Quick Summary: Node.js has become a trendsetter in the technology landscape, and its popularity in 2024 is gaining momentum, so let’s dive into its usage statistics and trends that validate its unprecedented growth and adoption across industries. This detailed blog post will review the various trends and usage patterns across the node.js ecosystem. After thoroughly analyzing these updated statistics, this blog offers the current state of Node.js and its impact on the development ecosystem.

Overview of Node.js

JavaScript is expanding, and there is a surge in demand for server-side programming capabilities among developers. With the callback concept and being event-driven, Node.js made a big move in that direction. Therefore, developers love Node.js and use it together with JS frameworks and tools to create smooth UI irrespective of operating system.

Ever since its inception, Node.js development services have witnessed surging popularity as one of the JS frameworks and tools for developing and deploying an OS with improved user experience. That is how the event-driven prototype became the heart of Node.js. Developers got a chance to make a two-way connection website with free data transfer.

Inspired by Gmail, Rayn Dahl invented Node.js with the goal of building websites with real-time push capability 14 years back on May 27th, 2009. In contrast, JavaScript is 28 years old, and the internet came into existence 34 years ago in 1989, making it all possible and making Node.js an ongoing trend as the utility and popularity of JavaScript grows.

Node.js is designed to build scalable applications since it is an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime environment built on Google’s V8 engine. There is no function in Node.js that directly performs I/O, so the processes are not interrupted except when the I/O is executed utilizing the synchronous method of Node.js standard library; therefore, developing a scalable system in Node.js becomes a breeze.

Node.js development company simplifies building real-time applications by executing the code outside the browser. Applications powered by Node.js manage thousands of connections simultaneously with superior performance and lower latency. In the web development domain, it is one of the most prevalent frameworks, empowering websites and web applications that draw a larger audience with intuitive animations and unique UI.

Node.js continues to progress across several areas, with new features and fixes flowing into steady releases of the latest version. Out of many of the current versions—Node.js 21 – (21.2.0 (includes npm 10.2.3))—this latest version comprehends the essential change to the Fetch and WebStreams modules, and these modules were marked stable after the recent update, which also amplified developers interest significantly.

The latest version is set to be released in April 2024. Have a look at the Node.js release cycle:

release cycle of Node.js


Key factors that made Node.js development services successful:

  • Web 2.0 applications like YouTube, Flicker, and Facebook have stimulated JavaScript adoption at an accelerated pace. They have established a remarkable ground for intuitive website UI experiences.
  • Like other frameworks, JavaScript proliferated with newer updates and releases. Besides that, a huge open-source community consistently pours significant support and facilitates additional assistance for browsers to optimize the user experience.

Capitalize on Node.js development services and realize the full potential of your web applications.

It certainly changed the game for Node.js and became the most chosen framework. Its periodic releases of new versions have accelerated its adoption at a larger scale, which continuously grows.

periodic releases

Node.js is a rapidly developing framework worldwide. Current Node.js statistics indicate that it is one of the most popular server-component programming frameworks, and developers are increasingly choosing it because of its top-notch performance and flexibility.

Updated statistics of Node.js usage you must know

  • 6.3 million websites are powered by Node.js, as it is extensively used for web development across the United States.
  • The ultimate goal of Node.js is to build crowdfunding, eCommerce, payment processing, and IoT-driven applications.
  • Prominent companies like Amazon, Tumblr, Twitter, Spotify, GituHub, Adobe, and LinkedIn have adopted Node.js for web development.
  • Netflix and PayPal are among the top ones that witnessed a remarkable improvement in performance and minimized costs after implementing Node.js architecture.
  • 50 to 60% reduction in loading time is easily possible with the Node.js framework, which is an excellent sign to embrace Node.js development services in 2024 and fix the load-time issue.
  • You can reduce 57% + the overall development cost with the Node.js framework.
  • Node.js has successfully made an impact among seasoned developers. More than 45 % of developers aged between 25 and 35 have been using Node.js, and around 36.42% of developers have been extensively using Node.js libraries, frameworks, and IDEs.
  • 42.44% of budding coders, almost half, have found Node.js to be their favorite framework for polishing their coding skills.
  • 42.08% of seasoned developers chose to work with the Node.js framework, which is almost half the overall percentage.
  • Walmart draws around 81 million users monthly through its mobile app and website as it chose the microservice architecture powered by Node.js to make its website SEO-friendly and improve checkout coverage.
  • Globally, more than 262,000 companies have considered Node.js as their programming language tool.
  • Most jQuery users, around 6360, choose to use Node.js this year instead of jQuery.
  • 19,790 developers want to use Node.js again.
  • More than 9030 Express users have affirmed their interest in using Node.js.
  • 4930 survey respondents who had worked with Vue.js earlier wished to choose Node.js.
  • Around 78% of Node.js downloads are for Linux, 17% are for Windows, and for macOS, it stands at 5%.
  • About 86% of developers utilize front-end frameworks or libraries, and around 95% of Node.js developers use databases for their projects.
  • 71% of JavaScript experts believe that Node.js provides extraordinary instructional resources, whereas 85% experience higher accessibility to the process.
  • As reported by Medium, Node.js reached 1 billion downloads in 2018.

