Gone are the days when you have to wave for taxis. It makes you frustrated while waiting for a cab for so long. To stop this globalization, we have adopted new modes of technical advancement.

Presently, smartphones have simplified our work by adding on-demand taxi booking app development services. A lot of taxi booking apps are available in the market and which allow us to book a taxi in a few minutes easily. Within no time your booked taxi will come to pick you up at your doorstep.

Sounds cool, isn’t it? Moreover, you do not need to guide the driver for the route. You simply need to enter your location and destination while booking. The online taxi booking app has become significant transportation offered by great minds. With these on-demand app development solutions, several mobile app development companies are growing their revenue with increased competition.

To overcome this dilemma, we have listed the Top features for on-demand taxi booking app development.

Basic Taxi Booking App Features

Must-Have Taxi Booking App Features

  • For Drivers:
  1. In-App Metering: Here, the driver and passenger can view the in-app meter, which shows the exact fare at the end of the ride. The application records the distance traveled using the GPS signal of the vehicle.
  2. Driver Switch for Availability: With turning on and off in the app, the driver can show his availability for the ride. So, when the driver needs a break, he can turn off the taxi booking app.
  • For Passengers
  1. In-App Address book: Sometimes it becomes hectic to fill in a complete address while booking a ride. The best solution is the rider can save the frequently traveled address in the address book.
  2. 24×7 Service Support: The passenger can use customer support service using call, messaging, and get answers to their query anytime.
  • For Admins
  1. God’s Eye View: The feature helps users to look at every aspect of their business from passengers or driver’s registration to the payment process.
  2. Instant chat Support with App Developers: Admin will get 24×7 chat support for any query where the app developers will be at your service at any moment.

Do you know how apps for modern women of the 21st-century work?

Why should any taxi businesses invest in Branded Taxi App Development?

Based on Forbes research, Uber has managed five billion rides in 2019 and is expected to increase its number soon. Today customers are using mobile apps to locate nearby cab booking services and book at a tap of the finger. If you’re convinced that your taxi business requires a mobile app, then dive in to know more about its benefits:

  • Increased Visibility

As more users are using mobile phones to carry out regular activities, it becomes essential to go with the flow. Customers are finding it easy to book a cab through a mobile app. Now connect with a greater audience and give your taxi business more visibility.

  • Getting Customer Feedback

If you’re looking to deliver excellent services, then get feedback from customers. The customer’s response will help you understand the areas in your business that need improvement. Your ultimate business goal should satisfy customers by offering the best possible services.

  • Allows Real-Time Tracking of Location

Currently, on-demand apps like Uber and Ola are using real-time tracking and monitoring. The feature helps customers to track the exact location of the driver. It provides an estimated time for taxi arrival and the correct place to pick up the passenger.

  • Auto-Pilot Mode Aids

Today, taxi apps have revolutionized the taxi business by moving on with auto-pilot mode. Using this feature operator does not have to look for passengers anymore. The on-demand app will give details of the cab, payment information, and other driver details.

  • Creating a Credible Brand

We can call brand awareness the recipe for growing business. Talking about Uber, it operates in 83 countries and over 670 cities across the world. The company is very successful and has created a brand name all around. Develop a mobile application and broader your audience by enhancing your credibility and visibility.

  • Monitoring Efficiency

Any mobile app allows monitoring the driver’s performance with ease. The behavior of the driver will offer customer satisfaction as well as offer vehicle utilization. Few drivers offer speed driving and harsh braking. Using these drivers, you can get safety tips for the driver to reduce accidents and improve performance.

  • Collect Valuable Customer Information

Give your customer quality services and understand the taste and preferences. The taxi app development will allow us to gather valuable user information. The user data will include location, contact information, and call data between users and drivers.

  • Increased Profits

Increase profit by cutting the cost of paying a commission and grow your business widely.

Before developing an application, you need to choose the best suitable platform for you. If confused check below programming languages for Android App Development

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand taxi mobile app solution?

Well, the cost depends on a lot of factors, and there are no certain features that are commonly used in all applications. Some apps can accept online payment, which needs payment gateway integration. The user has to create a profile by logging into the app. Later, the system will send a notification to the driver and passenger for further communication. Check below a few pointers

Real-time Location

The on-demand apps mostly use active internet connections making them easy to access by the users. Using location, one can track the vehicle’s movement and enable navigations. If you want to add this feature, hire android developers who will use android framework location APIs. The process will take 140 hours to integrate routing and geolocation.

Payment Gateway Integration

Recently, Android Pay and Apple Pay are used in taxi apps. Also, the user can pay with a credit card, wallet, and other third-party tools. Here the payment gateway will save information like card details and other transactions. It might take a longer time to add this feature as it’s a bit risky if the data goes in the wrong hand. The job may take 110 hours for gateway integration.

Sessions and Authorizations

Online payment cannot work without this. So, it’s essential to log in via email and phone number. The customer review is a core to a taxi solution. The authentication is a one-time process on the apps.


For communication push notification is sent from passenger to driver and vice-versa. Passengers will share pick-up and drop locations with the driver. Later the app will send SMS to passengers with a booking number and waiting time along with driver details. This feature will take nearly 60-80 hours of development time.


Jumping directly to Cost, then minimum time with fundamental features can be calculated based on developing time. It depends on the features you want to add to your on-demand application. If you’re looking for Yellow Taxi then on average it costs $30-35K. 

Take Away

Today, Taxi Mobile Apps have become essential for any taxi business. The apps do come with several benefits that add understanding of market trends, offer customer satisfaction, and enlighten service delivery. Developing an uber clone can be a perfect solution if you’re looking for a loyal customer.

Are you a startup, and looking to make your journey smooth? Try us. We are one of the best on-demand mobile app development companies that are ready to reap from the app.

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