The planet has seen several revolutions which have won over hearts, toppled economies and have become a part of history. If it were the kingdoms and the wars that took to form major influence over people, the 21st century boasts of the rise of technology and gadgets, gadgets which make life comfortable, gadgets which make distance disappear and gadgets which rewrite the very uses of the same.

When Mr. Jobs first introduced the world to an I-product, little did he realize the highs it would touch with the brand, Apple and how an entire community would come to be known as an ‘I-generation’. I-Phone X, the recently launched, highly successful version of I Phone came up with some really exciting features.

All Apps Must Support iPhone X Notch From July

One such feature which Apple rolled with the new version, I Phone X, was the Super Retina Display, which is still considered as one of the major milestones in the history of smartphones and will also define the nuances of the future of the smartphones. The Super Retina Display improves the contrast ratio in a better way giving the user an improved version of the display screen. The quintessential, regular screen underwent this change in the latest version. The screen size, which has been taken care of keeping the measurements well in mind, the OLED technology, the pixel size, and containment are just some of the qualities which make the Super Retina Display a huge success amongst the Smartphone users.

This very feature, is now being reconsidered and improved upon by Apple, there are regular update Apps for iPhone X. Apple recently let out the news regarding a possible update for the Super Retina Display which was on the cards for long and now it is mandatory that all apps must support iPhone X notch from July. This is keeping an eye on the security and the app update, which will improve the experience of using the product a much better.

Mandatory To Update iOS App Before July

In the first week of May itself, Apple announced that the users will have to update their apps before July, mandatorily. The decision comes after quite a while of speculation regarding the same. The recent news for the need of upgrading each and every application in the phone to match the quality of Super Retina Display doesn’t come as a surprise. This will also mean that the developer will have to rebuild the Apps such that it matches the features of the Super Retina Display. It also comes in the wake of the fact that the smartphone fraternity which consists of many brands imitating the feature. The Retina Display, which was first introduced with the launch of the IPad, has then been updated and improvised to give the Super Retina Display. This magnificent feature erases the boundaries of real-time and virtual vision of whatever we see. It adjusts to the range of the retina and gives us a feeling of reading a book or a newspaper.

The reason Apple is upgrading all its Apps to match the ability and quality of the Super Retina Display is to add to the innovative circle which the same boasts of. Thus, within July, all the I Phone X devices will have to comply with the rules and upgrade their Apps to meet the Super Retina Display feature. This isn’t the first time either that Apple has come up with an upgradation for a recently launched App or feature, but has done it in the past as well. This is a move to improve the experience of the users and to increase their fan base, with every passing day as the technology leaps ahead.

All App Updates Must Be Built With iOS 11 SDK

The brand and the tech-giant is also supposed to rope in and launch two to three new models of the I Phone, which will all be equipped with the Super Retina Display, making it one of the most crackling features, Apple has launched till date. Besides upgrading the Apps to match the feature and give a real-time experience to the users, Apple is also in the upfront about removing the outdated Applications or the ones which have negligible or very less use.

Apple, this time, has opted for stringent measures to ensure the compatibility level of I Phone X and the market it has created, as the base is increasing with every passing year and every launched project. IOS 11 is providing the users with a whole new App store which comes built with applications designed to give a renewed and a better, satisfying experience with minimal or nil grievances. By the first week of July, all the devices need to be in tune with the IOS 11 SDK updates so that it matches the display qualities, underlined by the tech-giants, and the same will make it stand out amongst the other smartphones, and once again ensure the supremacy of the brand.

When I Phone X was launched, there were speculations of Apple doing away with the Super Retina Display after the present model. However, the tables have turned in its favour and for the time being, Apple is considering to continue with the feature in all of its phones, henceforth, which is a clear indication of the brand wanting to remain on the top of the rest of them in the long run. Moreover, the reviews which make a considerable impact on the working of any product have also been in favour for this particular aspect. Various posts and videos on the social media platform have ensured an increasing number of people opting for the brand. The Super Retina Display, as described earlier in the article takes care of the vision aspects and gives one a feel of the real-time senses, rather than the digital screen that stares back at one’s face.

Be Informed

The update is not just a technical upgrading but also an imprint of the brand which wants to be on the top and wants to make the experience of the users to be top notch and impressive– amongst the users giving them the value for their money, which is what rules the market at the end of the day. Apple has always been in the array for making technological advancements, the pace of which is only matched by the likes of Google; the hard work is definitely to ensure the confidence that i-community has in the name that it represents.

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