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Effective patient records management

The helping hand your patients need

We developed a custom web-based panel for the care manager and pharmacist and a separate web-based panel for the system administrator. The user panel has features that allow pharmacists and care managers to add patient demographic details, assign care programs, and view patient readings.

The system administrator panel has features that allow administrators to manage user access, configure system settings, and monitor system performance. The administrator panel should also be able to generate reports and provide insights into patient data. The care managers should also be able to create encounters for patients and export necessary data.


Thanks to Agile Infoways LLC’s efforts, they have successfully created a seamless and user-friendly healthcare portal. The team has gone the extra mile to ensure the project’s success. They have been prompt and responsive throughout the workflow.

Client's problem statement

Secure and reliable healthcare portal development

We required a portal through our Pharmacist/Care Manager can maintain records of their patients. They can add patients’ basic demographic detail and assign different care programs like remote patient monitoring, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring etc.

They should be able to view there blood pressure, Pulse, pill cap readings through portal and can review the reading. Pharmacist/Care Manager should also be able to create encounter for patients and should export required for patients.

Patient management


  • To ensure the privacy and security of patient data. Any breach of data can result in legal consequences and loss of trust.

  • Provide a comprehensive view of the patient's health, by integrating data from medical devices, electronic health records, and wearables

  • The portal needs to be designed to accommodate an increasing number of patients and users over time.

  • The portal should be user-friendly and intuitive to use, especially for elderly patients and those with limited technical skills.

multi specialist doctor


  • The portal should be designed with advanced security features such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and role-based access control. Regular security audits should also be conducted to identify vulnerabilities.

  • The portal can use APIs to integrate data from different sources. Standardized data formats like HL7 FHIR can be used to ensure seamless data exchange.

  • The portal can be designed to use cloud-based infrastructure that can scale easily with the increasing number of users.

  • The portal should be designed with a user-centered approach, keeping in mind the needs of patients and caregivers. User testing can be conducted to identify areas of improvement.

  • The portal should be designed with responsive web design principles that can adapt to different screen sizes and device types. Compatibility testing should be conducted on different browsers and devices to ensure compatibility.


Customized features for elevating healthcare

Enrollment of Patients

Easily enroll patients with a few details and a lucid interface.

Feature Enrollment of Patient

Assign Care Programes

The patients can be assigned care programs directly from the application.

Feature assign Care Programes


Interactive and easily navigable design

RPM Reading
Reports web
patients details

Tools & Technologies

  • Node

  • MongoDB

  • PostgreSQL

  • ReactJS

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