The web development ecosystem offers continuous development among the latest frameworks and libraries. The time passed when web development was limited to CSS, HTML and various frameworks. The web development tech stack offers rich, powerful and multifaceted tools and technologies. Choosing a tool like Angular is an excellent idea if you’re looking for a proper tool. But there are many other options to consider for building a specific type of product. React is one of the fastest-growing popular front-end library providers that steadily gain traction among developers. As React comes with a number of benefits, it has become the best go-to-web development tool. Let’s understand why to choose React and how important it is to use it. Let’s take a closer look at it.

What is ReactJS?

React comes with an efficient and flexible JavaScript library to build the user interface. It allows the creation of simple, fast and scalable frontends for web applications. ReactJS takes the web development world by storm within a short time. It was created initially as an internal tool by Facebook engineers where the framework was allowed to grow and adopted widely among individual developers.

A survey by professionals shows that ReactJS is the best framework to use in 2022

What is ReactJS suitable for?

React makes it simple to create an interactive user interface. It helps build stand-alone UI components, including visual elements and logic that underlies these elements. We know React is designed to produce robust component applications. As it’s used as frontend technology, React is not opinionated and can pair with various technology executing backend.

ReactJS serves as vibrant development, static site building, VR app development and desktop apps development. The main idea to learn once and run everywhere is not new but is accurate in the case of React.JS. React has a library that used for building web UI components, and a few of the major companies and brands using React are:

  • Instagram
  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • Reddit
  • Dropbox
  • Uber
  • Facebook
  • Paypal

Why should one use ReactJS? What are the reasons for choosing ReactJS?

The usage of JavaScript has increased in recent years, and we have various options available in the market, such as Vue.JS, Angular and more. A few reasons to use ReactJS are:

Mature, Easy and Simple to grasp dev workflow

It comes with significant reasons to use ReactJS for web development. The library can ultimately optimize the development interface using coding language. The lightweight react APIs can reinforce the fast performance capabilities by achieving a hassle-free rapid development workflow.

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Ultimate Flexibility and Compatibility

Using React JS web development comes with extreme convenience. React is one of those where you can hang single technology for easy reuse across all platforms. React’s current ecosystem is vast, and it enables developers to create desktop solutions and mobile applications by generating static websites. It can easily handle server rendering and integrate advanced tech concepts and various web solutions.

Hassle-free Components and Reusability

Once the ReactJS web application element is created, one can quickly get the unique object to add any project compatible with React-based code. Using the rendering principle, a bigger hierarchy is used as a separate dedicated internal logic. It can outstand the scaled opportunity that helps achieve better React web app consistency. 

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High-performance reinforced with virtual DOM

React grants outstanding fast rendering capacities if we keep DOM in memory. It comes with a specialized algorithm and existing virtual DOM states that apply new changes without needing to update. DOM can slow the system, and virtualized DOM can minimize the changes and optimize intelligently. Virtual DOM can manipulate the scene such as internally and autonomously. It allows for saving hardware resource consumption rates.

Power of Flux and Redux

The creators of Facebook introduced Flux based software architecture that enhances the standard React components adding unidirectional data flow. Flux is an architecture pattern used in the frontend for convenient UI design workflow, but it cannot be used as a full-on library.

Power of React Native

React Native is a game-changer and opens up native and hybrid mobile app development for Android and iOS. It can naturally code specific reusability opportunities in favor of native performance and system management. To build size fits for all apps, users need to use a single codebase to get different solutions.

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Extensive toolset available

React toolset helps developers to discover the components and allow them to use them in real-life projects. The react developer tools come with the redux development tools that offer extremely convenient capacities by simply installing and using the regular chrome extensions.

JSX Syntax for extended HTML

One can utilize the declarative HTML syntax directly in JavaScript code. It shows the user interface and decodes HTML text and browsers. They do it to build DOM trees that manipulate JavaScript with creating interactive UI. The ReactJS apps act much faster and more efficiently, all thanks to JSX and virtual DOM.

Vast Community and Market defining resources

React is pushed by extensive communities and preferred by Fortune 500 companies. At the same time, it supports sufficient reasons to use ReactJS for web development. Meanwhile, it helps specialists that work directly on Facebook’s software system.

Unique React Hooks

This feature was first introduced after a lot of discussions to replace Redux. Hooks is a feature used in React.JS 16.8, allowing JavaScript writers to add states, functionality, and function components. Hooks make it simple to manage the state logic between-group comparable logic, components into single components, and transferring the data between components.

Final Thoughts

Yet not sure when to use React.JS for web development? Or why should one go with react for web app creation? Don’t worry; we have a bunch of ReactJS developers that will help you clarify all your doubts. To get desired performance from professional business apps, you must choose the best company that uses the best practices for developing a customized web app.

At Agile Infoways, we help you get proven results in raising conversion, cost-cutting, demonstrating primary functions and accelerating growth rate. To get an instant quote, contact us.


Why is ReactJS highly recommended?

It’s highly recommended for businesses to have a competitive advantage. ReactJs is for developers who like to look to use different techniques in today’s tech world. ReactJS works as one of the greatest technologies for the frontend. It brings a step ahead towards getting better user engagement, conversions and higher click through rates. The technology was mainly developed to improve the website server’s total rendered pages.

What are the essential reasons to use ReactJS for front end development?

  • Rich User Interface
  • Speedy Learning Curve
  • Reusable Components
  • Quick render with virtual DOM
  • Clean Abstractions
  • Robust community Support

What will be the future of ReactJS?

ReactJS comes with many advantages that can rapidly change the world as information changes. The scenario can make ReactJS a necessary addition for future application development. Regarding the current scenario, JavaScript ReactJS has a fundamental interface library that supports maximizing the responsive UIs with a quick client experience.

Is ReactJS reliable for long term use?

Indeed, ReactJS is likely to remain for years or might be a bit longer. It can scale to develop today by creating at that pace for upcoming years. ReactJS comes with rapidly and dependably rich, appealing, versatile applications. As it comes with minimal measures of code, it can be accepted for long-term usage.

 Is ReactJS more cost-effective than others?

Yes, as it is simple to learn and easy to use the reusable components, it is more cost-effective. It offers quick delivery with better code dependability, and numerous fortune 500 companies utilize it. Like the front-end advancement structure, it comes with an excellent system that isn’t hard to learn but comes with less complexity.


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