It was the year 2013 when Vitalik Buterin published a whitepaper Ethereum. Later in January 2014, the public announcement was developed along with Vitalik and the team. Ethereum allows people to combine without a central authority and act as a middleman. The study shows a genuine transformational platform that comes with numerous possibilities and develops applications.

Suppose you’re looking to understand Ethereum, how it works and what it can use for, and its perfect comprehensive guide. Let’s get started.

Ethereum is a decentralized and global platform for money. With Ethereum, write code that controls the money with building applications accessible anywhere in the world. Ethereum gained momentum in 2017, where the price goes up about 11000% from $8 to $900 by the end of the year. This attracted attention from new cryptocurrency buyers and other blockchain programmers. Ethereum supports dozens of new cryptocurrencies to solve the various problems and use native blockchain protocol.

Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin

Although Ethereum is associated with Bitcoin and other Blockchain technology, it comes with applications that go way beyond digital currencies. Also, Bitcoin has several applications that use blockchain technology to date. Building a blockchain app requires complex coding background and mathematics as well as offering significant resources.

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Before, unimagined applications from electronic voting and digitally recorded property assets forms regulatory compliance with trading actively. It provides developers to use tools to build decentralized applications.

Network and Processing

Ethereum is like a computing frame that empowers developers to build an application on one decentralized stage. It allows developers to build interactive performance intelligent contracts. Using this developer can create numerous distinctive applications. Ethereum works on principle to eliminate block and create decentralized blockchain applications.

With a smart contract approach, the Ethereum app runs on the virtual machine tool. It allows the exchange of goods, money, shares, or anything of value in the network share. The user deploys Ether to numerous self-operating machine applications in the network. The deployed Ether follows code protocol seriously without the chance of obstruction or any trespassing restrictions.  

The Ethereum blockchain serves to earn Ether, whose purpose is to trade using numerous decentralized applications. Ether is used for the transaction in the decentralized network and secondary currency ‘gas’.

Thoughts on Ethereum Mining

Ethereum network has its blockchain. Here, all transactions use Ethereum which needs to get approved by miners. It takes some time for Ether to send. Also, the transaction is verified and put inside the Ethereum blockchain.

To check if the transaction is valid and correct, the miner solves the mathematical equation. If 51% of them agree that it’s accurate, the then-new block is added, which contains all the verified transactions. Later they can move on with confirming new math problems and solving them.

What are the ways to Mine Ethereum?

Mainly there are three ways to mine Ethereum. They are:

  • Pool Mining
  • Mining Alone
  • Using Cloud Mining Services

Let’s understand each in brief:

1) Pool Mining

It’s the easiest and fastest way to get started. When you work together with other people, they mine within a single pool and agree to find the secret number. Later they can share rewards with everyone. All it depends on how often you find blocks and share rewards within pool size. Also, note that not all pools are the same. Before anyone joins a pool, consider the below pointers.

  • Pool Size
  • Pool Fee
  • Minimum Payout

2) Mining Alone

Mining seems a good idea where you don’t have to share any rewards. Is it so? No, Mining alone means you’re competing with other people and getting rewards by solving the math puzzle. If you’re competing with a vast network of companies and people, then you need to get lucky to earn rewards. It means you need to have a lot of resources at your disposal.

3) Cloud Mining

When you’re using cloud mining, that means you’re paying someone else to mine you. It means you’re renting mining time from other people, and in return, they give you all the rewards earned. Cryptocurrency cloud mining seems a bit dumb. There would be several questions in mind like:

  • Why would someone use their equipment to mine for you?
  • Why pay someone to mine for you when you can invest the money in equipment?
  • Why don’t we spend the money on buying the cryptocurrency you want instead of paying someone to mine it?

Above all, questions are valid. But it does come with several benefits like:


  • Once you pay someone to mine for you, then you’re buying a certain amount of work that needs to be done.
  • You’re not responsible for any repair cost.
  • Read the contracts carefully as few also pay for repair and electricity.


  • Chances are Ethereum price drops where you don’t have a chance to get your money back.
  • One can’t change the mining software and hardware that the cloud mining provider uses.

How to pool Mine Ethereum?

One needs to use the computer for Mining Ethereum. Let’s understand what tools your computer needs to be an efficient miner.

  • An Ethereum wallet to hold all the found data.
  • GPU Drivers
  • A Mining Pool address if you’re going to mine within a mining pool
  • A Mining Application
  • A compatible operating system

Create a Digital Wallet

Before Ethereum Mining, create a digital wallet where the wallet consists of real-life physical money. Cryptocurrency works the same way where you can create a digital wallet to keep up with Ether. Choose the best and most secure wallet available in the market.

  • Install your graphics card drivers
  • Once you’re ready with a digital wallet, then it’s time to update the software on your device. Later the mining process will be more profitable for your hardware that runs the latest updates.

Simple steps to install Ethereum Mining software

  • Click on the link and start installing.
  • Download the latest version for windows. Later click on download as a zip button and wait for it to finish. Save the file to your desktop to get easy access.
  • Extract files to a folder on your desktop to get easy access.
  • Now, open the folder and view files.
  • Click on Start and then click on Edit.
  • Edit the start.txt file and add the setup code.
  • Once you’re done, save start.txt with your new values with going on file-> save as
  • Now, click on the file name to start.bat
  • With saving as type: choose All Files
  • Now, click on Save and Yes when asked if you want to replace the file.
  • Double click on star.bat to begin Mining
  • That’s it, and your system is now Mining Ethereum.

How can we check how much you’ve Mined?

Every pool comes with a different interface. Therefore, we need to go to the pool’s website and type in a public wallet address. Let’s Use two miners, for example:

Your public wallet address is available in the search bar, and you’ll see all data related to Ethereum mining. Whereas in case 2, miners pool balance reaches 0.01 ETH that is sent to your wallet address that is typed into the start.bat file earlier.

Understand Blockchain: A Technology Game Changer

Closing Thoughts

Suppose you’re an Ethereum miner and want to stay decentralized to get rewarded in the process. One needs to look at Ethereum as a valuable asset to hold or trade. The Ethereum Development network and Blockchain technology come with proven worth. Here the decentralized app has already found success. Therefore, the market response seems excellent. We’ll see amazing results when more people will start building upon a platform that Ethereum creates.

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