For web application development to create rich feature apps rich app for business increment. Nonetheless, if your web designers are knowledgeable about the most recent web improvement systems, one can assist for App development company.

To make a client satisfied with all required app functions is what a service provider wish by means of WordPress sites that are anything but difficult to utilize.

Here are the 9 web development frameworks to discuss!

1. Laravel Web Development

From the time when PHP became a popular programming language, hire Laravel web developers is in demand., Fox47, and Yulair are well-liked websites that use Laravel behind the prospect.

  • One of the flexible framework to develop a backend web application.
  • An open-source PHP web framework proposed to generate an MVC architecture design.
  • A modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager by Laravel development company.
  • Utilities that aid to operate and maintain applications helps to access databases. 
  • Bit expensive along with the safety & security features to match a line as expected.

2. AngularJS Web Development

A framework that raises the development for the web like PayPal, Netflix, and more as being more popular is AngularJS web development. Since AngularJS is a Google product, it holding the top position among web development frameworks is no surprise at all.

  • An open-source JavaScript framework.
  • It is designed for single-page web applications using MVC architectures.
  • However, it is not a full-stack, but a front-end framework managing your web pages.

3. ReactJS Web Development

It is a framework that is extensively used for developing user interfaces for web applications. To improve the processing of rendering, animation, layout, and gestures, ReactJS developers are working on Fiber (an implementation of the React core algorithm). Applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and many others are made by React.js web development company.

  • A popular open source JavaScript library.
  • Best to build & manage the app with a large database.
  • It is maintained by the team at Facebook and a large dev community.

4. Nodejs Web Development

Node.js for web development is a complete environment for application as a framework. Due to its ability for application development like creating a network, it became favorite a framework in no time.  

  • For fast & scalable application.
  • Exhibiting strong performance in managing a large integer of connections.

If you are seeking for a whole JavaScript environment with tools that are required, hire Node.js developers as a priority. Application created by using Node.js are Uber, LinkedIn,  and many others.

5. Ruby on Rails Web Development

  • It is known for two main reasons: easy to use and zero by cost.
  • RoR framework is enormous for beginners and it is the best way to transit project from the planning till execution.
  • Well-known and huge business uses Ruby on Rails for their products like Airbnb, Base Camp, and Hulu.

6. Codeigniter Web Development

Unique features are MVC architecture, no server requirements, built-in libraries, security tools, easy installation, etc. Hire Codeigniter app developers for your business web application with MNC build structure.

  • A framework that is known for its small footprint is Codeigniter for web application development.
  • Unlike other frameworks, Codeigniter is that’s hassle-free to install.
  • It is a lightweight and straightforward PHP framework.
  • Ideal for beginners due to easy and simple in setup process and highly illustrated documentation.
  • Codeigniter is considerably faster.
  • Preferable for dynamic website development.

7. WordPress Web Development

  • Radiant WordPress Plugin Development
  • A variety of WordPress Development Services
  • Provides Custom Extensions
  • Custom WordPress Themes designing and development
  • WordPress Implementation & Installation
  • WordPress Maintenance & Support

8. CakePHP Web Development

CakePHP will help the user to have a web application with functionality that impresses. Some key features comprise a fast build, modern framework, validation, proper class inheritance, many support portals and more.

  • One of the easiest framework to learn and operate.
  • Even easy to use with the simple installation process.
  • It has great documentation to manage workflow.
  • Comes with in-built Security feature so good for commercial applications.
  • Elegant toolkit with easy steps for beginners.

9. Magento Web Development

One should know the framework to choose for a particular web development that assists with the quality support system. If you are looking for a retail website, hire Magento Developers to guide you for choosing framework thoroughly to figure out whether it is equivalent to your business goal for a long time.  Magento Website development is most popular for creating e-commerce website.

  • To choose frameworks that are future-proof.
  • It is an open-source framework to build the versatile web application.
  • People recommend it as an alternative to building everything from scratch.

Now you must be wondering as which PHP framework is right for your business?

Firstly, make sure with the development process & language as per business needs. Followed by that, find the outcomes of using PHP frameworks that are going to simplify the development with pre-defined time. Frameworks are going to vary as per its strengths and weaknesses. So, look for terms of community, implementation, minimum workload, documentation, and the database they are going to support.

Know more about the Latest Technology trends in web development 2022

Agile Infoways is known for its experience into website development applications that specialization for custom software and custom web applications to lead your business high. Yes, we are familiar with a range of different frameworks for a unique application offering functionalities such as the ones mentioned in the top.


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