React Native is an open-source framework developed during the hackathon (a Facebook project). Later, it became a vast and popular framework used for mobile app development. Additionally, it’s used for cross-platform app development as it’s based on the JavaScript framework. React Native App comes with easy-to-use UI and efficiency, along with adopting modern and traditional methods for developing a hybrid mobile application.

With time, the app was created on Android and iOS platforms using the HTML5-based framework. There was a downside with usability issues and severe cost. Don’t worry; a prediction for 2023 says it can generate 935 billion US dollars in revenue. (Source)

There are popular React Native apps like Airbnb, Skype, UberEats, Tesla, Walmart, Instagram, SoundCloud Pulse, etc. that are built on React Native framework. Additionally, the developers can get the skeleton framework to speed up the process. Moreover, some businesses have used React Native to flexibly use App development services. Based on Statista’s prediction, in the second quarter of 2022, the Google Play Store powers 3.5 million mobile apps globally, while the Apple App Store stands at 2.2 million mobile apps. If we look at the estimate for the year 2025, it’s observed that there would be an increase of $613 billion.

Benefits of using React Native app development

Here, we have a few reasons why one must rely on React Native for your subsequent mobile app development and understand how this framework can help reduce the development cost.

Reduction in time and development cost

All thanks to the reusable code and ready-made components that help to cut down the production cost and help developers maintain the same code that is used on multiple platforms. Hire react native app developers or choose the best React native app development company to carry out your work effectively. 

Reusable code and components

By using React Native, there is no need to develop separate mobile applications for each platform. The reusable code and components come with the advantage of how to react native reduces the cost. Moreover, the framework allows developers to write code once and share it anywhere. React Native Apps have gained popularity due to their code-reusability features.

Lower maintenance cost

When we compare native apps, it requires regular updates for each mobile device separately. Additionally, it comes with flexibility and allows users to deal with single coding. With this, to fix the bug in the coding, only one code is used. As a result, React Native reduces application development costs.

Ready-made solutions and libraries

React Native framework comes with higher benefits, one of them being to reduce the development cost. As RN is a popular framework used by most developers, it comes with ready-made solutions and libraries that meet the challenge faster.

Low UI cost

React Native helps designers to add uniformly and fully optimized UI that works on numerous devices. It creates a responsible user interface by adding a smoother feel and superb user experience. Also, the framework cuts design time and cost by optimizing one app for various platforms.

Great customer experience

No one likes to wait for a long time to load the application. Therefore, a high-performance app is needed, which React Native can offer at a reduced cost. Also, the framework comes with a native UI and compilation into a native application. With time, it results in faster and more competitive mobile apps.

Seamless integration

Everyone requires a customer-centric application that comes with all-inclusive features. By using the React Native application, one needs minimum cost and effort. A developer must also connect with a native or third-party module with the appropriate plugin.

How React Native can reduce mobile app development costs?

The React Native app development depends on the technology stack with the extension array, design specification, and time required to deploy them. However, one can consider the below factors to reduce the development cost and get a window to manage your budget.

Reusable components

No need for additional resources, React Native enables developers to use and rehash a single codebase using both iOS and Android. Moreover, a single JavaScript can be reassembled to add various application sections. Also, the developer utilizes the services by adding necessary codes.

UI/UX solutions

It’s an initial impression of an app that can be accessed through how good UI/UX can be. Some clients opt for UI/UX design and development separately. It sometimes can be hassle-some to make two different designs, which is where React Native comes to the rescue. There are a lot of popular components built using this RN framework. This makes React Native apps close to the native UI by offering clear code, rich UX, and smooth performance.

Quick development process

React Native comes with a time implementation that allows developers to reassemble code with easy configuration. This helps save time instead of bug fixing and swiftly commences the development process.

No requirements to add additional resources

One can hire dedicated React native app developers and add the necessary stages to their development process. Along with this, it comes with a cross-platform toolkit that ensures to use of the factors without spending a hefty amount of money on hiring resources and expertise.


What does React Native cost?

As we know, React Native is one cost-effective framework that goes step-by-step. If you’ve planned to make a cheap application, then React Native is the best option. React Native works excellently based on the app development cost and allows adding complexity and offering developers experience. To get a better idea about the cost of the application, connect to our team.

What are the main factors that really affect the cost of developing React Native apps?

  • App Category
  • App Complexity
  • User Authorization
  • Add-ons
  • App Design
  • App Distribution
  • Location of the agency
  • App Maintenance and Support


As we have seen above, React Native can cut down costs for several reasons. Choosing the right frAs we have seen above, React Native can cut costs for several reasons. Choosing the proper framework can support you in building mobile solutions by adding faster to minimum time and cost. What’s more, it can come with. Your app quality and performance add a high level on all devices. If you’re a startup or looking to develop a fast, secure, and cost-effective app development, connect with us and build high-quality apps that work seamlessly across all devices.

We at Agile Infoways offer the best app development services by drawing the attention of the clientele’s project specifications and providing end-to-end solutions. Our UI/UX design team also constantly checks the app’s interface. We deliver the end product on time and monitor its growth using consistent testing-reviewing channels.

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