Technology has made our life easy as it has been implemented in different fields. Some beginners are always wondering which language to use for android app development. In what program language for android apps, you should invest in to get a better learning experience.

Do you have any idea how many Android Apps there are in the world? According to Statista, In the fourth quarter of the year 2019, there is approx. 2.6 million Android apps are available around the globe. This leads to stiff competition in the market. Android App helps in surviving in this flourishing industry where you can choose the right tech-stack partner to get the best language for android app development.

If you’re looking to develop a mobile app, then this is the time for you. Whether you need to become an android developer or want to hire a professional mobile developer, this is the best time for you to get started. Also, jumping into mobile app development isn’t a challenge you can choose the right programming language to move ahead.

Answer these questions to get started:

  • Where should I begin?
  • Why do people use android phones?
  • Which programming language do I choose and why?
  • How do I master the programming language?
  • What should I look for in a mobile developer?

People usually buy Android devices as there are huge varieties available in the market. Peers generally loved to use its amazing customized features, great appearance, and outstanding look and feel. Once your android device is rooted, you can change its icon size, font text, load screens, and complete control over your phone. Most Android phones are affordable and come with the latest tech, which can run on multi-platforms. Today, 87% of the audience is using Android phones as this OS is much more user-friendly than iOS.

You need to keep this essential question in mind before developing a mobile application. According to the study, the Android App Coding language is chosen as the best programming language. So, pick the right programming language for Android that serves your specific needs. Here in this article, we’ll offer a basic rundown of the best programming language for Android. You need to figure out what Android apps programming language works best for you.

What languages are used for android app development?

Pick a language if you want to develop an Android application. Users will find a lot of differences between various Android Programming languages, which can be complicated at times. Here we have a list of a few programming languages that are currently used for Android development.

  • Java: Java is an official language for Android app development support by Android Studio.
  • Kotlin: Kotlin supported the Android Programming language and was introduced as a second official language after Java.
  • C/C++: Android Studio supports C++ that uses Java NDK. This helps in native coding applications and is handy with games. C++ is a bit complicated.
  • C#: For beginners, C# is high, and the best alternative to C and C++. It is supported by tools like Unity and Xamarin for game development and cross-platform development.
  • Basic: It is a basic option that helps to learn B4A IDE from anywhere software. It’s an easy and powerful tool.
  • Corona/LUA: It’s a language that uses high-level SDK and builds in LUA programming language. It is much simpler to learn than Java, where SDK takes away a lot of pain in developing an Android App.
  • Python: It is one of the leading programming languages for mobile app development, which is easy to understand by beginners.
  • PhoneGap: It uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. You can build interactive web pages by using knowledge of PhoneGap and build a cross-platform app.

The best way to start and develop an Android app is by downloading the Android studio. Let’s understand what Android Studio is.

Android Studio

Android Studio is IDE, which means Integrated Development Environment. Here, IDE comes with Android SDK, which is an essential set of tools for developing Android apps. With Android Studio Java can be installed on your system. Which means you can install the Java development kit if not installed. Interpret the code written in it and compile it to help the CPU understand the need.

Android Studio gives the right access to libraries in programming languages along with free code. 

Looking to build mobile applications with Android Studio, Know how it works and offer superior quality apps.  

Make your life easier for coders by providing them:

  • Visual Designer
  • Advanced and Powerful features
  • Work Suggestions
  • Cloud Storage Access

If you’re looking to develop a successful mobile app for your business, then you should avoid these silly mistakes. 

At present, you’ll find several programming languages used for mobile app development. Have a look at those languages and their unique proposals. 

Languages for Android App Development 

1) Java

Java is one of the top choices for Android developers and is the most used app development language. It is one of the highest searched languages on Google. For Beginners Java might seem a bit difficult as it covers complex topics such as Constructors, Null Pointers, Exceptions, Checked Exceptions, Concurrency, etc. Therefore, using Android Software Kit (SDK), one can increase the complexity and drive you to the next level. 

Java is one of the suitable app development languages that run on all platforms. Android OS is written in Java, so learning Java can directly land you in the driving seat. It stands at the number one position with a 23% share while Python stands second with a 13% share. Have a look at a few of the rankings as researched by Buildfire

Key Features of JavaUses of Java
1. Runs on all platforms
2. Object-Oriented Platforms
3. Easy-to-read and Learn
4. Easy to get expert help from the community
5. Hundreds of Open-source libraries available 
6. Powerful IDEs to make coding easy and error-free

1. Android Apps
2. Web Apps
3. Server Apps
4. Embedded Space
5. Scientific Apps
6. Big Data
7. Technology
8. Games
9. Websites

2) Kotlin

Kotlin Programming Language can be called the next Swift programming language and another official language for Android Development.  Similar to Java, Kotlin can run on Java Virtual Machine and doesn’t cause hurdles in case we increase the file size. Kotlin needs ‘boilerplate’ code to streamline and easy to read system. If you’ve started to learn Android Programming, then this one better suits your needs. Although, it’s not that simple like C#, where the community supports its relative infancy. 

