users whom they like. Also matches help in monitoring that the two users have connected to each other with their own agreement. Also, the feature includes unmatching which states that the user is no longer interested in communicating. This helps in avoiding negative spamming, stalking, etc.

How to Generate Revenue?

Everyone would like to have a moderate amount of returns on their investment. But the main question is how to earn through a dating application? The below points shall guide the revenue model regarding the dating application.

1. Advertisement space

Having an advertisement space where the admin is able to post the advertisement for various companies for which the admin could charge the company and thereby increase the revenue based on the increasing number of users using the application.

2. Membership for extra features

The system shall charge the end-users to obtain certain types of premium features like whom they have been liked by, which users have read their bio etc. There are many keen users who shall be interested in knowing this information, which could provide revenue for the system owner.

Cost of developing a Dating application

The cost of developing a dating application greatly depends upon the level of functionality incorporated into it. Incorporating the basic above features could reduce your investment cost, but incorporating extra functionalities may require extra funds and development cost. Hence, it is necessary to look for a firm that already has experience in building such applications. Firms like Agile Infoways have prominent experience in providing solutions for dating applications.

Also, the final cost of the software depends upon the following factors:

  1. Number of users
  2. Hourly software development costs
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Ongoing support and maintenance

Final Thoughts:

Dating application Development offers an easy yet efficient way of generating revenue and managing your system for creating a safe and trusted dating environment for the end-users. Monitoring the user actions through the admin panel to have authenticated users into the system is necessary as it shall provide the genuine users a better environment which in turn shall be helpful in growing the buzz of the application. You can view Demo here.


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