iOS 15, no doubt, is going to bring a lot of new changes in the coming upgrade. Unlike iOS 14, which introduces core changes to Apple’s mobile platform, iOS 15 new features would target general refinement with improved user experience. Apple lists dozens of improvements in Siri, Search, iCloud, FaceTime, Wallet, Maps, Privacy and more. However, running through the entire list, we would focus on the essential aspects that would define iOS 15.

New Ways to Focus

If you’re tired of an endless list of notifications on your iPhone, iOS 15 is here with new ways to help you focus and manage things easily. A notification summary allows checking unimportant alerts at specific times of the day. It is powered by on-device machine learning that quickly identifies your phone usage patterns and parses them.

A Fancier FaceTime

It’s one of the significant upgrades in iOS 15 that comes with services like Google Meet and Zoom. Similar to other features in the camera app, it keeps your face focused but blurs, putting a messy room in the background. One can create FaceTime links to share and invite others to Video chat. Links can join through Google Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge browser.

Live Text, Better Safari and Photo Memories

It comes with the coolest feature in iOS 15 that helps to upgrade your device’s computer vision technology. Point your camera app at anything with text, and you’ll get a text icon on the right bottom. The feature allows you to easily copy and paste to another app. If we find some phone number or address, this feature would link into and tap it. The Safari is now easily usable with one hand and can quickly swipe through tabs and group together.

Improved Maps

This is the improved version of Apple Maps, introduced in 2020 for countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal and Australia. And this has gotten more detailed with iOS 15. When driving, the maps would show highways, interchanging in 3D to get a better idea of exactly which lane one needs. Using this app, one gets details for medians, bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks.

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With SharePlay, one can share music, movies, Fitness workout and screen with anyone you’re FaceTiming with. This feature works best for you if you want to watch a movie with your long-distance partner while video chatting. One can Airplay the movie to your TV at the same time. The developers say you can stream apps that add services like ESPN+, Disney+, TikTok and more.

Shared with you

Choose the items to share with your friends using this “Shared with you” app. Let’s say if someone shares several photos of the trip you were part of, you can find them in the shared section of your photos app. If you have shared a news article, you can receive it in Apple News. “Shared with you” app allows sharing news, podcasts, TV, music and Safari.

Apple Music Voice Plan

Music streaming services are extended to the new subscription tier called Apple Music voice plan. Rather than looking for Apple music, one can look for this app and get access to 90 million songs with a variety of playlist and Apple music radio. The feature is compatible with your Airpods, iPhone, HomePod Mini and other Apple devices.


If you’re using Spotlight, the search bar pops up once you swipe down on the home screen. One will notice a fresh design adding more details such as information related to celebrities, movies and contacts. Also, users can search for photos by installing the app. Get access to this app right from the lock screen.

App Privacy Report

It can be available by heading to Setting > Privacy > Recent app activity, where the feature shows apps that can access the microphone, camera, location and photos in a seven days period. Highlight third-party domains so one can know where the data goes.


The service is available to anyone that subscribes to iCloud with no changes in price. It adds up the ability to generate one-off burner emails when signing up for the service on the web. It adds a feature called iCloud private relay that encrypts all internet traffic by leaving the device that no one has access to view the data.

Communication Safety in iMessage

This feature is here to protect the children from viewing and sharing photos that contain nudity. Apple added an iMessage safety feature, where if the child with an iPhone receives a sexual message, it becomes blurred with a warning message. The child receives the popup message, including blocking the contact and leaving the conversation with accessing the safety resources online.

Health App

Using Apple’s Health app, users can share data with family members. They can keep their eye on metrics and receive notifications for unusual trends with passing the time. If a specific medical location or vaccine centre does not support this feature, the user can download the record using a QR code and store it in the health app, which can be accessed whenever required.

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New Features

ProRes Video

If you have iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, iOS 15.1 records ProRes video that turns with heading to settings > camera > Formats > ProRes. You’ll see a ProRes option in the video tab in the camera app. The format above offers greater control when editing, but the file size is larger.


The weather app offers detailed graphics with adding background and precise changes to current weather conditions. It accesses the high-resolution weather maps.

iCloud Backup

One can get a temporary backup of data using iCloud. If you do not have enough storage, you aren’t required to transfer your data to a new iPhone.

Visual Lookup

Similar to google lens, one points the camera at plants, pets, and landmarks to get information about whatever you’re looking at.


Rather than scrolling through long messages, one can organize numerous images into a stack by swiping through. View all of them and tap on the collage icon to use iMessage.

Mail Privacy Protection

The feature prevents the sender from seeing if you opened an email that hides your location and IP address.

Find My

Users can find your AirPods Max or AirPods Pro using the My app features.

Digital Legacy

One use of this feature comes with sensitive data and personal information stored in iCloud that pass through assigned legacy contacts.

Hide My Email

If you subscribe to iCloud, one creates a unique email address in the Mail app. Users can keep their email addresses private when signing up for coupon codes, newsletters, apps and more.

Apple is positioning iOS 15 as a software update that aims to connect better with others. It focuses more on the task at hand with exploring more of the world around you. As promised, Apple will provide a user-friendly app private screen in the near future. If you’re looking for an upgrade to iOS 15 and have a much older phone, keep an eye on the new features coming in July.

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