In the past year, eCommerce has assumed a larger role in pushing the way out in the global pandemic by serving customers online. Moreover, the retailers have set sales records throughout 2020 with making billions of buyers stay safe at home and do shopping via laptop and mobile devices instead of visiting malls and storefronts.

Stats estimated that nearly 95% of purchases would be made online by 2040 and open doors to countless entrepreneurs’ opportunities. Get a few more eCommerce Statistics and learn about eCommerce retailers’ experiences.

  • 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.
  • 33% of B2C eCommerce websites conduct B2B transactions
  • 53% represent Mobile Traffic among eCommerce traffic.
  • 9%  eCommerce site offers a loyalty program to customers.
  • 59% of customers completed a purchase on a different device to one where it started.
  • 26% of shoppers are likely to share a product on social media after purchase.

Understand How eCommerce Industry Got Its Existence?

Shoppers visiting eCommerce sites dropped from four minutes to 12 seconds as the competition increased. To stand ahead in this fast-paced eCommerce market, we need to keep up with eCommerce trends, which is challenging for most businesses. Use the below crucial trends and stay on top of the latest development.

1. Content-oriented selling will exceed

Marketing or selling through content takes the market away as it works as a stable point for convincing customers. With strong content marketing, we can give a better user experience to users who are shopping online. If you aim to attract more audiences to your website, it is highly essential to present attractive and engaging content on your e-commerce website. A Few Ways to increase online sales are given below:

  • Upsell your products
  • Integrate it with Instagram
  • Reduce abandoned carts
  • Launch a Facebook Store
  • Capture additional email subscribers
  • Improve email campaigns
  • Send wishlist reminder emails
  • Engage online visitors with live chat
  • Anticipate them with future sales
  • Embrace Personalization
  • Leverage user-generated Content

2. Mobile devices usage will continue to rise

Every year, the usage of mobile is growing rapidly. Statista is one of the surveys that predicted that use would increase by 70% more in 2021. Therefore, if you’re planning to run a successful eCommerce business, mobile traffic must be considered. Seek out a good mobile developer and create a mobile app if you plan to grow your eCommerce business. Create a sleek, smooth, and customer-centric responsive eCommerce app that gives the visitors the best first impression.        

With people now thoroughly addicted to their mobile devices and want to access everything from their SmartPhones only, we could bring more mobile awareness to people and enterprises. By adopting the mobile responsive website concept, we stand a chance to explore their business this year. When it comes to E-Commerce, we know that mobile devices are more in the picture. Get to know what benefits we get from a Mobile-friendly eCommerce business.

  • Better Conversion Rate
  • Better Customer Satisfaction

Ways to improve the mobile experience

  • Get a responsive or adaptive design
  • Add Smart Search tool
  • Show the best Product Presentation
  • Add High-quality photos
  • Improve navigation on your website

3. Unmatched shopping experience

The first thing that we augment is the user experience on our e-commerce website. When any person visits our website, he/she gets engaged or attracted by looking at the website design. Later, users get attracted by its features and the product listing. The main thing that keeps them engaged is their best e-commerce website user experience. Simply stay focused and keep your e-commerce website up-to-date. Start adopting the new website designing trends and make improve your customer shopping experience with the below tips.

  • Understand your customer persona and align it with your eCommerce customer experience
  • Define the stages involved during the customer mapping
  • Establish Touchpoints and Actions
  • Determine and solve the problems and Ideas
  • Structure the appropriate channels and processes
  • Offer excellent services, so they convert into a loyal customer
  • Offer multiple customer service options
  • Proactive engagement with the customer to increase eCommerce customer experience

Check here How to Improve Customer Engagement for Driving eCommerce Sales?

4. Payment scenario will take a new turn

With new technology trends, different payment methods are getting introduced for e-commerce platforms. When everyone is getting mobilized in today’s IT world, people adopt recent online payment trends like Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Wallet, etc. One essential thing to know is to keep your eCommerce transaction easy and safe for the customer. Moreover, setting an online payment for services and products is no longer a challenge. But before you decide to choose a payment gateway, consider the below factors.

  • Choose appropriate payment flow
  • Choose Correct product or services
  • Make your customer feel secure and safe on your site
  • Consider service agreement and fees
  • Ensure that the transaction is secure
  • Make checkout easier from all devices
  • Get multiple features to choose from
  • Get easy integration process
  • Offer Merchant Account
  • Recurring Billing
  • Allow Mobile Payments
  • Give 24/7 Easy customer support

5. Fast and free delivery services will continue to boom

When a person buys anything from an online shopping website, they worry about the product delivery time and home delivery charges. With the increasing technology, people need to take any tension regarding online product delivery and its costs. Today, most companies are adopting quick delivery methods with no home delivery charges. It will make users super happy, and hence the E-Commerce market will continue to boom. If you’re planning to develop the best eCommerce store, then offer an easy, transparent price that customers enjoy and look for.

6. Expansion in flash sales

Flash Sales can be a beneficial method for unloading excess inventory by turning a negative into a positive. When any eCommerce store uses flash sales, it’s a valuable promotional marketing tactic that targets various products at a lower price for a limited period. How to run a successful flash sale, read on to know more:

  • Determine the goal for your flash sale by clearing the excess inventory.
  • Keep your deal simple, and do not jump through hoops.
  • Select a target group and tailor the flash sale to that market.
  • Once you determine when to offer the deal, keep the time frame short.
  • Promote the flash sale using social media, marketing, and SEO.
  • Track the sale and provide excellent customer service throughout the sale.
  • Keep your terms of services transparent.

7. Customer service will enhance more

In online shopping, customer service plays a vital role in building your eCommerce store’s brand image. Several online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., have the best-in-class customer service support for their buyers. With passing years more e-commerce websites will take decisive steps to improve their customer service support. E-commerce websites adopt some flexible features like Live Chat, a user-friendly return process for providing top-class customer service for their buyers. Take a look at some of the customer service strategies to boost your eCommerce customer services with new and existing business options:

  • Develop a multichannel strategy
  • Ensure Customers don’t have to repeat themselves
  • Track your customer satisfaction score
  • Implement live chat
  • Use help desk software
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Make Key information available online
  • Employ Seasonal Staff

8. Image-driven shopping websites

It is a general fact that pictures attract users more than text. eCommerce websites adopt this new trend of adding more images to their website to grab the user’s attention. A high-quality image represents the product in the best ways on the e-commerce website. Coming years for online retailers will create new opportunities for getting huge profits by adding images on their website and getting more and more customers.

As pandemic limits offline sales much more, we can expect continuous eCommerce expansion to move faster. Do smart marketing using email marketing, chatbots, social media, and others that look like the audience to become more effective with advanced big data analysis, optimized ad cost, and personalized experiences.

Understand COVID-19 Highlights and Its Impact on Ecommerce Business

Agile Infoways have immense expertise in developing an excellent e-commerce website and online shopping mobile apps on client demand. With significant experience in building many e-commerce websites to date, our developers work enthusiastically on different types of e-commerce projects and app development. We know trends will come and go with the change of time. But it’s a fact that eCommerce trends are not going to take pause. Better to invest in developing an eCommerce store and grow your revenue every year.


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