Based on the study, nearly two-thirds of US travelers rely on smartphone apps to enhance their travels. For example, 60% have the book and paid for travel through their smartphone, 50% use an app to add extra booking on the go, while 65% get real-time flight alerts throughout the journey.

In today’s time, the smartphone is a modern-day travel agent. From the palm of your hand, the user can book a ticket, plan accommodation, and reserve a seat at any restaurant using nothing more than just a phone. Any individual can find the most affordable flight and hotel by ensuring that they have plenty of cash to send during their travel. The user only needs some directions, which make sure to get to your hotel and see everything you want is included in the application.

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Airbnb is one of the best iPhone travel applications that any traveler needs. It connects rooms, homes, apartments, and other accommodation to rent. The site does offer more to the traveler, which includes workshops, classes, tours, and restaurant reservations. If you use Airbnb to find a place to sleep, the company guarantees a big, beautiful, and amazing experience.


It’s a mobile app that helps to get you outdoors. The app offers trails for hiking and walks around the world using maps, pictures, and direction to trailheads. One can download trail maps if you sign up for the pro version annually. It offers a quick resource for finding the best place to be outside when you’re in an unfamiliar area.


It’s an excellent iPhone travel app that helps you drive through the roads. The application helps you find the gas by location and price in real-time on your phone or website. The app can save you a couple of bucks by cruising a little farther down the road. The service is mostly available in Canada, the US, and Australia.

Google Maps

It’s a number one on-the-app for most of us all. It’s used to explore the destination and help you keep a note on the place that looks interesting. Travelers can add a star or flag them on their map. One can map together with a plan for the day by visiting places using Google Maps. It saves your map offline, so you won’t get lost even if you don’t have data available on your phone.

Google Flights

Despite several travel search sites available these days. Google flights are one big application that should be added to your iPhone if you plan to travel. First, use the quick check on airfare and get round-trip, multi-city or one-way flights. Then, let’s explore destinations based on price and dates.


Using the LoungeBuddy app, a traveler can have access to the airport lounge through knowing membership status and high-flying credit card. The app helps to find lounges in the airport and let anyone in for a fee. It tells you the fee and what to expect inside, from drinks to food to showers.


iExit is one of the best travel apps used for driving tips. The app tells you what exactly is the nearby highway exit from the gas station to ATMs. If there’s a particular restaurant or any service you’re looking for, then mark it as a favorite, and the app tells you if it’s in your way or not.


Travelers can find an interesting place to stop using this application. Using this app, travellers can explore a map of the US and Canada that comes with unusual roadside attractions, amusemparkspark, museums, restaurants, camps, sites, and much more. Once you find the place, like it and add it to your trip plan as Roadtrippers would draw a route for you according to your selected places.


There are times when people don’t know anything about the place they didn’t choose, such as weddings or business trips. If you as a traveler don’t know anything about the destination, then turn to TripAdvisor. The app is one most comprehensive online sources useful for all travelers with adding background information about different cities, regions, areas, highlights, and more. The app also has a healthy relationship with booking sites; therefore, finish researching your rooms and book on the go.


Uber is used worldwide, while the in-app options vary from place to place using the same general concept everywhere. There are few reasons to use ride-on-demand apps that work well for travelers. The app helps to eliminate the need to carry local currency. Also, you aren’t required to speak the same language the driver speaks. Can book an uber cab from anywhere anytime.


Viator is a great app for the traveler. It helps them to offer specialized tours and packages from daily excursions to week-long adventures including transfers. Of course, the quality and quantity would vary dramatically by destination, so choose the Viator app to plan better.


VRBO is a homestay application used with new branding and helps users find vacation homes, apartment rentals, and other travel accommodations. It’s like Airbnb, where you’ll find a room in a private home. The app mainly focuses on private homes, including ski cabins, villas, private apartments, and beach houses. If you’re planning to travel now or in the future, keep VRBO in mind if you have a group or are planning a destination reunion.


If you’re living in India or the US, there’s a good chance you know about Zomato. It’s a popular app used for online food delivery and has a crowded sourced review site for restaurants. It’s a better app than yelp. Zomato has partnered with local restaurant delivery services where one can take out at your hotel or Airbnb in several areas.


If you’re wondering where you’ll search for buses and trains, then Wanderu is for you. It’s a comparison application app that includes methods of transportation of sites skip, buses and trains. Travelers can use the app for car, flights, rental, and hotel booking, and this feature sets this application apart from other competition.


Waze works similar to Google maps that report problems on the road or if there’s traffic. The app knows the nitty-gritty details, just like the location of potholes and police traps. The community is free-driven for road conditions and is popular among taxi and car drivers, making it useful for everyday drivers. Keep a note that Waze would demand GPS information all the time, which would toll your battery.

Google Translate

It’s one of the most important applications required when you’re planning to travel anywhere around the world. It’s one essential traveler app that can help to translate text into any available language. Users can listen to conversations and provide translated text with a single click.

Wrapping up

The travel application listed above would help you go far with ensuring you have a successful trip. A VPN app helps protect your network traffic on public Wi-Fi networks away from home. If you pack some specialty devices, then you never know when and how they would be needed while on the field. If you have an amazing app idea and are looking to develop an iPhone app that would help travellers, we have the best iPhone app developer who helps you develop the app based on your requirements.

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