The digital world is emerging as one of the biggest platforms to promote your business. Developing mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites is the most preferred way of accelerating your business is flooded with various options. Developers always suggest adopting cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development as they come with numerous options to choose from. Flutter and react-native are the most popular options in this category.

Both the platforms are perfect for planning your next apps but the choice may differ on the basis of your requirements and vision. One must compare every nook and corner related to them let’s start by understanding both the frameworks in detail.


Flutter is a platform launched by Google in the year 2017. It is an open-source cross-platform that allows developers to build appealing, attractive, and durable applications for all platforms like mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase.

Understand Flutter App Development Benefits and Why you should use

React Native:

React Native is managed and developed by Facebook. It is a mature cross-platform framework that uses javascript language to build apps. With React native developers can develop both Android and iOS applications using a single codebase.

Comparison: As we have well understood the basic concept of these two frameworks let’s understand what points make them different from each other-

Programming language:

  • React Native is written entirely in JavaScript thus finding developers to code in JavaScript is not that difficult whereas flutter is written in the language Dart which is easy and a good programming language but it is not as popular as JavaScript. A developer opting for flutter needs to learn Dart first. 

Installation and setup:

  • The React Native framework can be installed by downloading the npm package manager that comes with a simple one-line statement. But one must have preinstalled npm package manager and other device-specific tools that are also needed for development, like the Android SDK and the JDK.
  • Whereas Flutter framework can be installed from its website and downloaded in the zipped folder, which is then extracted into the desired location in your system. After this, manually add the folder to the PATH variable. 

Installation and setup for the flutter framework are more complicated as compared to React Native’s one-line install command.

UI Components:

Flutter allows developers to use its visual, structural, platform, and other interactive widgets. These widgets are built-in UI components that are a perfect replacement of native components. 

Native components, on the other hand, are ideal for both Android and iOS.

  • Performance: There is no JavaScript bridge for initiating interactions with the device’s native components, the speed of development and running time gets expedited drastically with Flutter. 
  • Community support: React Native is ruling the realm of the digital industry from more than four years now and developers around the world are gradually adopting it.

Flutter on the other hand does not support a community as large as that of React Native as it is comparatively new to the industry, but it is rapidly growing and being adopted by developers globally. 

Conclusion: React Native and Flutter both have their pros and cons but Flutter came out as the clear winner in this comparison. Experts have predicted that flutter is the future of the digital industry and will give strong competition to other cross-platform frameworks that are ruling the industry since their inception.

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