Quick Summary: Node.js has revolutionized the world of web app development with its efficient and scalable runtime environment. One key reason for its popularity is the plethora of frameworks available for developing robust and high-performing applications. In this blog post, we will explore the 10 best Node.js frameworks that hold the potential to streamline your app development process and elevate your project to new heights while reducing resource consumption and expenses and accelerating development speed.

Node.js has emerged as a turning point in the web app development industry, allowing you to develop cross-platform applications with a single codebase. This server-side runtime environment allowed JavaScript to break out of its shells and enable server-side functionalities, which earlier were limited to browser-based functionalities. Node.js frameworks are the foundation of this ecosystem, which functions as a valuable resource for developing powerful, flexible, scalable, and feature-packed applications.

Node.js frameworks offer pre-built components such as Database Management Systems(DBMS), templating engines, and web servers. It helps Node.js development company to accelerate the development cycle. Node.js frameworks also promote code structuring by facilitating configuration and propriety for writing module code that can be utilized across various projects and teams within your organization.

So, would you like to discover the top trending Node.js framework? Want to find the most suitable framework, considering its features and functionality? Then, read our comprehensive blog, which explores the ins and outs of the trending Node.js framework, its advantages, and how to pick the best-fit framework amid the ever-evolving technical landscape.

Node.js framework overview

Node.js frameworks create distinct capabilities and complement Node.js by facilitating essential features for Node.js app development. These frameworks are written in JavaScript and function within the Node.js environment, delivering a range of benefits such as built-in security, routing, database integration, and templating support. It streamlines the entire development cycle, allowing your developers to emphasize app logic and preventing monotonous redevelopment of the core architecture.

Types of Node.js frameworks

All web app technologies come with various frameworks that perform unique jobs in the development lifecycle. Similarly, Node.js frameworks can be classified into three categories: MVC framework, REST API framework, and Full-stack MVC framework.

Full-stack MVC frameworks

The Full-stack Node.js frameworks facilitate a broad spectrum of tools and abilities that cover both the backend and frontend aspects of web app development. This proves to be super helpful for developers while developing real-time and unique applications by facilitating various tools such as scaffolding, libraries, template engines, and others.

MVC frameworks

These frameworks are beneficial for designing patterns such as MVC, which divides the application into three parts: model, view, and controllers. Express.js is a well-known MVC framework. The model depicts the business logic and data, while the view manages UI and presentation. The controller handles the flows and interactions between the model and the view. This separation makes application maintenance and scaling easy.

REST API frameworks

While building REST APIs, Node.js frameworks are ideal for accelerating the development. REST API-focused frameworks upgrade rapidly evolving applications requiring an internet connection with established REST APIs. Because of its pre-built experiences, you don’t have to fully involve your developers in the technical details of building network applications from scratch. With simple programming interfaces, most of this framework helps you save much time on development.

Node.js frameworks

What is the purpose of the Node.js framework?

Hire node.js developers to leverage the Node.js framework functionalities under various scenarios, some of which are below,

Simple web server

Node.js frameworks help build simple web servers, which are ideal for building real-time applications, APIs, and microservers. They reduce development efforts and costs. Although Node.js servers do not have native routing capabilities, these frameworks offer seamless APIs to map app routes, middleware, etc.

Minimize Boilerplate code

Node.js frameworks produce RESTful APIs from models, accelerating backend development and reducing boilerplate code. They also have real-time capabilities with built-in support for WebSockets. Their beneficial abstraction helps reuse the code and follows best and proven practices.

In-built security

Adhering to the best Node.js practices, these frameworks offer an abstraction layer with in-built security protocols, making it challenging for external threats to infiltrate the system. They also safeguard the system against common web app attacks such as XSS, CSRF, Parameter tampering, etc.

Active open-source community

The Node.js framework’s large and active open-source community offers consistent support and assistance in optimizing the user experience by availing regular updates and fixes. The active community emphasizes stability, maturity, and consistency over the latest features and updates.

Ecosystem of libraries

With 1000s of complementary packages, Node.js frameworks extend their capabilities and offer flexibility as your project demands. These libraries offer basic structures that are modifiable according to your needs.

Node.js frameworks complement Node.js development services providers by offering much-needed features for building full-functional, secure, and scalable applications. These frameworks are written on a JavaScript runtime environment and provide a range of benefits, such as in-built security, templating support, database integration helpers, and request routing.

