If you’re planning to develop a mobile app, then choosing a technology for a startup sounds challenging. If we gather some valuable facts and features then it helps to make your choice quite easy. In this article, we’ll understand how Ionic vs react native are best for any startup. 

Let’s say,

You’re writing a novel in your own native language, English. But there are people who don’t understand your language. Therefore, you need to translate in several languages if you want your novel to be read across the world. This process seems tough like writing a book all again. One needs to find a translator for some rare language, pay them if you’re looking to increase your audience. 

Similarly, if we’re talking about applications then we need to rewrite all the code from scratch for each platform. It does take time and you need to hire developers for each language. However, you have the option to cut the time and cost by using hybrid app development. We’ll find dozens of frameworks that allow us to build apps for all types of platforms. Today, let’s focus on the two most popular JavaScript cross-platform frameworks: React Native and ionic.

If you want to create an app for Android or iOS then go for a native development approach. In cases like React Native and ionic, one may need to implement a cross-platform development method. Cross-platform is cheaper, faster, and easy to use while meeting major mobile platform demands. Let’s have a closer look at both the framework and understand how it’s better for your startup app. 

Ionic Introduction

Two friends- Ben Sperry and Max Lynch created the Ionic product. The framework was mostly used for startups. Using Software engineering experience, we get a clear vision of the market where the team discovered the gap in cross-platform development. Thus, provided my own solution to overcome the gap. Later, Ionic was built on top of HTML, AngularJS, and CSS. 

Ionic is a well-known framework for “write once- use everywhere”. It allows building hybrid mobile apps, desktops, and progressive web applications. Ionic allows to cut development time and roll out MVP as fast as possible with validating the app’s concept. 

Ionic Advantages

  • Fast development testing cycle

Without requiring heavy emulator loading, it’s possible to test code in the browser. 

  • Native styled UI element

Build an app that feels native on each platform and uses out-of-box UI elements.

  • Learning curve

Working with curves needs excellent knowledge of Angular, Vue, React, and understanding principles of Apache Cordova. 

  • Pricing 

Talking about pricing then iconic offer pro plan with the extended feature for a large team. The cost of a subscription varies based on the company. 

  • Community 

Based on the ionic website, it offers nearly 4 million apps developed by 5 million developers. The popularity is increasing based on the usage. 

Ionic Disadvantage

  • Possible bugs

Developers claim that each new Ionic consists of new bugs. They may be an integral part of the development process and we have a team who works best on framework improvement. The framework comes with fixes and helps to enable better cross-platform products. 

  • Performance limitation

Ionic mostly uses web technologies to render apps. The approach negatively affects the app’s speed and causes performance issues with offering multiple callbacks. With results, ionic apps are lower compared to native apps. 

Understand few apps build in ionic framework

  • Marketwatch

It’s a news and market analysis application that runs on Ionic too. The app grabs 20 million monthly visitors. It worked with JS web technologies so you do not need to hire a separate team to build a cross-platform app on ionic. 

  • Untappd

It’s a huge social network with over 4 million + users. The app allows users a seamless experience that helped to roll out with the updated app. It provides the right choice of the company and is the perfect match of dynamic binding and getting simple UI elements. 

React Native Introduction

The story of React Native is quite similar to ionic. It was born for a startup and is one of the most influential technologies used by companies like Facebook. HTML 5 was playing a critical role in creating UX for Facebook. With passing time when the number of users increased, Facebook promised to offer better and stable solutions to users. After severe brainstorming React Native was launched. 

React Native is a cross-platform development framework which enables empowerment of React code using native platform capabilities. The key purpose is to build an app as close to native as possible while utilizing the same codebase with different platforms. 

React Native Advantage

  • Native like performance

It renders code components that direct to native APIs and ensures high app performance. 

  • Uses JavaScript regardless of the platform 

It allows React native to write code in JavaScript and use native modules in Objective-C, Java, Swift, or Kotlin when needed. 

  • Native like user experience 

The React Native framework offers varieties of UI components that include modules, buttons, sliders,s, etc. It helps in reducing the time needed to develop app UI. 

  • React native community

It comes with an impressive community where developers share their experience and discovery with the framework. 

  • Hot reloading

It’s one of the extremely useful features supported by React Native. It allows the injection of new versions without losing the state. 

React Native Disadvantages 

  • Higher investment

React Native development takes a longer time and therefore you need to invest extra money on it. 

  • Longer development time

Writing once and running anywhere do not work in React Native. It creates a custom version of each screen for every platform. Compared to Ionic it takes more time and results in a native experience for your customer. 

  • Android app size

The size of APK is quite large and developed using native technology of Java or Kotlin. 

  • Use of native modules

It allows users to use modules written in native language and perform difficult computations. It helps in developing complex applications that need cooperation with native mobile developers. 

Understand few apps build with React Native

  • Instagram

It’s the most popular photo-sharing app owned by Facebook and built using react-native. The development speed is crucial for them so, keep the quality on the highest level. We would thank the code sharing, hot reloading speed, higher iteration speed, and other new rollout features. 

  • Walmart

It’s a multinational retail giant company who choose native and cross-platform development methods. Native development apps take more time and effort therefore they opt for cross-platform. The company uses React Native code from the website frontend and creates a fantastic experience for Walmart app users. 

Bottom Line

With the above explanation, we hope the difference is almost clear that what works best for your startup. Get set and build your brand-new mobile app in React native. Consult our team as are one of the leading React Native service providers to provide the best react development website. If you have enough time to invest then go for react app development. The real example is it’s used to build photo-sharing apps with never-ending feeds and more. 

Whereas, opt for the Ionic framework if you have plans to launch a startup and have ideas validated based on your priority. One needs to focus on MVP development and future growth if you’re choosing ionic development. We have dedicated ionic developers who understand your needs well and minimize the expense for you. Go for Ionic if you’re looking to launch a video streaming app, social media app, or similar kind. 

Overall, Choose Ionic is a fast and affordable way for investment for startups. But if you have enough time and more to work on, then choose React to build a powerful app. In case of any query or looking to hire dedicated app developers, we are ready to give life to your an idea of where you can get more without spending a fortune on app development.

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