Back in the year 1993, Mosaic Graphical Web Browser touched off a revolution in the way the public experienced and used the Internet. Ever since designers from all around the world have continuously established and refined robust UX designs. Few advanced technologies like the rise of broadband internet enable multimedia content and the development of HTML5 standard. These 25 years of growing and changing collective vision have given a new technology revolution. – The rise of Artificial Intelligence. AI has poised the web design industry faster than any other technology in a short duration.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used by various brands and websites to analyze a large amount of data. It helps to improve communication with website visitors by using chatbots and revolutionizing the way we design. Big companies like AdobeWix, and Firedrop are currently using Artificial design intelligence to make web design easier for users.

Moreover, the technology isn’t quite there yet. But people are slowly waking up and talking about automation trends and how it means a lot of sweaty palms. Anyway, let’s look at the ways and how AI will be changing the future of web design industries.

What is Artificial Design Intelligence?

AI uses machine learning to identify the elements and implement web design trends. The technology can create websites on its own where ADI generates a personalized design. Some of the dedicated platforms such as The Grid and Bookmark have cropped up with in-built design assistants and raised $4.6 million in the year 2014. Later, in the year 2016, Wix released the ADI interface, and since the development started. Today, some handful of platforms are using AI designs:

The main aim of the AI team was to try to take the brain of a designer and make it into a machine. That’s what we can see in WIX. It is done by making the programs capable of understanding design principles and observing what web pages can do. By collaborating two procedures, a universal web design was built. People find this interesting as they can use several templates to make the sites look attractive.

According to experts, AI will grow into a $118.6 billion industry by 2025.

What is Artificial Intelligence for Web Design?

AI is programmed by a developer to learn and adjust its experience and later apply it to new inputs. It implements design principles, identifies trends, and generates great personalized web design. AI is making 14 times more increase in several active start-ups in the last ten years.

How is AI applied to web programming?

If you’re looking for a website, then you have three alternatives:

  • Either learn to code and create yourself.
  • Design using drag-and-drop option without using code
  • Get help from a professional to design a website for you.

Using AI, one can add info in web programming, update the database, develop code, and solve problems. It helps developers to delegate the programmable aspects of design and be more creative.

How AI is the Future of Mobile App Development?

How is AI applied to Web Design?

AI isn’t about creativity; it’s about knowing the best design practices and how they can implement them. A virtual assistant can build websites by simplifying the design process and comparing databases. Now, create a personalized web design by customizing content based on basic editing, design, and layout. A few of the popular Virtual assistants are Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant.

How does web design improve with AI?

Artificial intelligence solves design problems. For simplifying these tasks, AI tools help users to streamline the entire design and development process. A virtual assistant is capable of creating personalized content, combining brand design, and later acquiring content that represents a customized experience.

Introduce machine learning to business

It helps the designer to create image elements by understanding and implementing image recognition. Learn and analyze neighboring pixels to get better results. All web developers need to train their machines to think and act in terms of a designer.

How the rise of the Artificial Design Intelligence ADI system works?

Today in this traditional environment, the user design process is overwhelming since it requires a great deal of creativity while keeping it unique. With recent new technology AI has quickly mainstreamed into the online landscape, which combines its applications and creates better functionality. The team of designers shares the ideas by jotting them down on a whiteboard and later exploring several possibilities.

AI now has the capabilities to transform handwritten user interface design right from simple to valid HTML mark-up code. AI collects information on website analytics and takes final instructions from content and color preferences to create a unique design for your website.

The survey says, 61% of professional businesses claim AI and machine learning to turn out to be the organization’s most significant data initiative. AI is not about obeying rules, but it’s about learning to exhibit signs of human intelligence. It works similarly with AI-based chatbots. It interacts with humans and responds accordingly.

How does AI help in improving UX?

Today, AI can command several vital aspects and hold a pivotal role in UX. The latest interventions in AI, such as designers, can transform the online front and give a rich experience to the customer. AI has changed the face of modern web design and established the standard parts of human-machine interaction. One of the most projecting examples is the entry of chatbots which can almost fix the website and other complicated procedures. AI gives an edge by bridging the gap between human cognition and machine automation. 

It predicts that AI-powered chatbots will save $8 billion in costs in various businesses by 2022.

Today’s chatbots are so powerful that they are based on the NLP system, which helps them to generate meaningful conversations. It helps to get better results and get the highest engagement. Watson Assistant is an advanced AI chatbot that can understand business chats, and call logs, and develop its development skills. It can ask the customer for clarity, provide recommendations, and run website messaging channels and service tools independently. 

  • According to a Gartner report, by 2020, there will be 85% of AI chatbots will handle customer interactions.
  • By 2023, there will be 2.3 million hours of business, and consumers saved through chatbots. 
  • As reported by Global Market Insights, the overall size of the chatbot market will reach $1.3 million by 2024. 

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Final Takeaway

AI is the Future. 

No doubt, technology is growing slowly and will soon become part of everything. 

A lot of platforms are currently leveraging AI technology to develop and design websites. You don’t have to move out and start with ADI. Keep up with the technology trends and ensure that your site has an optimal design. 

Based on the statistics, 73% of global consumers would be using AI for their business which will make their life easier. With the growing need for automation, advanced computing resources are increasing. AI is implemented in a large number and is giving the immeasurable potential for AI to understand rules independently. AI is the future for web design, and the industries will soon adapt to the intelligence of AI technology. It will help in providing a personalized user experience instead of a one-size-fits-all methodology. 

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