The world is going through drastic and superb changes in the last many years. With the continuous advancement of technology trends in the market, every industry is getting huge changes. Earlier it was difficult to manage everything online but now with the growing trend of SmartPhone and the internet, you can access anything, anytime and from anywhere. The world is becoming digital using new and innovative online trends.

When it comes to shopping then it is very clear that people of every age love shopping. Nowadays it is easier to perform the whole shopping process just by sitting at home using different online e-commerce websites and mobile apps. There are many devices like Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablet, iPad, and etc through which you can perform all such activities with full comfort. E-Commerce Web Development is booming all around the world and you should also benefit your business using this new evolving trend.

Let’s see the graph of e-commerce from 1960 to 2000 & onwards:

In the year 1960, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) came into existence through which different companies were doing electronic transactions. The railway and transportation industry both started using the EDI concept.

In the year 1979, Michael Aldrich came up with the idea of connecting Television and computers with the telephone lines for selling online groceries. After that, they did so many efforts and got success in launching an online shopping business.

In the year 1981, Thomson selected 66 travel agents from all over England and linked them to start the first online shopping business which comes under (B2B) Business to Business. The travel agents were extracting online data for understanding user requirements and providing services as per their needs.

In the year 1982, a telecom company based in France invented a Minitel which was noted in history as the most beneficial pre-WWW online service for online shopping purposes. With this, users were doing online chats, purchasing, and other basic things.

In the year 1984, Tesco launched the world’s first Business to Consumer (B2C) online shopping system which was used for home shopping. Later the online shopping system started the online shopping basket concept which later got famous by the name of Online Shopping Trolley.

In the year 1987, a merchant account was launched for helping software developers to online sell software products. SWREG is the oldest part of the software which is still available in the market.

In the year 1990, the first web browser launched named as World Wide Web which was later given the name Nexus to avoid confusion.

In the year 1991, NSFNET becomes the backbone of the Internet and was not available for commercial usage. Then, the University of Minnesota come-up with the launching of Gopher which was used for navigating files on the Internet using a browser and was specially developed for easy campus communication.

In the year 1992, a book was published named Future Shop: How new technologies will change the way we shop and what we buy. The book was so effective and represents the future of the E-Commerce industry and how it will evolve with the Internet.

In the year 1994, Netscape come-up with an encryption certificate which was considered the best medium of data transmission on the Internet. This was the reason that people started trusting e-commerce platforms and sharing their personal information which is used while e-commerce transactions.

In the year 1995, NSF charged fees on the names of domain registration. At that time there were 12,000 registered domain names which got a huge hike in the 3 years and come around millions. On 18 January 1995, was registered.

In the year 1998, PayPal got its existence, and if we take a look at today’s PayPal system which is actually a merger of X.COM. Also, Google got its entry in the world of e-commerce and Yahoo and online stores.
2000 & Onwards:

After Google get its involvement with e-commerce stores, the whole e-commerce world has acquired huge success. The Internet is growing at its peak as millions of e-commerce companies are launching their own e-stores whether they are small or big. In today’s 2018 year, it is impossible to measure the level of e-commerce growth as it is growing and will grow at an unexpected rate in the coming future years.

Here we will discuss the whole growth of the e-commerce industry in the last few years:

Online stores are getting huge attention

Earlier there were no online mediums as there were only retail stores from which people were doing shopping and in the same manner, retail shop owners were selling their products. But as time passed, there come more effective and simpler mediums for entrepreneurs and customers. E-Commerce Evaluation occurs with the high impact of current technology trends which are booming globally. In today’s time, it has become much easier to build an online store for increasing your sales and business revenue. Smart Phones have changed the lives of people and they are now addicted to their use. Not only shopping but all things like branding and promotion of your business has become simpler using the current technology trends.

Physical stores are losing their impact as today’s online store has acquired the full market by delivering awesome and flexible features. Business owners can get huge profits with online stores like Amazon which is doing a tremendous job on the grounds of an e-commerce store. With such effective e-commerce websites, customers get full confidence in the security of their personal data and information which they are filling in the sign-up and payment process. The e-commerce world has seen a drastic change in the last few years and it is still growing with the new online trends.

The rising trend of m-commerce shopping

Mobile phones are escalating like nothing and this trend is getting hotter with new technology trends in the market. Nowadays Smart Phones are getting a wider space to show their impact by providing numerous features that are highly usable from customers’ shopping point of view. Online shopping is showing its magic all over the world by providing effective ways for customers for shopping the product of their choice. E-Commerce stores provide an easy way to compare products from different e-stores that makes it simpler for the customer to decide and choose the best product as per their need.

Smartphone has given numerous opportunities for customers to browse a thousand products and then choose the best and affordable product. With the growing trend of m-commerce shopping, users are becoming highly addicted to shopping and enjoying the whole process. Whether you use a mobile app or m-commerce website, the whole shopping experience has become flexible and enjoyable using the current e-commerce technology. There are many new mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and more such which are enhancing the e-commerce network by providing feature-rich mobile apps. There are many benefits of M-Commerce Development which are boosting day by day providing effectual outcomes for both customers and owners.

The tremendous growth of digital marketing in the e-commerce industry

The growing trend of digital marketing in the e-commerce industry is making every person crazy about this market. Nowadays the whole marketing scenario has changed to simpler ways making the shopping experience easy and flexible. The massive use of Smart Phone has added awareness among the people which has added an advantage for e-commerce owners to get huge traffic on their website.

With digital marketing trends, you can enhance the productivity of your e-commerce business by doing different promotional and marketing activities.

As we all know that today’s era is the digital era and it has become an essential task for all of us to walk with current digital trends to match customers’ levels. Gone is the time when people were doing traditional marketing for increasing business sales and revenues. Today’s time is digital time and in such a competitive world, you have to be quick, effective, and innovative to attract a huge number of people from all over the world. There are so many digital marketing activities that can raise the level of your e-commerce business. If you are looking to boost your business then adopting new digital marketing, m-commerce, and e-commerce trends will surely provide you with the best outcomes.

Wrap up:

The E-Commerce world has gone through super awesome changes in such a short period of time. The evolution of the e-commerce industry has given us better chances to shop online and earn a profit. If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur then it has become an essential task for you to take your business to the next successful level using the latest e-trends. All such current e-commerce trends are highly helpful in making a huge profit for your business.

Living in the 21st century, it is highly important to adopt digital trends and to get huge success for your e-commerce business. Nowadays people prefer to shop online rather than going to a retail shop as it provides more comfort. If you are still not getting huge sales or stuck in the middle to take your business to the successful level, don’t think much, adopt the latest e-commerce technology trends and boost your business worldwide.


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