Latest trends in Node.js framework

Node.js web survey reports reveal that Node.js has improved the developer’s productivity by 68%, reduced the development cost, and improved the application performance significantly. These stats indicate the increased and successful adoption and deployment of Node.js frameworks at large.

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Observing the latest trends, Express.js tops the list as a minimalist and unopinionated web framework for Node. It is a widely popular framework with more than 63,800 GitHub stars. Meteor.js holds the second spot with over 44,000 GitHub stars; this framework excels at developing real-time chat and large applications.

In recognition of the increased development needs, the tech C-suite is inclined towards the Node.js frameworks that minimize resource utilization, accelerate development, and reduce marketing time.

Amid the highly volatile digital landscape in 2024, Express, meteor, Nest.js, and Total.js are leading the trend and on their way to becoming the mainstream framework for Node.js web app development.

Best Node.js frameworks of 2024

Now, let’s go through the widely popular and leading Node.js frameworks, explore their features, and when to use them.


Express.js has a fine reputation for its user-friendliness and simplicity, which is why it became the foundation stone of Node.js. It facilitates powerful routing, middleware capabilities, and smooth migration flexibility for apps from other platforms. This opinionated framework allows developers to determine the project architecture with extensive support for web app development, from a single page to a scalable backend development application, while leveraging the power of the JS framework.



  • For streamlined development, it follows the MVC structural pattern
  • Due to asynchronous programming, it offers high-performance
  • For maximum testability, it provides super-high test coverage
  • Content negotiation for optimized client-server communication
  • Like redirection and caching, it provides numerous HTTP helpers for code readability and reusability

When to choose Express.js?

  • Ideal framework for novice developers because of strong community support
  • From small to large scale, it can be leveraged for mobile and web app development.
  • Suited for enterprise-grade or browser-based applications because of its powerful functionalities.
  • Perfect framework for developing web apps quickly, particularly for API generation.

Companies that use Express.js

  • Oracle
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Uber
  • IBM


Nest.js fully supports typescript and utilizes expressive OOP patterns. Its structured development approach, like Angular’s, makes it a perfect framework for Node.js development companies in the USA to develop highly scalable server-side applications. However, Nest.js is a new framework with a relatively small community; it is highly testable and excels at integration. It helps build lightweight and scalable microservices and monoliths. Nest.js has pre-built modules and features such as database management, authentication, caching, logging, etc., reducing development time and effort.



  • Offers CLI for module structure and features
  • Easy to learn
  • Highly compatible with Angular on the frontend
  • Functions besides relevant frameworks like Express and Fastify
  • Improves productivity and application performance by combining objective-oriented and functional reactive programming

When to choose Nest.js?

  • Ideal for creating effective and scalable web apps.
  • Excellent for maintaining organized and clean code in huge projects
  • Best fit for boosting productivity and performance

Companies that use Nest.js

  • Philips
  • OpenClassrooms
  • Drift
  • Adidas



Meteor.js is an open-source framework meant for quick prototyping and MVP development. It offers code sharing between servers and clients and helps build real-time applications. Developers can see the modification in real-time while developing and scaling the application. It seamlessly integrates with Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js, etc., allowing developers to use a frontend framework at their own discretion.



  • Allows you to write code in modern JavaScript
  • Huge and active open-source community support
  • Offers full-scale solutions to develop web applications
  • Perfect for real-time data communication between client and server
  • Compatible with different platforms and integrates smoothly with other frameworks.

When to choose Meteor.js?

  • Suitable if your team is well-versed with JavaScript
  • Easy learning curve, ideal for mobile and web applications
  • Enables smooth deployment of live updates.
  • Suitable for real-time collaboration and meeting deadlines.

Companies that use Meteor.js

  • Honeywell
  • Socure
  • Mazda


This web app framework offers a range of features to streamline the web app development process. Some of its features include automatic code generation, templates, and pre-built modules. Its modular architecture supports various databases, such as MySQL and MongoDB. One of the primary advantages of Total.js is its built-in features, such as real-time communication and the ability to reflect changes while developing and scaling the application. Its development environment is intuitive and simple, with a robust command-line interface and live debugging.



  • Facilitates real-time tracking for careful monitoring
  • Quick development with low development expenses
  • API testing for reliability
  • Compatible with different databases for better flexibility
  • Easy integration with different frontend frameworks

When to choose Total.js?

