Today we are observing massive growth in web design and development companies. Choosing the right framework is crucial for any web project; it determines your ability to maintain code in the future. You need to pick the right framework for the web to extend and decide your capacity to keep up with the code.

We’ll find 100 types of JavaScript framework on Google that are overwhelming. If you have decided to develop a modern and sharp-looking website, then adding JavaScript is a must. Your application needs to behave the same in all different browsers. JQuery is a set of JavaScript functionalities that will ease the job of any developer. Here in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the three more advanced and popular frameworks like Angular.JS, Backbone.Js, and Ember.Js.

Have a glimpse into each of these three frameworks and what they do


  • Who: Developed by Google and used internally by many with MIT licensed
  • What: It follows the MVC pattern of software engineering and encourages coupling between data and logic components. Angular brings traditionally server-side services by using dependency injections such as view-dependent controllers and client-side web applications.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is an open-source platform that is maintained by Google. It aims to make both testing and development efficient and easy. Angular JS extends traditional HTML code which helps in two-way binding. It comes with an independent framework and doesn’t depend on any other JavaScript Framework.

<li ng-repeat=”framework in frameworks” title=”{{framework.description}}”>                               

AngularJS is a trend.

  • It is not just by the way. There are reasons for it. Let’s have a look at the facts that make AngularJS extremely important today.
  • Yes, the Merits of Angular JS:
  • Community is a factor to be considered when choosing a JavaScript Framework. Angular has got the largest community following which are Backbone & Ember JS.
  • Angular JS allows the maximum usage of Third-Party Modules.
  • It has got Directives, i.e. Angular allows the creation of new attributes by the developers for their convenience.
  • A unique feature here is the 2-way data binding. It ensures templating. One can create his/her template with the use of AngularJS.
  • Next, Transcluding is possible only and only with AngularJS. Create tags and place them in a part of the site where you require its effect. Not just at once, you can add your desired mark-ups at multiple places within a code.
  • Angular is a bit faster compared to other frameworks because of its small size. Mere 35.9 kb in size is far lower than ember and backbone JS.
  • DOM Manipulation is another factor.
  • From the developer’s point of view, AngularJS has the easiest syntax to code.
  • Although it is independent, the complex codes and operations hinder it from being tested in isolation.

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Pros of AngularJS

  • Adds innovative concepts like two-way data binding with saving time
  • It is backed up and supported by Google.
  • Comes with more online content than Backbone and Ember
  • Easy categorization of the Application with building blocks into several types like Filters, Factories, Services, and views.

Cons of AngularJS

  • Comes with complicated directives and is challenging to understand the concept
  • Angular uses inheritance using a new concept for people coming from languages such as C# and Java.

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  • Who: Developed by Jeremy Ashkenas, who is the creator of CoffeeScript and Underscore.Js. Along with DocumentCloud.MIT licensed.
  • What: JavaScript framework comes with a RESTful JSON interface which is based on a model-view-presenter design paradigm. Give structure to web applications by pulling the model out of your DOM and into Backbone’s model, collection, and view objects.

The Backbone.JS is a lightweight MVC framework that became popular within a short time. It has adopted several services which include Pinterest, Airbnb, and Flixster. It gives web applications by providing models with key-value binding within a rich API of enumerable views and functions. It can connect with the existing API over a RESTful JSON interface. Here the backbone attempts to lay down a minimal set of data and user interface primitives which builds web applications with JavaScript.

<% _.each(frameworks, function(framework) { %>         
<li title=”<%- framework.description %>”>             
<%- %>         
<% }); %> 

Backbone JS is an MVC framework that is lightweight.

  • It can be integrated with other 3rd Party Templates.
  • Uses Underscore, the utility engine.
  • Backbone serves as a foundation to build an entirely new framework, which Ember or Angular does not allow.
  • But of all merits, it has some disadvantages like backbone.js does not support two-way data binding.
  • Editing CSS can break the CSS selectors and thereby leave your app to be unusable.

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Pros of BackboneJS

  • Easy, fast, and lightweight framework for easy understanding documentation.
  • For easy to build your framework in less time

Cons of BackboneJS

  • It provides essential tools instead of providing structure.
  • You need to depend on developers to structure the application.
  • You need to write a lot of boilerplate due to a lack of support for two-way binding.


  • Who: Developed by Yehuda Katz who is a member of jQuery, Ruby on Rails, and SproutCore teams along with Tom Dale. It is MIT licensed.
  • What: It is based on the Model-view-controller software architectural pattern. It allows developers to create single scalable applications by incorporating common idioms. It provides a rich object model, computed properties, declarative two-way data binding, automatically-updating templates, and router for managing application state.  

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Ember started its life as SproutCore MVC framework which was originally developed by Sproutlt and later by Apple. Back then, in 2007, ember’s roots got back. In 2011, Yehuda Kartz has become a core contributor to the popular jQuery and Ruby on Rails Projects. The user of notable ember adds Yahoo, ZenDesk, and Groupon. It allows developers to create scalable single-page applications. It offers a rich object model, declarative two-way data-binding, and other automated updating templates powered by Handlebars.Js and router for managing the application state.

{{#each frameworks}}         
<li {{bind-attr title=description}}>             

Ember JS uses pure JavaScript.

It ensures that a lot of configuration is done by itself.

It uses the Handlebars template engine which does not understand DOM. That’s a backlog here.

The use of Ember.js can break the code’s integration with other frameworks, and that makes it less compatible.

Pros of EmberJS

  • Comes with a lot of community models and is very popular
  • Easy to share template between client and server-side rendering
  • Two-way data binding is easier than dirty checking

Cons of EmberJS

  • Not as powerful as AngularJS and it isn’t easy to learn
  • Two-way data-binding is more complex

To sum up, let’s say we have checked all strengths and weaknesses of all the three frameworks. Ember uses its holistic approach for developers who have a background in Ruby, Java, Python, or C#. Whereas Backbone embraces minimalism, it’s very small, fast, and easy to learn.

But, Angular tops the board. The features it serves make it a future technology. Its flexibility and an innovative approach towards building new applications securely and adaptively point to the fact that Angular is catered to Quality. If you’re looking for a framework that seeks native apps and reduces the amount of time and code, then connect with us. Hire our developers to build an application that best suits your needs.

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