It was 1983 when the Internet was born, and currently, it has 5 billion daily users. With passing decades, website development evolved and kept on updating new web development trends. If one fails to keep up with the trends, it results in severe consequences for website performance. Developing and maintaining your websites based on ongoing trends can help you to stand apart from the crowd.

We know that technology evolves as humans, and they need to find ways to innovate, work on doing things faster and keep on working in web development. Web developers are always looking for ways to discover new technologies and a brighter future. The companies are offering new opportunities to entrepreneurs and want to engage more audiences. This article’ll share a few top web development trends to follow in 2022. Let’s study each in brief.

Top web development trends to follow in 2022

The famous billionaire “Mark Zuckerberg” once said, we need to figure out what the next big trend is coming, and we need to focus on that. To do this, save your time and grow your business in a new decade by collecting further information regarding top web development trends that one needs to be aware of.

Voice search

We experience the beginning of the voice search era, where the smartphone is already equipped with a digital voice assistant. It comes with smart speakers that power AI along with gaining popularity. The main reason behind the voice interface is the ease of use and affordability. We don’t have to learn communication as it can be learnt through a voice interface. While digital voice assistants are a commonly known feature that smart devices use. The report also says that nearly 37% have started using voice assistants.  

Web assembly

When building a web app comes with performance pressure and limitations, which may affect user experience. The most popular games and other powerful applications can be available as native desktop app. The Web assembly is here to change the game, where it comes with a new format that aims for native-like performance among web apps. Additionally, the code used in a programming language can easily be compiled into bytecode.

Data security

People are found using digital technology a lot, for which there are chances of data leakage. The more data uses web app processes, the more attractive it looks to cybercriminals. The main reason for the hackers is to spoil the services and steal the user data. It causes harm to your reputation and causes damage to user data. It comes with several security services, which are a top priority and keep the data safe in the following year. We need to protect our data and run optimized components based on our needs in this digital transformation world. Few tips add, never neglect the security testing, use website monitoring tools, encrypt sensitive data, choose third-party services with AI cybersecurity.

Content personalization through machine learning

AI and machine learning (ML) and other activities use the Internet without even recognizing it. Machine learning (ML) provides an improved experience where machine learning can improve performance without any direct developer input. Additionally, software analyses come with incoming data, detect patterns while deciding to enhance its work. A few examples are that we can use chatbots, engines, and SaaS tools that help employees make life easier.


The app development story started from tablets, smartphones, and laptops, and now we can’t even imagine life without them. Furthermore, smart devices, smartwatches, and components of IoT systems have gained striking popularity. Also, the app is so user-friendly that they offer multi-experience to users with making an app pass through every development phrases. The main point here is that it helps the app look good and adds value to any device in the same engaging and valuable way.


Progressive Web App is a web page that helps to replicate and give a native mobile experience. It works super fast and supports interactions that allow users to get an everlasting experience. The eCommerce web apps use this tech to give the best user browsing experience. In contrast, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) works for static content with loading HTML faster. Also, AMP uses fancy elements that work best for text, images, etc. Whether we use PWA or AMP, one should consider using these technologies and deliver an extraordinary experience to the user by improving search ranking.

Check Ultimate Guide to Progressive Web Apps

Micro frontends

The microservices had developed a unique architecture that won the software developer’s preference. Unlike this heavy and old-fashioned backend, an excellent development style of a trend offers scalability and flexibility. It still comes with complications, but startups and other companies can quickly deal with it. Micro-frontends create an opportunity to work with several autonomous teams where engineers develop apps faster, grow their work scope, and deploy components independently. People also prefer using the flutter development toolkit as backend technology to help to create excellent web solutions. If you’re looking to develop the best flutter app, choose us and get a customized backend.

Motion UI

It is one of the most trending web development tools designed and coupled with sophisticated interactions with good looks. It drew attention by displaying a unique style and entertaining the user with improving human behaviour. Motion UI design increases engagement and offers excellent UI/UX web app and adapt motion UI techniques. It helps to demonstrate the relations between different components of an app. Choose the best web development companies who’ll guide you in selecting the technology that better suits your needs.

API first development

Web solutions need to be prepared for connectivity and consider using the rise of mobiles, wearable and other devices which integrate. Additionally, the tendency for API-first development uses a traditional approach and comes with a side project that is well-designed and tested. The best solution is by using API first development that works faster compared to other trends.

SPAs for app development

SPA (single page application) comes with the established concept to continue using the application. Also, the waiting for pages loads when browsing online at times annoys the user. We find companies such as Facebook, Google which provide clear examples for SPA functions. With JavaScript-based frameworks and active online users, SPA adoption continues to work upon these companies.


Based on Internet World Stats, 90% of the population rises, and usage continues to increase. The Internet has changed education, healthcare, management, and other ways to interact with friends. It increases the impact of the Internet on our lives, making it possible to start using IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is one of the most powerful web development trends used to connect home devices and other accessible devices via phone. Check below stats that show IoT devices will reach nearly 40 billion by 2025.

Wrap up

If you have decided to update your web product for 2022, it’s good to start working on it now. Use the above modern web development trend and consider which one suits your needs better. If you’re seeking the best web development companies, here we are. Choose Agile Infoways to use the best web development services.


1) How to find the latest web development trends?

Analyze the market demand for various fields of the IT industry. Do check the platform they work on and add them to your filtered list of companies.

2) What are the best web development trends?

There are mainly four web development trending in the market currently, they are:

  • PWA (Progressive web apps)
  • Voice search optimization
  • Motion UI
  • API First Development

3) What is the future of web development?

The future of web technologies is very high. It uses impressive tech like PWA, SPA, and more it helps to adopt general features that can be used with time.

4) What is the most critical factor in choosing a web development technology stack?

One can consider the project size, complexity, and feature set along with understanding the network bandwidth, SEO requirements, and another effect of tech stack choice.

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