Top Hottest Features for your E-Commerce Mobile Application

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E-Commerce Mobile Application

It was estimated last year that in 2021, the mobile app would dominate online sales by 54%. There are thousands of apps that enter and exit the market every month. If you plan to launch an eCommerce application, you need to enhance the user experience on mobile devices and smartphones. The cutting-edge mobile technologies provide better opportunities for eCommerce business owners to take their business to the next level.  

Mobile apps cover over 70% of the market, every person, whether a child, millennial group, or older adult, all prefer shopping on SmartPhones or tablets. Looking at the current scenario, mobile app development companies are trying hard to bring new and intuitive E-Commerce apps to enhance user experience.

In a survey, it has been observed that over 50% of the public uses their mobile devices for shopping purposes, and that figure is going up every day. Therefore, ECommerce business owners have to launch their business on the mobile app to keep their business up-to-date in the market. We know that Mobile Apps are flooding in the App Store, and competition is relatively high.

Therefore, we introduce your app differently as it’s a challenging task for business owners. Hire an android app development company that will design such an app that will go for million downloads quickly.

Top eCommerce Mobile App Features

Here we introduce top apps that must-have features for the E-Commerce mobile app during all stages. Check below the list to understand the features.

Powerful Onboarding

It’s an old proverb, “The first impression is the last Impression“, which applies the same in the case of a mobile app. When any person installs an app, the first thing which keeps him connected is its user interface and seamless navigation. The onboarding of the customer should be very attractive and convincing for holding a customer on the app. If the app lacks in delivering a powerful impact on the user, ultimately, it will lose user engagements and traffic. Such a feature is essential to include in the e-commerce app for getting massive user retention. To achieve reasonable conversation rates, one must sign up for the eCommerce mobile app process.

App Customization

E-Commerce business requires proper marketing planning. Mobile apps play an essential role in this process. It provides customization in your app. It increases the chances of getting more and more audience. As users always look for such an app they can manage according to their requirements. When one downloads an app, they look for flexible navigation and the best user experience. By mobile app customization options helps to enhance the user experience and engagements of your E-Commerce Industry User-base. Also, this process builds strong relations with existing customers.

Push Notifications

Push notification is an excellent way to create user awareness among all the customers. It helps eCommerce business owners to get more audience on their mobile app. Push notifications help people know about the latest sales, discounts, and launching of new products on the shopping site. The feature helps to boost sales and increase user retention. The developers try to integrate the app with Google Analytics and get exciting results. For example, one can send weather-based push notifications in geo-locations and see the sudden rise or fall in the temperature.

Hassle-Free Registration Procedure

An eCommerce app must have an uncomplicated registration process for keeping user retention. With time it happens that keeping long registration forms makes users irritated. It leaves the app by uninstalling the app from their Mobile Phones. Keep a simple registration process. Do not opt for compulsory login in the app. Also, the app must allow the user to navigate to the home page and other pages without any obstacles at starting points.

Multiple Options for Payment

Your E-Commerce app can lack when someone has chosen a product to buy from the app, but it didn’t find the payment option he’s looking for. It directly deducts the percentage of sales. The shopping app has all the payment options for providing great ease to users who want to buy any products from your application. The feature is the essential one to include in all mobile e-commerce applications. It helps to reduce cart abandonment by 31%. It facilitates payment options with users who enjoy paying through UPI, Credit Cards with building loyalty points.

Essential Ecommerce Analytics

To measure the app performance of a mobile app, one needs to use essential eCommerce analytics. Integrate an appropriate analytical tool into your eCommerce app and track buying patterns while keeping your business’s profitability. Google Analytics is an excellent tool that measures click-through rates, cost conversion, user session times, etc. Get insights into your high-value users and improve desirable user experience.

Effective Feedback System

In the absence of any holistic feedback system, users experience negative feedback that costs you a lot. The better way to avoid it is by integrating an effective feedback system. It enables users to report all kinds of issues and allows them to offer suggestions. One can set up a detailed feedback form to get insights into the user’s needs and problems.

Quick Access to eCommerce customer support

Nearly 90% of the customers feel like the mobile eCommerce experience disappoints them. Therefore, improve your customer support services and enable your customer support services. It is a game-changer for your eCommerce mobile app. Additionally, add an email and call support with setting up efficient customer service accounts on social media. Get quick responses from your brand and make your customer feel loyal and valued.

Simplified Purchased Journey

The app UX helps to simplify the entire purchase journey of the users. The user shouldn’t get complexity and delay while using the application as it causes users more difficulty. Therefore, it’s better to improve search functionality and add useful eCommerce mobile app development features. Also, having UX helps to grabs the user’s attention, and seamless leads from logging to check out are essential for your eCommerce app to be successful.

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