Juniper Research estimates that nearly 2.5 billion customer service hours will be saved by 2023 by adopting chatbots. Chatbot development is a kind of complex process, and it makes life easier by creating step-by-step instructions. Companies are growing comfortably using chatbots on websites, and it’s helpful to build a chatbot that needs a varying level of technical skills.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a kind of computer program that impersonates human conversation in a much natural format including text or spoken language using Artificial intelligence techniques like NLP and audio analysis. Al-based bots can quickly learn from their previous interactions and become more intelligent to handle complex conversations.

How Chatbot Functions?

Chatbot relies on the ability of the algorithms to detect the complexity of the text and spoken words. They can perform well to the point where it becomes difficult to differentiate whether the user is a human or machine learning. It can handle a complex conversation with ease as it uses the various figures of speech to understand it better.

What are the different types of Chatbots?

Rule-based Chatbots

Chatbots follow a set of established rules that respond to asked questions by users. It uses a simple application that contains rule-based chatbots to react quickly to any query with ease. There are chances that it may not hold the complex conversation and only accomplish the programmed task.

Machine Learning-based chatbots

Chatbots are based on machine learning technology and hold complex conversations easily. The technology helps to learn from the previous discussions quickly and handle complex questions in the future.

Introducing Machine Learning to Business

Use cases of Chatbots

We find a lot of chatbots that make life easier. Today, various companies use chatbot development that focuses on improving the business process and offering a better experience to the customer. It helps customers to serve best on social media platforms such as Facebook and many more.   

What are the top platforms used to build Chatbot?

Chatbots are a platform that is used to build chatbots and develop them. It offers the best place for beginners to start with and use the design with ease. Also, the developer does not need any coding knowledge as one can use the drag and drop function. The chatbot platform categorized into two different types:

Development platforms

This type, development platform enables us to create a chatbot with or without using coding in minutes. One can design, build and deploy chatbots with the platform listed among the below development platform:

  • Botsify
  • Manychat
  • Chatfuel
  • Flow Xo

Publishing Platforms

In this platform, users can access and use the Chatbot with ease. Also, the platform includes:

  • Skype
  • Amazon Echo
  • Slack
  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Website

What are the top features of a Good Chatbot?

  • Omnichannel

Any good chatbot platform integrates with any communication channels like Facebook, WhatsApp Chatbot, customer mobile apps, and websites.

  • Secure

One of the critical chatbot features is security that helps to keep data secure. It ensures a good chatbot platform to maintain the highest security standard by keeping users’ data safe.

  • Analytical

It’s one of the critical chatbot features that help businesses to track the bot’s performance and make changes based on the needs.

  • Personalized

The best chatbot platform is equipped with a well-adjusted tone and language based on user context. If there is a flight cancellation, then the Chatbot will acknowledge the customer and treat them with nonchalance.

  • Human-Like Approach

One of the noteworthy features of the Chatbot is the Human-like approach. Similar to a human that uses context conversation in daily life, chatbots also use data and tools that make it easier to understand the chat.

  • Integrations

Integrating Chatbot is one of the most powerful features used today. Use the right chatbot platform and do not worry about how to handle a complex query.

  • CX-first

Chatbots are well-equipped to prompt users with varieties of suitable options and based on the integrations. Using this feature, one can handle complex queries with ease and give the same chat as a human agent which offers a smooth customer experience. 

What are the current chatbots trends?

  • Chatbots flooding messengers

The virtual agents are found practically on any platform which includes mobile and web. But talking about a messenger, then it’s thriving as in the past nearly 300,000 active bots were on Facebook Messenger, which was a flood.

  • Banking, Retail, Healthcare and other spearhead chatbot adoption

The Financial, retail, and healthcare sector continue to drive chatbot growth in the post-COVID world due to business lockdown and social distancing measures. It’s hard to argue with customer service, but they are experiencing it naturally with growing time.

  • AI Breakthroughs

An artificial intelligence research laboratory recently released a new language learning model which enables Chatbot to engage with human-like conversations. It uses self-learning conversational agents with saving nearly 2.5 billion customer service hours.

  • Voice-Driven chatbots

There are studies and various reports that indicate that the Chatbot is likely to become a voice-controlled experience shortly. Additionally, a study from Capgemini shows that people prefer using voice for the whole buying journey from product to service.

  • Payments

Chatbots are becoming popular, and they are becoming the entry point for your customer to learn about services and products by offering bot payment options. One may hook the bot with an external payment provider like Facebook payor Stripe.

  • Low-Code/No-Code Bots

With the rising citizen developer movement, conversational platforms like ManyChat and Engati disrupt the market by offering valuable tools to create intelligent chatbots.

  • Chatbots at workplace

The Gartner research shows that nearly 70% of the employees interact with bots in daily routine and will increase by 2022. For example, ask your Chatbot to fetch the report from the last couple of months in your local or cloud environment.

What are the main reasons to make your Chatbot?

To make the brand interactive and accessible.

Chats can now handle thousands of customers without slowing down, slipping an error, or taking a break. Chatbots keep getting more competent with the process.

1. Mine Customer Data

One can use data to optimize their online and mobile experience for customers. Let’s say, for example, bring the product and information the customer is looking for closer to them.

2. Optimize Back-end Operations

One can deploy a chatbot to streamline your internal workflows with managing hours and reviewing loan contracts down to seconds.

What are the areas of application Chatbot used in?

If we look at the common areas for bots, it benefits sales, support, and personal virtual assistants. One can serve the customer by helping them to make purchases in the retail sector. A few of them are:

  • Customer Support
  • Virtual Sales Representative
  • Personal Assistant


One can easily distinguish between bots depending on the platform. A few of the most popular places where it works excellent are Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Kik. Few other platforms which chatbots works are:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Messengers
  • Web
  • Existing assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant

What is the role of AI in Chatbots?

AI with Chatbot makes the bot capable and intelligent to answer complex queries with ease. The conversation is engaging, lively, and conversational. Chatbot goes through the previous conversation, which helps to improve the current response. It helps to improve the efficiency of bot response and understand the customer’s choice and preferences.

As we know, smart interactions save customer’s time and find the correct information and address of their queries. AI has more to serve as technology, so a chatbot is just a FAW answering machine without AI.

Are you ready to hop on board?

Sometimes, people say that it’s good not to follow the trends and do what you want. But to make sure you’re on board, let’s choose the best Chatbot development company and develop your first Chatbot. As we know, smart solutions are essential to growing any business, and customer service is a must to improve current marketing activities and save time.

If you’re looking to develop a chatbot, the best company like Agile Infoways understands your business needs to create a chatbot that helps achieve your business goals with ease. We helped the organization build a custom-build solution app based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technology like virtual reality and augmented reality, etc. Get connected to our expert and discuss your needs.

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