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Angular JS is an open-source and Javascript framework that develops highly responsive, scalable and feature-rich web applications. This framework is maintained by Google that helps in building an interactive and dynamic user interface for websites by enhancing the features of HTML.

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What Angular JS offers you?

Angular JS has always been a first choice of developers as it offers a myriad of benefits to its customers. Its features like scalability and easy coding make it the most preferred application platform.

  • MVC Framework– Embraced with Model-view-controller capability allows building a separate client-side application.
  • HTML– The user interface on this platform is built on HTML.
  • POJO model– To attain spontaneous and perfectly planned objects Angular JS uses POJO objects.
  • Two-way Binding– Angular JS uses two-way data binding to carry automatic synchronization of data between components.

Top 10 Angular Best Practices to Improve Your App?

  1. Lazy Loading Feature To Boost Productivity Angular has an in-built feature that helps developers to load the component that is required during the development phase it also allows to put a pause on the unnecessary files and barred from loading. This practice helps in reducing app size by abstaining unnecessary files from loading which leads to better performance. It also helps in boosting the initial load time and translates into better UI/UX of the application.
  1. Clean and Standard Coding Style of Angular When building an application with Angular, developers follow standard file-structure conventions which helps in maintaining the code files in a format that is easy to read and understand. It also eliminates the risk of having bugs, handling complex real-time issues, and also ensures the best user-experience.
  1. Command-Line Interface(CLI): One of the best feature of Angular is CLI that helps in creating apps and also assists in building workplace folders and generate a structure for the application. This feature reduces the JavaScript fatigue and creates a better environment for customizing web applications.
  1. CDK Virtual Scroll: CDK Virtual Scroll is one of the important tools as it helps you accelerate the performance of the app. With the help of CDK virtual scroll, developers can visualize the larger file in the browser.
  1. Routing Practices for Hiding and Displaying Components: Angular is widely used for developing cross-platform applications and to run the app on multiple operating systems, developers have to make adjustments to the interface to ensure a better user experience. Angular routing or in-app navigating helps developers to hide or display the components as per the need of the moment. It allows for a better pattern of displaying and hiding the components to gain better user experience.
  1. Angular Observable to Minimize the Risk of Memory Leaks Angular framework or library has this feature to prevent memory leaks as it streamlines the data and prevent them from the risk of occurrence of some serious issues due to the lack of memory leak. Angular Observables easily save developers from this loss and help them develop an app in a safe environment.
  1. Angular Service Workers:  Angular are easier as just by converting the traditional web apps into the single-page applications it reduce the file size, add responsiveness, and creating interactive web apps. With the help of this service developers can convert the single-page application into progressive web apps by simply adding native features to it.
  1. Angular Security: App security is the primary concerns of the developer whether you are developing a large scale enterprise application or a small scale application. In Angular, developers can leverage the built-in security features that ensure the incredible protection from every type of inside and outside bugs.
  1.  Angular’s In-Built Async Pipes: Angular is a rich framework of JavaScript that is equipped with the in-built pipes which actually simplifies the coding process by separating the complex mathematical processes. And the best part about this is, Async Pipes that are a built-in attribute that save you a boatload of memory bytes while developing large scale applications with Angular.
  1. Understanding the Components in Angular Before making a choice in Angular, it is important that you must be aware of smart and dumb components. Smart components are those, which are used for manipulating data and other functionalities. On the other hand, dumb components are those that focus only on look and appearance. But both are an important part of Angular practices and allow developers to understand how UI will look and its reusability.

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