We all are aware that the mobile app industry is something that is never going to stop growing. As long as we have smartphones and other integrated smart devices, the industries will keep on working on some platforms with time.

According to the survey by Statista, it expected that the apps iPhone app development would generate almost 189 billion dollars in 2020. 

In recent years, the iOS mobile app development company has come up with an unexpected change where several users and revenue is growing surprisingly. iPhone app development is one of such areas that have witnessed extensive transformation.

We have seen a great revolution in the year 2018 where iOS app Development Company has played a significant role in it.

We can call Apple a great technology leader who embraces the latest trends to give customer convenience, where the iPhone users can expect excellent services and uniqueness.

Various advanced technologies have to fulfill the expected results and have bought spectacular advantages globally. With this, it has become essential to learn about the technology that will give an edge in the year 2020.

Here below, we have the latest technologies that are useful for building successful iPhone App Development. Let’s dive in to know more about iOS app development technologies.Augmented Reality

1. Augmented Reality

After Pokemon Go, AR has set new milestones of success where futuristic technology has started growing beyond the gaming.

Virtual Reality is serving objectives of various industries such as in manufacturing, education, retail, healthcare and other customized software. For Game Lover, you don’t have to worry as you won’t get disappointed.

As AR is all set to bring a new gaming trend with amazing and impressive iOS application development. With the recent launch, ARKit 3 has brought excellent features such as motion capture, people occlusion, face tracking and other collaborative sessions. 


Here’s the demo of Augmented Reality using ARKit 3

2. IBeacon and GPS Technology

Apple iBeacon is a new location tracking alternative to GPS. Beacon technology used to transform business communication between employees and customers.

Beacon uses low powered radio signals which allow the iPhone to communicate via energy Bluetooth. The indoor spaces or poor cellular service are the ideal places for Beacon to do business in.

Apple has introduced iBeacon for a retail store where several strategies placed throughout the store. Let’s say a grocery store has placed Beacon in specific aisles when a person walks inside the store, the system will get informed via a mobile device.

“Beacon technology will improve the way consumers use smart phones and transform numerous industries by solving the indoor geo-location challenge. It has great potential to facilitate better mobile payments thereby disrupting the whole credit card ecosystem because of its range.”

Kirsten Osolind-The President and COO of re:invention

3. Machine Learning

The core Machine Learning introduced by NLP(Natural Language Processing). The newer version released under Core ML 2 which will create future-ready hardware products.

Core ML 2 will come up with rich-feature, responsive, high-performing and interactive iPhone applications. Using Machine Learning iOS developers can reduce about 75% of the work done time in training machine learning model’s size.

Apple is planning to add ANE(Apple Neutral Engine) chip to accelerate ML functionalities faster for future devices. 

4. Artificial Intelligence

In iOS, Siri today is a smart digital voice assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence by integrating third-party iOS apps.

iPhone application developers build iPhone apps that trigger specific functions with ease. For Example: If you lost your key and ask Siri to find it, then Siri will open Tile application. Later, geolocation will be activated when a beep of the badge is attached to the keys.

With this, the owner will find their keys. Moreover, Siri can perform the various transaction in Apple pay by using voice instruction from the users.

Check out how AI will detect public violence:


5. Wearable Apps

The future of Mobile apps will add wearable as their essential apps. Soon wearable apps will set the business market on fire as the smart wearable is a kind of technology that is worn on the body, in the body or close to the body.

Innovation won’t stop impressing customers and will hit the market very soon. It records nearly 35 million total wearables in the past year. And today we can imagine that the future trends in wearable will be amazing. One can book a cab on a smartwatch, get a grocery list on it, city guide, Google slides, and various notification on your wearable smartwatch.

Applications of Wearable Smart Watch

We know that Apple has always ensured data security for the end-users. Shortly, to protect the web traffic, the company will team up with Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla.

ATS(App Transport Security) implement TLS(Transport Layer Security) to stop hackers who carry out cyber attacks. With the new release of TLS 1.2, ATS will become a new standard for the Apple platform by March 2020. The Authentication service framework is allowed to integrate password apps with autofill options. The latest iOS trends in 2019 have already confirmed that this period has bought hassle-free security.  

7. Cross-Platform Apps, Swift5 and SwiftUI

Apple’s Swift considered as one among top programming language that overgrows. With several apps are written in Swift, now it can work as a replacement for objective-C and have become a go-to language for developing a native iOS application.

iOS developers have found that it has become a new set of framework and methodology as simpler. With Swift, one can enable Xcode tools to write reliable code. Ultimately, we can say that Swift is better for developing apps for WatchOS and tvOS. iOS programmer is ready to learn the Swift language.

Consider below example for Swift5 implementation:


With the introduction of SwiftUI, Apple ‘s new UI framework was announced at the WWDC conference. SwiftUI pushes Swift language itself with new limits where it makes use of new syntax features introduced as a part of Swift 5.1. SwiftUI has bought a new way of building UIs for Apple platforms where Swift5 is one of the main driving factors behind adding these features. Today, SwiftUI is available in Xcode 11 beta IDE. It comes with a native characteristic that efficiently works on all platforms with accessing all its native functionality.

Unfold Swift’s special features

·         Declarative Syntax

·         Drag and Drop Design Tools

·         Allow to Preview

·         Dynamix Replacement

·         iOS 13 compatibility

*Note: SwiftUI and Swift 5.1 are both currently used in beta phases

8. Internet of Things

IoT- Internet of things is growing enormously so as the IoT programmers. We can say that IoT has gained immense popularity across the globe. In the coming years, iOS app development will integrate with IoT, which will need multiple platforms along with robust backend infrastructure.

The integration will help in communicating and share data among different devices. Retail, Real Estate and Fitness Industries have used IoT technology for doing business. With IoT users can control several non-IoT devices using the mobile Application or remote control with ease.

Best Real-world examples and IoT Scope

Why should you know about iOS App Development Tools?

Do you have plans to provide excellent customer service by developing iPad and iPhone Application? Yes, then you should know iOS tools and its’  development process. Dive in to know more about them.

  • XCode: It is an essential tool where the development begins. It’s an IDE of iOS app development which used to create an excellent interface. Moreover, it helps in creating the files, debugging it and submitting it to the app store.
  • XCode in Storyboard Creation: The very first part before iOS development comes to the storyboard. Using XCode, you can successfully bring out an excellent user interface, which includes things such as Navigation and Interaction with reducing the coding part. This technique helps in quickly manage the layout and sizes of the storyboard.
  • App Debugging: Debugger is a part of XCode which help to debug the code error and obtain the preview of the objects within code. Debugging using XCode helps to get basic profiler which allows viewing CPU and memory utilization. Get a solution for performance issues in your long run with XCode debugging.
  • iOS SDK: This is an essential tool in iOS app development where the core functionality of the app hides in SDK. It helps you develop an app that comes with a perfect blend of functionality and features.

Wrapping Up

I hope you understand the concept and tools for iOS app development. As the iOS development trends are growing tremendously fast and managing becomes quite severe.

How about we assist you in developing iOS applications from where you can get a lot of opportunities for improving your everyday life.

Convert your idea into an engaging application, Contact us to discuss more.

Agile Infoways is one of the top leading mobile app developing companies in India. Our expert developers serve you in preparing an iOS app using various tools such as Objective C, Xcode, iOS SDK and more. We do offer highly advanced iOS development services with creating highly requested products to the users.



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