There are a lot of methods used for developing a website design for your organization. Utilize the online tools like Wix and Squarespace along with pre-made themes for CMS like WordPress, and Drupal and hire a freelance web developer. Design and create a website from scratch. We find a lot of options available for someone who is not much techie, but at times it confuses us. It comes with two basic options, eventually when exploring website development, web design, freelancer or building agencies. Here in this article, we have looked at the main difference, pros and cons with understanding the circumstances.

Template website design

The template can sometimes refer to themes used for pre-built website design that was bought from the marketplace and selected for CMS software. Mainly the templates are created by developers and approved on the marketplace based on the requirements. One best reason to use the template over bespoke is it comes cheaper and saves development time. It gives your website an out-of-the-box experience. A template comes with predefined content which can be replaced with your own. But there are chances that your content might be irrelevant giving a negative impact on SEO value and reducing traffic to your website. 

There are times when it uses third-party plugins to enhance the feature of your website. These plugins can release a regular update by adding improvements and security to them. Chances are you might not need these plugins which may slow the page loading speed. The themes provide extended support and updates, but if you want to alter the theme, changes may be overwritten and this may create conflict in the changes.

Bespoke website design

Bespoke web design comes with precise web development that fits your requirements with ease. If you don’t have web experience then hire a developer from Agile Infoways or an agency that helps to build a website for you. It’s a mimic of a template that comes with unique and unlike things that you see on the web. The only limitation that bespoke website design has is your imagination.  One needs to target the audience while keeping the site streamlined and efficient. 

A bespoke website comes with an entire pack that builds based on your requirements which results in the best quality. However, it comes with the cost of money and time. It usually goes through a lot of rounds for proofing between client and developer, knowing the size of the site, and more. As the company is paying for their time, therefore, you need to have a tight budget. One benefit of using bespoke is, that if you face any issues in security or any other then you may return to the developer who built your site. This would save your time and fix the problem easily. A bespoke developer can streamline the CMS to fit the needs of the client by doing the work faster. 

There are a lot of differences that help to design a website template. It comes with excellent benefits that cover the existing template for an affordable price.

What to consider in a template website?

The functionality of the site offered within the template comes with necessary work on the site. It comes with adjusting the template by creating a look that matches the vision and populating the site with your content. Also, it’s one’s choice of template that lies in choosing the one that offers the best matching functionality along with adding visual appearance to what user wants to achieve on their website. 

Benefits of a template website

It’s quite cheaper 

We know that a custom website doesn’t follow everyone’s budget. One might need an online presence but for whatever reason comes in your budget. If you accept the limitations imposed by using the template, it can become an affordable option. It doesn’t take long to get online so it might be far more important to use this template.

It doesn’t take as protracted to get online

If you’re doing it yourself or having a third-party work for you, get things done online with a template-based site which is quicker. One can effectively sidestep the design and build process by going straight with populating the site with content. 

Downside of the template website design

  • The cheap site might look cheap at times which might not be right for your brand.
  • It comes with limited functionality, where one can modify the site when needed.
  • The site might not help to evolve as the business grows and you need a new one every time to add something new.
  • One may comprise the page loading speed as there are a lot of unnecessary features sitting in the background.
  • It does not come with a tailored support package and it leaves you stranded if you have an issue with your website. 
  • Pre-built sites weren’t built using the SEO in mind and this may harm the search engine visibility.

Benefits of bespoke website design

  • Bespoke websites are generally designed to evolve your business and incorporate new functionality as needed. Therefore, you have a future-proof investment that won’t require updating soon.
  • Web design agency specialized in bespoke design and development comes with ongoing support that is backed all the way.
  • The professionalism of a bespoke design site adds safe knowledge and works across all browsers and devices from mobile to desktop.
  • It creates the best user experience that works based on the targeted audience. 
  • As it’s built with SEO, one can reassure search engine optimization campaigns to get the best ROI

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Downside of Bespoke Website Design

  • A bespoke website does cost more and might take a longer time to implement.
  • One can see the difference in downtime that is invested in the design and development of the structure of the website.

When does one need to choose a bespoke build?

If you’re seeking a unique look for your website then bespoke web design is for you. Let’s say, you highlight your brand, niche product or services, and bespoke help you stand out from your competition. As it comes with a closed control, it makes an ideal option to use advanced functions like eCommerce or interactive elements.

If you aim to add improvements to your performance in user experience, SEO fields or usability might work for you. For this, we recommend bespoke web design that ensures to offer best practices from those disciplines that applied to your site design with ease.

  • Business credibility: We know that business services, ethics and customer base need to be unique. One needs to create a design that does all justice. Using a template it’s not possible. There we require a custom design that makes a good impression on your professional image. 
  • Flexibility: Using a Template may have few restrictions and more one-size-fits-solutions. While bespoke allows you to choose exactly what you want and what to look at.
  • SEO driven: If you buy template web design then you are going to need content, images, data and most importantly do SEO yourself. However, with bespoke web design, you’ll get great experience and an expert professional web designer that helps to implement an SEO strategy for you and support you to head start your business further.
  • Compatibility: It’s hard to imagine all different types of browsers and devices accessing websites from tablets, mobiles, laptops, and computers. A bought template may not gear up the latest browser update for the recent mobile screen size. The only way to guarantee your website is by ensuring a rigorous testing stage.
  • Customer focused: It’s essential to have a website that reflects the customer’s needs while driving through the complete conversion that one desires. For this, the template won’t work out. We need a custom design website that targets the audience, business goals and USP which gears up customers and offers a great website experience.

Check our Portfolio in case you want to know us more.

The Sky’s the limit!

Using the bespoke website, developers offer a strategic approach. At Agile Infoways, we do in-depth research to understand a business and its customer requirements. We have a team of developers that clarify the requirements, conduct market research, and audit the brand. With this, we got detailed specifications of the design and sketch wireframe of the proposed website.

By using a bespoke build, we get a website that’s incredibly stylish and simple as we can say, the sky’s the limit. It comes with a powerful asset that uses an intuitive user experience and an on-brand user interface which are specially designed for the target audience.

A little advice for you,

If you have a website which is an extension of your business, then bespoke can help you drive enquiries and boost conversions later. If we talk about another benefit of bespoke then, the code is freshly built from the ground so each code serves the purpose of maximizing the SEO. Whatever the option you choose it’s good to speak to an expert first.

In businesses, it’s easy to see little functionality on a competitor’s site and we think that’s what you need. But it’s not the same in all cases, you need little expertise, guidance and support to ensure every penny of your development time drives traffic and conversion from short to long term.If you’re looking to find out more about how we help companies and offer them a maximum online presence, get in touch with us.


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