Today, enterprises are looking to have a web application that is fast, safe, and flexible. Since Node Js development has proved as a perfect enterprise app development platform after its debut in 2009, it’s a JavaScript runtime engine developed by Ryan Dahl as the early adopters are Uber, Microsoft, Yahoo, and LinkedIn. But there is still doubt in people’s minds that Node.js is a good language or it’s perfect for an enterprise app development platform.

Well, the truth is a big YES. Besides various conflicting myths, Node.js is an outstanding language for enterprise app development. We can call Node JS one of the largest open-source platforms that are available in today’s market. It has 15 million downloads per month.

As the digital revolution is changing its form to convenient mobile app development. Developing enterprise apps is the best idea to get more and more profit in your business through employees. With streamlining this process, mobile app developers have come up with Node.Js to complete the task in a short duration. Let’s dive in to know its popularity.

Here is Step by Step Guide to Mobile App Development Process

What is Node.JS?

It’s an open-source server that is built on Chrome’s V8 which helps to run and develop mobile applications. The platform is fast, free, and scalable as it uses an event-driven I/O model, which comes with attributes to its scalability and efficiency. Using Node.Js, you can finally enter a real-time web application with two-way connections. When the server and client both start communicating, they exchange data freely.

Know-how Enterprise Apps are valuable for Employees at work

Let’s check the rise of Node.Js through Stats

Below stats shows the dominance of Node.Js in the IT world

Below stats shows that the total number of jobs postings along with relative growth of a skill

Few of the other Node JS stats

  • 70% of the companies worldwide believe that it has increased the developer productivity
  • Node JS spends 60 % of world’s total development time
  • All versions of Node JS show staggering growth by 40% every year

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Some of the benefits of Node.Js that make it well suited for enterprise mobile app development

  • It is Single-Threaded

It’s a myth that single-threaded makes Node.Js slow for enterprise app development. But in the case of a non-event driven framework, multiple parallel threads need to be created to handle multiple requests. So, at this point, the thread becomes limited until the memory and kernel allow the request to process.

  • Asynchronous Programming

Node.Js comes with asynchronous programming that can execute the independent program and will enable it to continue processing requests with ease. The feature can help to speed up operations and improve throughput, latency, and responsiveness.

  • Promises

If you’re a developer, you might have heard about Callback Hell. Well, Node.js keeps you away from callback hell as it offers promises that deal with asynchronous code. Promises work as an alternative to a callback that represents the future value after the call was made. 

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  • Large NPM Registry

It’s one of the excellent features that are flexible and open source. It encourages the developer to enrich their experience and increase customer satisfaction. Here the developer needn’t worry about spending more time perfecting the business logic and increasing productivity.

  • Microservices-based architecture

Node.Js comes with a low resource footprint to improve performance and handle smaller teams that allow more tasks instead of CPU bound. Moreover, it helps to make it easier to manage multiple cross teams using NPM offers.

  • Reusable restful APIs

APIs are the most flexible way to develop large-scale software systems that allow handling a large volume of data by connecting to the backend and keeping things lightweight.

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  • Increased Productivity

As we know, Node.Js is written in JavaScript; this makes it easier to learn and adopt. Also, the developer can access for better tools and higher code sharing with increased creativity and a lot more flexibility.

To Conclude…

Node JS is a modern enterprise mobile app development trend used for building sophisticated applications. The rise of Node JS is famous all over with increasing demand for high-performance enterprise apps from companies globally across various niches and sizes. 

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By using the immense benefits Node, JS helps enterprises apps to have faster time-to-market with using fewer resources and without compromising performance. A large number of businesses use this platform to improve enterprise applications which require a high volume of I/O operations with the network, Disc, and memory.

However, if things are changing for the better, then we need to adapt to the change as it can help us to gain higher benefits. You can hire the best mobile app development company or hire Node JS developer to create a mobile application of your dream.

Quick Questionnaire about Node.JS Enterprise App Development

What is Node.JS?

It’s server-side scripting that used to build scalable programs.

Where can we use Node.JS?

  • Web Applications
  • Network Applications
  • Distributed Systems
  • General Purpose Applications

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How Node JS works?

It works on a v8 environment. It’s a virtual machine that utilizes JavaScript as a scripting language and achieves higher output via single-threaded and blocking I/O event loop.

Explain the steps of how “Control Flow” function works

  • Control the order of execution
  • Collect data
  • Limit concurrency
  • Call the next step in the program

What are the types of API in Node JS?

  • Asynchronous, non-blocking functions
  • Synchronous, blocking functions

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What is a callback in node JS?

It’s a function that is used to deal with multiple requests made to a server. For example, if you have a large file which will take a longer time for a server to read, then you can stop the server from reading a large file by using a callback function. This request deals with pending requests first and the call this large file to finish.

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