Are you wondering why you should bother buying Flutter for your next project and what your business will gain from it? Regardless of who you are, a team lead, CTO, or occupy any high position in any organization. You need to make an effective tech decision in your company and find the piece useful. As we know, iOS and Android are the leading platforms for any mobile app development company. And if you need to develop an application that supports both these platforms Flutter is made for you. Flutter app development is one of the best cross-platform developments that has gained massive popularity in the mobile industry.

Cross-platform development saves time and effort while developing an application. Several tools have emerged to make cross-platform development desirable and possible. Several web-based tools, like PhoneGap from Adobe, React Native from Facebook, and Xamarin from Microsoft, are working well in today’s time. Each platform or solution comes with its advantage and disadvantage and finds its way to its successful mobile app development.

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A lot of developers are looking to update their knowledge by learning new technologies and building high-performing applications. While on the other hand, owners are optimizing their time on development. With this ongoing chain, Flutter app development entered the mobile development world. Google announced flutter in February 2018 at Mobile World Congress. It was previously introduced by the alpha version at Google I/O in 2017. After the newly released framework, Google added to promote the conference as they wanted more people to use it.

Let’s quickly understand what Flutter is.

Flutter is an open-source SDK which was developed by Google. It’s used for cross-platform app development and is maintained by a single codebase feature. It uses Dart as a programming language where you can check more details at

Quick facts about Flutter

  • There exist 3000+ Flutter Apps
  • There are 200 million+ users of Flutter made apps
  • Flutter is the 34th most popular app available on GitHub
  • 3,00,000+ developers use flutter for app development

What are the benefits of Flutter Development?

You’ll find a lot of benefits with Flutter app development, but here we’ll mention a few essential points that we need to consider from some business perspectives.

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How Flutter development benefits Developers:

  • Fast Development: Flutter comes with hot-reload and a single codebase feature that helps to develop an app which works with iOS and Android. It comes with in-built functions that incorporate all components for Android and iOS to give a native base performance for the app.  
  • Single Codebase: The feature helps us to build a faster application other than native application development. By using this, we can write on the codebase for iOS and Android, which saves a lot of time in code management.
  • Hot Reload: The feature helps in debugging code faster in comparison to native app development. So, Flutter helps in testing code more quickly and debugging them to build an excellent app.
  • Expressive UIs: Build expressive UIs using Flutter and build beautiful material design and widgets. It also comes with a built-in function which helps in fast development and gives a fully customized widget for reusing the codes.
  • Easy to learn and understand: Flutter works great for any beginners and makes it easy for them to understand. If you’re coming from any Java development background, then it would be more comfortable. Flutter works on Dart and uses OOP language for easy learning.
  • Growing community worldwide: Flutter helps in secure, growing development communities worldwide in app development. The flutter developers are increasing continuously and discussing a few features and bugs while you develop your flutter application.

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How does Flutter Development Benefits Customers?

  • Fast Development: Flutter uses cross-platform development along with a single codebase and hot reload features. The feature helps to build apps faster in comparison to a native application. As it comes with hot reload features, it allows developers to debug code quicker and do an experiment with their applications.
  • Costing and Time: Now save your cost and timing by using Flutter app development. If you’re using Flutter, you don’t need an individual testing team for both iOS and Android platforms. You can work with one tester and one developer to develop and manage your applications.
  • Easy to Manage Application: It becomes easy to customize and manage the application. In these digital times, you need to keep your business fast based on market needs. Here developers need to develop a single codebase and update work for both Android and iOS.
  • Team Management: It’s one of the crucial factors when it comes to enterprise application development. We have to manage separate teams of Android and iOS if your native development. Flutter will reduce side, and ultimately your management reduces.

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Check a few top companies that are using Flutter app development

  • BMW: Flutter released a 1.12 update and showcase BMW as the best version to use in it.
  • Google: Google is using Flutter in Google Ads and Google Assistance to provide the best user experience.
  • Ionic firebase app: Build a Flutter App marketplace where it has 200+ users using SaaS applications. Over 1000+ business apps are built on Flutter.
  • Alibaba: As we know, Alibaba is one of the largest commodity eCommerce platforms and is now using Flutter for its app development.

Want to know which are the best applications built with Flutter?

  • The New York Times: They have built popular puzzles using Flutter to bring new users.
  • Google Ads: It was built using Flutter to provide more flexibility and easy-to-use ads.
  • Google Assistance: It uses the most common application that was built with Flutter.
  • Tencent: Tencent is using Flutter for several app developments like QiDan, Translatorm DingDang, Now live, etc.

How much does it cost to build a Flutter app?

Nearly it takes about 250 hours to develop an average app in Flutter, which can work on both Android and iOS. And if we calculate individually, then it takes 400 hours for iOS and 250 hours for Android to build an application.

To find out several hours, calculate the total hours by the hourly rate of any developers. Check for both platforms separately and then with flutter development. Build the app quickly on Flutter and save a lot of time and effort. Choose cross-platform development rather than choosing to develop two different native apps.

Wrap up:

Google is looking for ways to find the future for Flutter app development. A lot of developers have started using cross-platform as we don’t want them to compromise on quality and productivity. Developers who are choosing separate apps fail to deliver a native experience to the user. Choosing Flutter as an alternative works excellent and also it bridges the gap. Flutter app development focuses on native performance, productivity, and complex visuals. It can help in delivering a unified experience, reducing the time and effort that you need to spend while mitigating the risks of errors. If you’re looking to build an app using Google’s toolkit, connect with us, and make sure that your cross-platform development works smoothly for you and your business.

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