For any company that is aiming to boost its online presence, front-end developers work best for them. Depending on their coding, and UX sensibility, one can collaborate with tech and design teams to grow their brand. React is a JavaScript library that comes with the most popular client-side programming technologies. Therefore, one must screen the ReactJS developer skills to get the best one. 

Talking about a statistic, more than 42% of developers use ReactJS. And picking the right ReactJS developers with the right skills can sometimes be difficult to identify.  Fortunately, this blog is the right one for you to help you walk through the key of ReactJS developers and screen the excellent ReactJS developer based on your requirement.

What are the benefits of developing in ReactJS?

  • Reusable Components: ReactJs is a document object model that comes with reusable components required by the framework, offering a virtual development platform. Along with this, it saves a lot of time in development.
  • Diversified Toolset: The React framework offers a diversified toolset that assists in debugging and designing. React dev tools and chrome dev tools in the ReactJS framework offer access to React components hierarchies in the virtual DOM.
  • Large Community: React, an open-source web app development platform, provides consistent support. Additionally, the ReactJS development team has healthy experience in creating desirable solutions.
  • High Code Stability: The ReactJS development process mostly follows a downward data flow; the parent structure doesn’t get affected by any modification in the child structure. Therefore, the ReactJS data binding structure ensures the code is stable.

What are the skills you require before hiring?

To be clear, React can be a great option for your app development project. Also, it’s always a good idea to take a few points into consideration before you hire ReactJS developers. Understand few necessary skills to adhere to specific duties and responsibilities of the jobs. Here, we have skills you need to know before hiring ReactJS developers.

  • Technical expertise: Any developers should have a good understanding of JSON, ESLint, Advanced HTML, Scsslint and Rest API.  The developer will be able to make use of the core components of React such as Component Lifecycle, JSX, hooks, functional components and more.
  • JavaScript and ecmaScript: The ReactJS developers should know all features, functions and syntax. They should have experience with using JavaScript Scopes, DOM, ES6, hoisting, and Event bubbling. Along with this, a detailed Ecmascript is necessary to create React Applications.
  •  Multiple technologies: Select ReactJS developers who have good command over multiple technologies and are compatible with MERN stack. Additionally, the developer should know how to deal with issues of server loading time and JS application to manage several development requests.
  • Frameworks and testing tools: ReactJS developers should be familiar with the unit testing framework and technology and have good command over the language. The developer must have good React frameworks and libraries knowledge to have extra benefits.
  • JS Build tools: Look for ReactJS frontend developers who are well-versed in using various JS tools, React developer tools and redux DevTools. The developer should have experience in the React library and know how to deal with new build tools.
  • Version control systems: You must look for professional developers who are proficient in dealing with VCS such as Firebase, Hit and more. Moreover, hiring developers should be skilled in the VCS by comparing old and new code and reducing possible errors.
  • ReactJS workflows: ReactJS developers can manage projects easily by prioritizing state management with app performance optimization. Additionally, one must know about structures and libraries and manage React Native, React Router, Context API, MobX and more.
  • Flexible learning curve: React mostly features exceptional community support. It comes with the finest libraries for web development that undergo enormous changes on a regular basis. Moreover, the developer can learn technology updates by considering interpersonal skills along with efficient communication, failure, change management, creative exposure and other constructive feedback.
  • React basics and styling methods: Any professional developer knows about creating react apps and their applications. They should know about CSS technologies, including SCSS, LESS, SASS and other pre-processors. The developers should know the technologies like CSS framework such as Bootstrap and Material UI used for styling react components.
  • Sprint planning: When choosing to hire React developers, one needs to make sure they can plan workflow and finish tasks based on the deadline assigned. In short, hire ReactJS developers who are experts in sprint planning. They must be capable of dealing with task management and share the advancement of your project sprints.
  • Js build tools: One should look for the best ReactS front-end developers who are well-versed in various JS tools, Redux DevTools and other such tools. The team should be experienced in maximizing the React library that deals with newly built tools like Studio code, Webpack, Yarn etc.

Apart from above skills, you should also consider interpersonal skills with acceptance of failure, teamwork, efficient communication, time management, creative thinking and being open to all challenges.

Why hire ReactJS developers from Agile Infoways?

We are front-end ReactJS experts with excellent experience in utilizing exceptional features of ReactJS like faster rendering, code reusability and delivering highly scalable and performance-oriented web app projects. Choose to hire dedicated ReactJs developer from Agile Infoways and avail top-notch ReactJS solutions that covers:

  • On-Time Delivery Assurance
  • Maintained Coding Standards
  • End-to-End Project Support
  • IP Rights & Source Code Authorization
  • Excellent Communication
  • Flexible Hiring Models

Hire dedicated ReactJS developers in 3 easy steps

1: Discuss your Requirements with us

2: Appoint Dedicated Professionals

3: Complete on-time Delivery

Wrap up

In this post, we have discussed the skill one needs to look into to hire a dedicated ReactJS developer. To recap, one needs someone who has basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JSX, Node+npm, Git and redux. Additionally, you need to look into the technical skills before hiring a ReactJS expert. At last do a bit of research on the ReactJS development company from where you’re hiring developers.

Alternatively, you can choose Agile Infoways for using the best ReactJS development services or to hire a ReactJS expert and pick your own team. So at the end, what do you prefer, expending time, effort and energy into carrying out the hiring yourself or do you want to get expert professionals of ReactJS for startup or team of ReactJS for web development? Choice is yours, what you choose.

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