  • Ideal for tailored development, cloud services, and IoT visual programming.
  • Perfect for tight deadlines since it accelerates development, reduces resource utilization, and saves on cost.
  • Best-fit framework for real-time collaboration and tracking applications accurately.

Companies that use Total.js

  • Transdev
  • Drawert
  • InfoBlox


Koa.js is a lightweight framework that can be leveraged to develop mobile and web applications. Express.js developers created this framework, similar to Express.js and an open-source framework. Since its introduction in 2014, It has become popular among companies that offer Node.js development services in the USA because of its flexibility, extensibility, and simplicity. Though it is a small framework, it is expressive. Koa.js makes it easier to write and comprehend the callback function. Compared to Express.js, Koa.js is simpler, which is why it is trending among developers.



  • Simple and flexible framework than Express.js with almost similar functionality
  • Effective in delivering personalized experience and handling errors
  • Addresses Node inconsistencies and simplifies code maintenance
  • Offers seamless customization for developers

When to choose Koa.js?

  • Beneficial for high-performing websites, particularly in large projects where customization is essential.
  • Valued by seasoned developers because of its flexibility and performance


Hapi.js is an open-source framework derived from HTTP-API. It is one of the best Node.js frameworks, streamlining scalable and server-side application development. Hire Node.js developers to leverage Hapi.js frameworks, which offer a wide range of features and plugins to make application development, testing, and maintenance easy. Its configuration-over-code makes Hapi.js flexible and easy to use. Its plugin system allows developers to add new functionality to their applications without the need to write code from scratch.

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  • Rich plugin ecosystem
  • Quick bug fixing
  • Supports HTTPS proxy apps
  • Build in caching, input validation, and authentication

When to choose Hapi.js?

  • Perfect for scalable, secure, and real-time applications
  • Ideal for API servers and proxy

Companies that use Hapi.js

  • Brainhub
  • Taggun
  • GraphicWeave


LoopBack is one of the most favored Node.js frameworks for smoothly maintaining RESTful APIs and microservices. It offers a set of tools and configurations that streamline the app development process. It generates APIs automatically from a set of datasets like REST APIs. It simplifies data integration from various sources into a single API. It supports various data types, including JSON, XML, and relational databases. That is why it is leveraged for various applications; it offers robust security with access control and token authentications.



  • Full-scale support for networked applications
  • Full-stack development capabilities
  • Third-party access, data storage, and user management feature
  • Clean and modular codes

When to choose LoopBack.js?

  • It is the perfect framework for building robust APIs and managing API requests.
  • It can be an external API service to accelerate solution delivery, optimize security, manage authentication, and more.

Companies that use LoopBack.js

  • 10Pearls
  • Merck KGaA
  • AngelHack


While discussing the Node.js framework, we can not miss an open-source framework, Feather.js. It is a popular framework that provides flexibility with React Native, Node.js, and other various databases. It offers real-time functionality and streamlines mobile and web app development. It intelligently decodes the programs and saves developers from getting into the complexities of RESTful APIs. It enables developers to fix the bugs quickly. It outshines the other framework while developing chat and real-time application backend.



  • For authentication and authorization, default plugins
  • Super lightweight framework
  • Generates automatic RESTful APIs
  • Service reusability
  • Real-time tracking
  • CLI for support and management
  • Lower maintenance cost

When to choose Feather.js?

  • Feather.js supports both TypeScript and JavaScript. It functions best in the Node.js environment and supports all front-end technologies.
  • With available services and hooks, you can develop full-stack web applications while considerably minimizing the complexities of app development and development time.
  • Best-fit framework for production-ready apps, real-time apps, and REST API on short notice

Companies that use Feather.js

  • Chatbot Plus
  • Didomi
  • Marcapo
  • Mylo


Did you know that over 1400 companies globally have leveraged Socket.io to address their app development needs? Binary support, multiplexing, and reliability are a few of the reasons why the demand for this framework is soaring rapidly. It is basically a JavaScript library that is beneficial for developing real-time applications. It offers bidirectional communication between web clients and servers. To harness this framework’s potential, you can hire Node.js developers in the USA to avail benefits of real-time functionality and create interactive and engaging experiences.



