Choosing a mobile app development tool can work as a one-time investment. If the tool used by you is good, then you’ll get benefits in the long run. Also, one can make a new investment strategy using various technology changes in the future. Mobile App development is an app that runs on a mobile device like tablet and smartphone. The mobile app provides users services that can access PC for online banking, viewing calendar, and accessing mail.

Moreover, mobile apps are referred to as web apps, online apps, smartphone apps, or iPhone apps. One of the Forrester Research said Mobile app dev tools are like paintbrushes for an artist that comes down to personal preference. Now that we are looking to understand what exactly is a mobile app and what are the best mobile app development tools available.

Top Mobile App Development Tools

We know that Mobile app development tools play an essential role in the fate of a mobile app. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose the tool after a rigorous process. To get an easier process, we have created a list of mobile app development tools and key features and strengths.

1) Xamarin

Yet, we haven’t found any better than Xamarin that helps to build native apps. As it’s a Microsoft product, you’ll always be safe and secure against service termination, critical threats, and technology updates. Also, nearly 1.4 million developers use Xamarin, which means their crucial challenge in building your mobile app development team.

Why choose Xamarin for Mobile app development?

  • The application used in indexing and deep linking.
  • Offers platform-specific IntelliSense with making coding more accessible.
  • Have the ability to create high-performance shared libraries.
  • Uses a Mono framework that exposes 100% of native APIs to allow users to use its device capabilities.

Understand The difference between PhoneGap vs Titanium vs Xamarin vs Native Apps

2) Appcelerator

Several companies prefer to use Appcelerator to build both native cross-platform applications. We can say developers love using this tool as it needs very coding to develop mobile applications. Among many mobile app development services, Appcelerator comes with platform-specific features, UI and APIs. It’s an open mobile marketplace where developers and users sell or share templates, modules, and extensions.

Why choose the Appcelerator app development tool?

  • The app is written in JavaScript and is one of the best programming languages. As a result, mobile app development companies can get easy access to the immense talent pool.
  • Get good support for any new OS release.
  • Get direct access to a platform-specific API that uses JavaScript.  
  • Create dynamic animation with adding effects to your app.
  • 70-90% code can be reduced on the different mobile device platforms.

3) Sencha

It’s one of the rapid mobile app development tools used to create a native app. Sencha is compatible with the latest version of Android, iOS, and Blackberry. It is the most suitable tool used for building enterprise applications. It is MVC based JavaScript framework that enables developers to use it through the touch of a finger and increase the responsiveness of the applications. The developers use code in HTML5 and then use it for iOS or Android applications.

Why choose Sencha for mobile app development?

  • More than 115 supported components integrate with a wide range of frameworks like FOSS, Angular, and more.
  • Helps in reducing dependencies on multiple versions and libraries.
  • Provides end-to-end testing solutions for EXT JS.
  • Offer good community strength.

4) Framework 7

It’s a framework used to create a native iPhone application that supports Android Apps. Framework 7 is an open-source, mobile HTML framework that’s easy to understand and build native apps faster. Mainly it’s focused on iOS and is not compatible with all platforms.

Why choose Framework 7?

  • It works with a simple HTML layout attached with JS files and CSS framework.
  • There’s a wide range of UI ready-to-use elements and widgets available like list view, media list, form elements, modals, etc.
  • There’s iOS specific UI elements visualization, touch interaction, and animations available.
  • It comes with the ability to introduce custom styles to your applications.
  • It supports iOS swipe action from the left border of the screen.
  • It enhanced the video ad experience by partnering with VI.

5) Ionic

Talking about one of the best mobile app development tools, Ionic is a complete open-source SDK used to build a hybrid application using HTML5, CSS, and SASS. It’s used in making a mobile application on Ionic where the app developer can directly send the release update to the users. Moreover, app delivery is much easier with ionic and does not need any unique talent. Using automation capabilities, a developer can quickly deploy fixes and features to increase mobile app development speed.

Why choose the Ionic app development tool?

  • It comes with the ability to automate workflow from native binary that builds to QA.
  • It comes with a central shared dashboard that comes with live activity feeds.
  • It delivers app updates, content changes, bug fixes without requiring MDM approval or waiting for app store approval.
  • Uses Industry-specific defaults with pre-built workflows to automate development tasks.

Find Here Future with Ionic App Development

Wrapping Up

You’ll find various mobile app development tools, and choosing one from them might be a tougher job. Therefore, as one of the best mobile app development service providers, we guide you to seek the best mobile app tool for your project. Create a set of requirements and compare it with other tools. If this does sound good to you or confuses you, seek help from a mobile app development company or can hire a mobile app developer who better understands the tool and your requirement.

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