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Locate bar and friends near you

Find bars near you, discover which friends are visiting.

The Facebook Connect and Connect Contacts bar buttons will be greyed out until they are successfully connected, at that point, they will fill with color. The user has the option to select neither of these connection options and press.

If the user has any email address friends from Facebook using the BarU app, they will be listed as Friends for the User within the app, same with the phone numbers.

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    Mobile | iOS | CMS
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    Food & Beverages
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    Food & beverages

Client's problem statement

Develop an app to simplify bar finder near you

Develop a location-based feature for the application that enables users to search for and find nearby premium restaurants.

The app should allow users to connect with new friends who are also using the app and are present at the same restaurant. The system should have access to the user’s Facebook and phone contacts to identify mutual connections and enable easy friend connections.



  • Students may find ways to bypass the restrictions placed on their devices, making it difficult for the school to monitor their activities.

  • The restrictions may be too strict and limit students' ability to use their devices for legitimate educational purposes.

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  • We have implemented a notification system on the parent’s device if the student has not opened the application for a specific period of time.

  • Developed a customized app that can be installed on students' devices, which allows the parents to monitor their activity and limit access to non-educational apps and websites, Also the restrictions can be managed from the parent devices.

  • Provide scheduled prompts to the students that encourage them to complete the tasks to use the device for the specific time limit.


Find Bars near u

Easily browse through the app to find a perfect bar near you.

Find Bars near u

Look for friends that are attending the bars and make new friends

If you wish to look for familiar faces in the bars near you, you can easily find friends attending the bars near you.

Look for friends that are attending the bars and make new friends

View upcoming events in your nearby bars

Thinking to make a weekend plan, well, you can browse through the ongoing events in the nearby bars with Bar u.

View upcoming events in your nearby bars


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