The study has shown that mobile vs desktop users shows half of the internet traffic that comes from mobile devices. There are almost 80% of smartphone users who purchased online using a mobile device. A standard approach is used where companies take native app development for easy and cost-effective development. A developer needs to use different tools for different platforms. For example, AndroidiOS and Windows will need multiple codebases and design UI/UX for each platform.

It is the days when most of them are choosing cross-platform development. A large number of frameworks are available, and most preferred are PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin, and Native. Today the entire procedure is time-consuming and leads to complexity. With using this cross-platform app, we can get flexibility and native mobile apps. Make use of the platform that has usable and shareable code.

An overview of PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an open-source, cross-platform tool that builds apps with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Mainly, it’s a collection of HTML pages that integrate into a native app shell with moving to the native platform via APIs. A lot of HTML pages are in native applications that render over the native platform and with native APIs. Phone Gap works alongside Ionic, jQuery Mobile, and Backbone.js. The platform keeps the files in the cloud-based service from where you can accumulate numerous applications and operating systems to have set up SDKs of each platform.

PhoneGap Basics

  • Platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry
  • Programming Languages: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
  • Free or Paid: It comes with free and paid plan to provide enhanced data
  • User Interface: Add native features with web UI. Have recourses with knowledge of Java/Swift
  • Augmented Reality: Some developers create applications and project 3D and 2D images with AR plugins
  • Device API access: Local database access, camera, HTML5 geolocation, plus gadget API access with standard web support.
  • Companies that use PhoneGap: Sony, IBM, Mozilla, Tripcase, Intel, Untapped and Sworkit

Advantage of PhoneGap

  • Compatible on all platforms
  • Easier Development
  • Two-Fold Benefits
  • Tapping into the device’s hardware

Disadvantage of PhoneGap

  • Do not support all functionalities
  • It can be inefficient sometimes
  • Performance is a little subdued when compared to apps developed for individual platforms

An Overview of Titanium

Titanium developers create an application writing JavaScript called Titanium’s APIs. The UI application is entirely native, and there’s no web UI use in-app since native Titanium APIs take over control of UI needs. The JavaScript is called Titanium API which is mapped with native code and generates native components. It provides excellent performance while having a simple and powerful API. The platform gives access to most interface elements, either iOS, and Android.

Titanium Basics

  • Platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry
  • Programming Languages: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
  • Free or Paid: It comes with free and paid plan to provide enhanced data
  • Device API access: Custom modules and Titanium API
  • Companies that use Titanium: eBay, PayPal, etc.

Advantages of Titanium

  • Offers Rapid Prototyping
  • Web-Oriented Technologies
  • JavaScript Support
  • Growing Community

Disadvantage of Titanium

  • Complexity increases
  • No Freemium
  • ToolKit Pain
  • Flexibility Limitations

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An Overview of Xamarin

Xamarin is a cross-platform tool which creates native codes using C# within the .net framework. Make uses of native APIs and UI for the various platforms as it comes with GUI features. It writes applications in shared mutual UI, and you can change them into a particular platform using specific apps. Hire Xamarin developer to create a rich portfolio.

Xamarin Basics

  • Free or Paid: Open-source
  • Device API Access: Can access completely with native abilities
  • Platforms: Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS
  • Design Pattern Supported: MVC, MVVM
  • IDE: Xamarin Studio, make use of the visual studio for development
  • Companies using Xamarin: Foursquare, GitHub, Microsoft

Advantages of Xamarin

  • Fast App Development Cycle
  • Getting the best of C#
  • RMAD for businesses
  • Native User Experiences
  • Shared App Code
  • API Integration Flexibility
  • Riddance from Hardware Compatibility issues

Disadvantages of Xamarin

  • Inevitable software overheads
  • Time-consuming nature of UI Development
  • Issues of App file size

An Overview of Native Apps

A native application can use Xcode for the official toolset, which is provided by Mac and iOS development. The native applications allow using all device capabilities that are missing in other third-party APIs. Native has different syntax other than traditional programming languages like Java and C++. Get excellent performance for the application when programming is done using Native SDKs. Hire a Native App developer to meet your expectations.

The native mobile app can be downloaded from an app store and added to your home screen, choose the right platform by looking at the difference from PWA vs Hybrid vs Native app to create a portable application.  

Native Basics

  • Free or Paid: Open-source
  • Device API Access: Can access completely with native abilities
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • IDE: Apache Cordova, WebStorm, atom
  • Companies using Native Apps: Myntra, UberEats, Instagram, Facebook, AirBnB

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Advantage of Native Apps

  • Native Apps offers speed
  • Native Apps work offline
  • Native Apps provide a recognizable look and feel

Disadvantage of Native Apps

  • No Flexibility
  • Expensive Development
  • Time-consuming process

The Final Say

To conclude, each platform has its top and wrong sides. So, choose the one that best serves the purpose. At a certain point, there would be a requirement of performance at others; cost may have to be given prime importance. It’s just that one is better in certain aspects while others are not. Each development platform is the right choice. You must only know what your real requirements are.

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