Ionic evolved as a framework for an ecosystem. Initially, it started as a JS framework for developing a Hybrid Mobile App front-end. But later it comes a long way, and there’s more to come. It’s a platform to empower next-gen Mobile Apps through web technologies and using cloud services.

Ionic development services enable to the creation of a mobile-based application for iOS, Windows, and Android Phones using the same codebase. It allows creating a hybrid mobile application and uses languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, TypeScript, and Angular. Mainly it’s a collection of components that provides the functionality of a mobile platform. Ionic app development comes with a command line to save the coding efforts and develop the application.

Features of Ionic

We’ll find several ionic features for the Ionic framework that provides help to developers. A few of them are listed below:

  • Platform Independent Framework

Ionic is a platform that provides a native look and feel. No need to change the code as it works on mobile-optimized web components. Ionic works on mobile-optimized web components and offers a robust structure that reduces the cost.

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

There are a variety of mobiles available with different operating systems. If we are developing a mobile application, then make sure it’s compatible with all operating systems. The ionic platform comes with the same codebase and allows developers to create applications that work well for all mobile devices and provide a unified look and feel.

  • Default User Interface

Ionic comes with default CSS and JS parts which allow developers to create mobile applications. The default design covers most aspects and adds new features to predefined CSS classes based on their needs.

  • Cordova Plugins

The ionic framework supports plugins for development. The Cordova plugins help designers to provide access to different components. It allows you to add attractive features to your application and use it to create an ideal mobile application.

  • AngularJS based

One of the most preferred frameworks is Angular. It provides a Cordova plugin that helps designers to access different components. It allows you to add attractive features to your application and offers an ideal solution with the Ionic Framework.

  • Elegant Designs Creation

It helps to provide an ionic framework where a developer creates robust and simple designs. It comes with several customized themes and offers an excellent user interface to attract the audience towards the application.

  • High-Performance

The ionic framework comes with a friendly environment to run on mobile devices. Users can use components to speed up mobile performance.

  • Native Experience

Get interactive mobile applications using native experience with the inclusion of the best components. The framework provides benefits of the open web when considering enterprise applications.

  • Extended Technology

The ionic framework comes with future-proof technology. It means whenever you want to make changes to your code or want to customize any components, and then it’s done quickly using web technology.

  • Powerful Extension

Get a variety of plugins supported by Ionic to fulfill complex business requirements. The plugins have the power to make your mobile and web application future-ready. Users can embed as many user-friendly features as they want.

Which is a better option? Ionic or React Native

How is the Ionic Framework different from other Mobile Development platforms?

There are several hybrid platforms available, and choosing the right from the list is a tough job. Whereas, it’s essential to build an interactive application. Ionic works are great with most start-ups and even large businesses. Some of the alternatives are Titanium, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and many more. Each comes with different features. Check some of the other reasons why Ionic is better:

  • Improved Speed

If you’re developing a mobile application, then it should support all the latest devices and platforms. The ionic framework ensures compatibility and high speed. Design apps that are highly robust and optimized.  

  • Interactive User Interface

Businesses create high-end interactive mobile applications with fewer efforts. It offers predefined components that use and reuse many parts to increase the interactivity. Enable CLI and build applications using a single command with a variety of plugins.

  • Great Ionic and Angular Combination

It’s a great combination of Angular and Ionic to create mobile applications. Angular comes with a base for the Ionic framework and offers interaction with backend web services.

Things to know for building PWA by using Ionic, React and Angular

Pros of Ionic Development

  • Single codebase across various platforms

Firstly, Ionic was built on Angular framework and Apache Cordova. At the same time, the latest version of Ionic offers framework capabilities. It allows us to build mobile applications without hiring native developers. It leverages web skills to create fully-functional applications.

  • Popular Technologies and Ease of Learning

Web technologies are widely spread, and JavaScript is the most popular programming language. Ionic is considered as an easy to learn tool where a developer can grasp the basics and choose between the web framework. Develop a custom one for specific functionality with hiring Android or iOS developers.              

  • Wide range of Integration capabilities and plugins

If the user feels that they aren’t getting enough from the Ionic application, then one can always integrate it with numerous tools. Add several plugins to integrate with a device’s hardware. Keep in mind that few plugins available are part of the Enterprise version of Ionic.

  • Extensive choice of UI elements with quick prototyping

The old version of Ionic has already proven to be efficient in mimicking the look and feel of native applications. The components used are ready-made elements to construct a graphic user interface. It consists of two parts which broke into actual visual aspects of GUI and its functionality.

  • Testing Convenience

Testing is more convenient as it’s used in the testing device and ensures everything runs smoothly. The same applies to varieties of mobile devices in the modern world. Angular CLI is used to test older versions while Ionic CLI is suitable for web components testing. Therefore, the testing device is much needed to test native functionality.

Want to build mobile application with native app development 

  • Concise Documentation

The documentation described here covers every useful topic on what component of Ionic is. Look for a guide that comes with tasks on configuring, installing, and fine-tuning instruments used with Ionic.

  • Strong Community

With more than 5 million developers helps in building a strong community and take care of the accessibility of tools for the users. But all frameworks have their weakness, check below.

Cons of Ionic Development

  • Lacks Suitability

When it comes to rendering the application, it lacks suitability. Ionic takes several steps to start showing the image on the screen. The more we put in, the greater the loading time.

  • Plugin dependent system

Whenever an application is built with Ionic, we are bound to use plugins to access native functionality. With an overall number of ready-made plugins, it’s easy to find a package to implement the needed functionality.

  • Absence in Hot Reloading

There are a couple of techniques that add additional changes to your code. Hot reloading is a standard feature in software engineering. It allows for applying changes without reloading the whole app. Ionic takes time to get used to it and doesn’t provide hot reloading instead use live reloading.

  • Application Size

The issue is not that important, but as the application uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, it makes the app heavier than native ones. The problem is real for Ionic version 3, but in version 4 it was partially solved.

Summing up

For any business, there are excellent and wrong tools. One needs to figure out which device is tailored best to solve specific tasks. Here in the Ionic framework, the job solves the applications development across the various platforms utilizing well-known technologies. Get help from an ionic mobile app development company, use ionic mobile app development services with saving time, budget, and effort in development.

Get an effective guide to cross-platform mobile app development

At Agile Infoways, we have the best development team with substantial Angular framework expertise. Hire dedicated ionic app developer and build a high-performing application. Keep in mind that nothing can beat the native application in terms of performance and user experience.

In the end, priorities dictate your choice of which tool to choose and which editor to use for the development.

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