With new technologies emerging there are a lot of programming languages getting outdated or popularity of using new technologies by organizations has increased. Additionally, starting a new business is more like driving a sports car that ensures to offer fun and triggers excitement. But soon this excitement turns into blunder, if your car runs out of fuel, before it reaches the last stop. Likewise, making a decision to develop a mobile app goes in the same way. 

There are developers who use Angular as a default choice for startups. However, after brands like Instagram and Facebook using ReactJS, this framework has become very popular among developers and startups for developing their projects. But what is ReactJS and how can you switch to ReactJS? Is ReactJs a good choice for startups? To clear all your doubt, we have a piece of blog that will guide you to choose the right React Native Platform for your startup.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source, declarative, flexible, component-based and efficient JavaScript framework that helps to develop interactive user interfaces. React has been created by Meta which helps developers to create fast, scalable and simple front-end web applications. From the initial days, ReactJS is one of the best front-end development  used by 40% of the developers globally.

Let’s understand a few stats provided by NPM Trends, which says, React is a popular JavaScript library with over 15 million downloads worldwide. Based on a report from a survey, 41% of developers use ReactJS to grow their business globally. Check below insights from Stack Overflow that gives stats for professionals around the world.

Factors you need to consider when choosing the mobile development framework

We know choosing the right technology can be a daunting task for startups. The decision is even more tough if you’re thinking of developing a mobile application. Not only, you need to think about picking a suitable tech stack for your business logic but also need to consider a platform for your targeted group. Here, we have a few things to consider for choosing a mobile development framework.

Also review Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

  • Potential Cost

We know that Money plays a vital role when considering starting your mobile project. If you choose to make an app for both platforms, a cross platform is a good choice. This makes it possible to develop a single app for two platforms at low cost.

  • Time to Market

One can build MVP and validate the idea to determine the success of your business. Additionally, if you want to enter the market quickly, react Native is the best choice to move ahead with.

  • Post-Launch Maintenance and development

The mobile app development cost doesn’t end with the final deployment of the app. Therefore, to run apps smoothly proper app maintenance and support services is necessary. To push out some updates in your existing app, choose to hire a dedicated ReactJS developer based on your requirements. 

  • Availability of developer talent

In this time, good developers are in high demand. This is why we need to choose a popular technology like ReactJS for a startup to get the best experience using the framework. Find employees and a team of ReactJS for web development who can easily understand your business.

Why use ReactS? What are the benefits of using ReactJS?

Using ReactJS as a front-end framework is a bit skeptical for any startup. Few market giants like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, The New York Times are using ReactJS components for their applications, therefore, it’s worth it for startups to use this framework. Here we have few reasons to choose ReactJS and to say YES to this front-end framework.

  • Code Reusability: It’s features of ReactJS that allow developers to reuse the components, reduce the efforts of the developers and deliver a highly performing application, so you don’t compromise on quality.
  • Easy to Use: Using the simple structure, ReactJS uses minimal coding and engages with UI for web and mobile apps with crafting interactive applications. Later it helps in scaling up the business with ease.
  • Code Stability: Using ReactJS, one can experience code stability that works on a single-way data flow. This flow ensures a simplified and sorted modification process where changes do not affect the parent structure. Along with consistent app performance, ReactJS allows changing single components which do not affect the rest of the code.
  • Easy to Declare: ReactJS is an open-source library that allows developers to modify any section that’s quite faster and works seamlessly.
  • Developer Toolkit: ReactJS comes with the best designing and debugging tools. It works as a browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome. React Developer tools are easy to download and use. It makes coding easy and seamless to monitor the reactive components.
  • SEO Friendly: It is crucial for any business to mark your online presence which Google ranks. All thanks to ReactJS for being SEO-friendly in nature as it reduces the page loading time and gets us through fast rendering.
  • Compatible with React Native: If you have a plan to get a mobile app for your startup and want to expand your business, then React Native is an ideal choice. As React Native is a popular mobile app framework, it helps to develop both simple and cross-platform apps by giving a feeling of native apps.
  • Easy Migration: If you’re looking to migrate your old technology to new one, then there are numerous migration challenges you’ll come across. ReactJS offers hassle-free migration and you do not have to worry about your existing infrastructure.
  • Enhancing Performance: If you want to experience efficient web app development, ReactJS library is here to address your needs. The virtual DOM supports eliminating the substantial codes unlike JQuery and bootstrapping libraries.

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Why Hire ReactJS Developers from Agile Infoways?

We offer one of the largest pools of dedicated, experienced and proficient ReactJS developers. Our professional helps you deliver your project on-time and build scalable and enhanced products across all platforms with ease. What do you get from hiring ReactJS developers from Agile Infoways? You get:

  • Scalability
  • Technical Expertise
  • Expert ReactJS Developer
  • Assign Dedicated Tech Lead
  • Industry Experts Developers
  • Follow DevOps Practices

Concluding Lines

When it comes to raising the conversion rate, digital branding of your business or reducing the cost, ReactJS development is the preferred choice for most developers. It provides startups or SME a competitive edge over peers and to accelerate growth. All you require to do is to hire ReactJS developers from a reputed development company like Agile Infoways.

Agile Infoways is a reliable React JS development company that builds robust and secure single page applications using customized features. If you’re looking to grow your startup business by integrating technology into existing systems, here we are, your best ReactJS development services provider to help you out. To hire a ReactJS expert from Agile Infoways, drop us a line and make an inquiry. We’ll contact you soon with an effective strategy.

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