Key Features of KotlinUses of Kotlin
1. Support Java Virtual Machine
2. Easy Streamlining 
3. Ideal for any code learner
4. supports Android Studio
1. Can use for any kind of app development
2. Server-Side development
3. Client-side development
4. support for macOS, embedded system 

3) C

Objective C is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that is derived from C. It’s a core language used for iOS and OS X development. As we know, Swift is replacing Objective C, and the developers are still working on it. Moreover, Objective C isn’t going anywhere soon, because there are people who have invested in it and the framework still relies on objective-C even after Swift launched. 


C Plus Plus is a general-purpose Object-Oriented Programming language that uses low-level memory features. It inherits its syntax from C, so if you know C, then C++ can be easily understood. C++ is a powerful language that is used in all sectors ranging from finance to manufacturing. C++ has the potential to create tools like Amazon, Paypal, Google Chrome, PhotoShop, etc. 

Key Features of CKey Features of C++
1. Uses dynamic Typing
2. Simple to use
3. Works smoothly with Apple Inc.
4. Uses C++ and C while using Objective C
1. It has a massive library 
2. It’s Object-Oriented
3. It’s Portable and simple
4. Extremely Fast

4) Python

Python is a high-level programming language widely used for app development, web development, computing numeric data, and creating desktop GUIs for software development. It’s a language most taught in school and college for using it in real life. You can hire a Python developer to beat the market competition. 

Key Features of PythonWebsites developed in Python
1. Easy to learn and master it
2. Object-Oriented Language
3. Processed at runtime by the interpreter
4. Interactive Language
5. Scalable and support GUI 
6. Can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac
1. Quora
2. Spotify
3. Reddit
4. YouTube
5. InstagramOpenStack
6. BitTorrent

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5) C#

C Sharp is a multi-paradigm programming language that is a combination of object and component-oriented. C# is a general-purpose language developed by Microsoft. A developer can create anything in C# that range from the server application to web services to games to mobile app etc. It’s the best language that supports Unity3D with ease. We can it’s dipping, and very fewer jobs are available for C# developers. The development of the Xamarin platform makes it simpler for C# developers to create an application for iOS and Android. C# is used in business and productivity tools, utilities, games, etc. 

Key Features of C#
1. Scalable
2. Easy-to-Use
3. Used Extensively in development of Web Application and Large Tools
4. Access to .Net Framework
5. Type-Safe Language 

You can check the list of C# Software for better understanding. Create a mobile app in C# using the Xamarin tool as it can help in developing apps quickly. 

6) Corona

Corona offers a simple option for developing Android Apps. The android developer will code in LUA. So, it’s simpler than Java, and on the top is the Corona SDK. Moreover, it supports all native libraries by allowing the user to publish on multiple platforms. Here, you need to write code in Notepad ++ and run code on an emulator without even needing to compile it first. You can use an online tool if you’re ready for APK and deployment. Corona language is for someone who needs to develop a simple app along with using in-app purchasing features, where you need to pay a fee.

Key features of CoronaUses of Corona
1. Easy to use and Set-up
2. Open-Source
3. Real-time Stimulation
4. Great speed and performance
5. Simple Framework
6. Powerful Plug-in
7. Supports all Platforms
1. Educational Apps
2. Gaming Apps
3. Business Apps
4. Developing Mobile and Desktop Apps

7) PhoneGap (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

PhoneGap is a programming language powered by Apache Cordova. It allows users to create an app using the same code to create a website in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Later it is shown through Web View. This language acts like a bridge which allows the developer to access some native features of the phone or tablet. 

Key Features of PhoneGapUses of PhoneGap
1. For Cross-Platform Compatibility
2. Better Access to Native Apps
3. Way into large Community Base
4. Cost-Effectiveness
5. Robust Back-end Support
6. UI libraries improve User Interface
1. For Easy and Fast Deployment
2. For improving Collaboration
3. Focus on Functionality 
4. Allow multi-device development
5. For Easy sharing Apps


Basic stands for ‘Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction code.’ It is simple, useful, logical, and an excellent option for all programming newcomers. The language isn’t supported universally but can be used in various application building. If you’re a beginner and want to start from simple then BASIC best suits you.

Key Features of BASICUses of BASIC
1. It allows Built-in functions
2. Uses user-defined functions
3. Have access to Menu-Driven Application
4. Allow creation of Loops 
5. Subroutine features are present
1. Interactive use for Batch Work
2. Powerful features used for advanced users
3. Less knowledge in maths can use BASIC program
4. Used in business applications


Believe it or not, the most useful way to understand their needs is to begin their search from mobile devices and later on computers. Therefore, building Android mobile apps cater to these consumers. You need to choose the best fit from the above-described programming languages with understanding the needs. Let’s discuss getting a free estimate and modelize your brand. 

To understand better, you can have a look at the ultimate guide to mobile app development. And see our portfolio here. Or Else hire a professional mobile app development company to give wings to your idea.  We have an expert team of Android developers who are ready to accomplish your goals and provide a strategy for user acquisition and retention for your application. 

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