The growing demand for a programming language increases with the growing industry. The demand can make it confusing, as finding the most promising programming language can be challenging. Mainly there are nearly 700 languages used in programming, and back in 1945, new languages were born. If we look at the data available online to determine which language is here to stay and will grow in the future, here in this article, we have listed a few top programming languages best suitable for you.


It’s one of the standard languages to support front-end web-based solutions. Several companies use JS for SMEs and Large-scale corporations. Few companies like Google, PayPal, and Microsoft use JavaScript for easier implementation. The JS Job market is growing with the opening of over 40,000 all over the various platforms. Java is a widely used modern web platform to offer client-side as well as server-side language. It comes with many features such as prototype-based object orientation, dynamic programming, and first-class functions. One can use JavaScript to add interactivity to web pages and help in creating animations.


Java language is one of the ground-breaking languages in software development. It started in 1991 with the purpose to unite different platforms under the same codebase. Several companies are using Java technology as it’s one of the best enterprise application development. Companies like HCL, IBM, Infosys, and many more use Java to perform better. Nearly 35,000 current job opportunities are available in the various job portals. Java comes with a robust learning community and guaranteed to be a write-once and run-anywhere language. Java is used to create complete applications running on a single computer and distribute them among servers and clients in a network.

Understand the Essential Tools for Java Development


Python comes with two signature features like readability and syntax-wise simple. Its two eco-system of framework and libraries with Python are unmatched. Python is hot in the artificial intelligence and machine learning market. It’s used mainly by Apple to support Siri and FaceID, which are deployed by Amazon as a backbone of the personalized engine. Nearly 25,000 job openings are available in various platforms. It supports object-oriented programming and provides dynamic memory allocation. It’s one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. It’s used for data analytics, machine learning, and design. One can learn about essential numeric, string, and Boolean types while learning about Python.


C# is one of the best multi-purpose technologies mainly used as gaming and virtual reality platform. It’s used by many big bosses like Amazon, Microsoft, CiS, and many more uses C# to build solutions. It’s a complex language for beginners with no OOP experience. Few developers use the first technology to build modern software applications for the web, windows, and mobile. It’s mainly used for developing desktop applications, web services, and web applications. It’s relatively better than Java as it supports both reference type and value type user-defined type for the user.


C++ offers developers for its versatility and high-performing speed. It’s a language used to build gaming applications like Star Wars, Assassin’s Creed, and others. It offers a popular topic for discussion on stack overflow and provides a rich set of library functions. Since 2011, C + + has delivered a standing committee for a spin-up of the wheel. It’s still one of the most complex programming languages that are used widely among several organizations. Moreover, C++ has added much newer features in the latest versions of the language.  If you’re interested in using this modern C++ in your project, connect to our developers and get the best outcome.


PHP is one of the famous and frequently used worldwide scripting languages which supports nearly 24% of global websites. Many companies use PHP to scale high-traffic products like Yahoo, Mailchimp, Facebook, and many more. It’s used for designing dynamic web applications using MySQL databases. It handles dynamic content and a database for tracking sessions for the website. It can access cookies and can set cookies. PHP holds nearly 89% of the web as it’s an easy programming language that offers an easy learning approach to the learner.


C is syntactically similar to C++, and that’s why software development often helps to build operating systems embedded with GUI and other programming platforms. The most popular companies like Telegram, Mozilla Firefox, GitHub, Mastercard, and many more tech stack use C to increase their business. Based on the stack overflow survey, 22% of developers use the C language. It’s a strong language with a rich set of built-in functions and can be used in any complex program.

Wrap up

In the year 2021, coders have expected no major surprises regarding the dominant programming language. The above technologies are ultimately the most popular by the end of the year and depend on the types of apps and applications it demands. Currently, the case for artificial intelligence and data science is strong enough to beat the modern market. If you’re looking to hire an app developer or web developer, then we can provide professional expertise to offer the best suitable features based on your requirement.

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