  • Offers user-friendly tools for server development
  • Manages multiple connections smoothly
  • Detect and fix the errors automatically
  • Keeps connections reliable and reconnects if there is an issue
  • Provides similar APIs to server-side and client-side development
  • Auto correction and error-detection
  • Binary support

When to choose Socket.io?

  • This is an ideal framework if you require instant updates without client requests such as chats or video calls.
  • Socket.io is suitable for gaming applications because of its functionalities like bidirectional communication and an event-driven model for responding to custom user-defined events.

Companies that use Socket.io

  • Trello
  • Microsoft


Sail.js is designed to emulate the MVC pattern of frameworks like ROR. It allows developers to organize application code into unique components for smooth maintenance and simplifies custom, real-time applications. Sail.js has built-in support for Socket.io, allowing developers to update data in real-time without refreshing the page. Its pre-built functions and features, like security, sessions, and authentication, quicken development.



  • For quick development, generates APIs automatically
  • Offers reusable security policies for improved app security
  • Provides integration flexibility with Express.js for HTTP and with Sockt.io for WebSockets
  • Offers smooth database compatibility with ORM
  • Integrates with different frontend technologies since it is Frontend agnostic

When to Choose Sail.js?

  • Suitable for huge projects like social media or chat apps
  • Functions seamlessly for gaming apps because of the integration with Socket.io
  • Developers application faster
  • Huge and active community support

Companies that use Sail.js

  • Uber
  • Oracle
  • NBC
  • Cisco
  • GE

General Features of Node JS Frameworks

Node.js frameworks are the collection of libraries and tools essential for building software applications. Though these frameworks have specific advantages considering their purpose, most share the most common and beneficial abilities;

  • Routing: It maps endpoints and REST API patterns smoothly.
  • Templating engines: These frameworks support frontend markup code
  • Data validation: It automates validation helpers and sanitisation
  • Middleware and modules: Extends with the independent building block of code
  • Authorization and authentication: Manages user login, access control, and roles
  • Asset building: It optimizes JS and CSS assets
  • Database ORM/ODM: It streamlines queries and data model
  • Event listeners: Offers beneficial triggers throughout the application lifecycle.

These standard general features allow top Node.js development companies to build new applications quickly without developing from scratch.

How to pick the suitable Node.js framework?

Every project is unique, and there are a multitude of options to choose from, so picking the most suitable framework can be slightly difficult. But not now. Here are the basic criteria that help you determine the best-fit Node.js frameworks.

  • Application type: Consider the application type, whether it is an eCommerce application, real-time app, or API server.
  • Application complexities: Does your app have a simple MVP or require comprehensive business logic?
  • Required skill sets – JS skills of your in-house team and assess the upskilling opportunities
  • Security needs: Gather information on the level and type of vulnerabilities to protect your app against outer threats.
  • Codebase reuse – Integrate legacy code written with other platforms
  • Performance needs – Request expected response time in seconds or volumes

Once you understand the technical specifications and your project requirements, your Node.js development services provider will compare suitable frameworks and pick the best one to address your needs.

Which One is the Best Node.js Framework?

Node.js frameworks are rapidly gaining traction and are on their way to becoming mainstream for web app development. With the range of options mentioned above and its features, Express.js is the most popular framework for web applications, while Koa.js also stands out as the tested and proven framework for major use cases.

Meanwhile, we can not ignore Total.js and LoopBack since both these frameworks have fantastic dev communities that constantly improve them and make them reliable platforms to address current needs. Besides that, they offer much-needed tools for simplifying development, which reduces the development time and cost considerably.

It is crucial for every organization to partner with a credible Node.js development company in the USA to avail themselves of expertise in determining the Node.js framework. You have to evaluate every aspect of your new project from various perspectives, from technical specifications to target audiences. Your chosen Node.js development partner can address all your needs.

Future scope

The Node.js frameworks offer diverse options to streamline app development. From Express.js’s robust scalability to Socket.io’s real-time capabilities, each framework brings its own unique strengths to the table. As we look to the future, we can anticipate even greater innovation and efficiency in app development with these frameworks.

With the rise of technologies like GraphQL and WebAssembly, we can expect Node.js frameworks to evolve to meet the demands of modern web applications. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just dipping your toes in Node.js, the future is bright and full of possibilities for creating powerful and dynamic applications.

So, dive in, explore, and harness the potential of these top 10 Node.js frameworks with our Node.js development company’s assistance!

Start Coding!

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