The node.js download milestone

The number of download data extracted from the official Node.js Metrics site is 1,475,092,951; the official Node.js Docker images count is set at 5,044,266,637, and the total count of downloads is 6,519,359,588. These stats set the milestone for Node.js in 2023-24.

Node.js usage statistics from different attributes

Node.js offers a pool of features and functionality, making it an excellent choice for web application development among developers and enterprises. Let’s go through the Node.js usage and consider various attributes.

Node.js historical trends

As per the W3tech survey result, the historical trends demonstrate the usage statistics of websites using Node.js in the graph below.

Usage of Nodejs

Market position of Node.js

The diagram below indicates the Node.js market position considering its popularity and traffic against the most famous web servers.

Nodejs market position

Top industries utilizing Node.js

In accordance with the findings of SimilarTech, there are 280,239 active websites powered by Node.js. Around 121,784 have dynamic domains from this data. The top industries that lead the graph with 6.11% are Technology and computer Electronics, followed by Law and Government with 3.00%, With 2.55%, Arts and Entertainment, and Finance with 2.51%, and the rest goes others with 85.83.


With our market research experts’ statistical study and considering the available data on the internet, we have gathered numbers on Node.js’ popularity amongst top different industries, such as:

  • Marketing – 3395 consumers
  • Web development – 3235 consumers
  • Digital marketing – 2885 consumers
  • Software development with 3900 customers
  • Machine learning with 3130 consumers
  • Technology – 3030 consumers
  • Artificial Intelligence – 2890 consumers

Top websites powered by Node.js

A Top Node.js development company in the USA has helped many known enterprises implement the Node.js technical stack in their systems, and since then, these websites have experienced increasing traffic. Some of the enterprises that have incorporated Node.js into their system are Twitter, Foxnews, AliExpress, Nike, VNExpress, and many more. The graph below indicates the same.

top website using nodejs

Node.js usage in top domains

There are 257 top-level domains that utilize Node.js functionality. The top five domains that use Node.js are Commercial, Organization, British Indian Ocean Territory, Germany, and Australia.


Node.js utilization trends among developer

As discussed earlier, the Node.js framework is the preferred choice for developers and business owners, and the statistics below by StackOverflow validate this in their developer survey 2023.

The Node.js framework is the most prevalent web technology utilized by developers globally. With 42.65% of the votes obtained, it has again topped the list of the most popular and commonly used technologies among developers.

About 42.73% of professional developers prioritize Node.js, whereas 42.44% of novice developers prefer Node.js. The other developers, at 42.07%, also prefer Node.js for web application development.

Nodejs usage statistics Among Developers

Node.js usage statistics by preference

StackOverflow survey demonstrates that around 19,794 developers have already experienced working with Node.js and still prefer the same. It is not surprising that Node.js development services in the USA are booming across industries as Node.js frameworks are the first preference for web development.

The table below demonstrates the developers who have worked with other frameworks and want to work with the Node.js framework again and those who have worked with Node.js and prioritized another framework over Node.js.

Worked on Technology No. of Developers Preferred Technology No. of Developers 
React 13,323React14,208
Express9,028Next.js 9,783
jQuery 6,385Vue.js 6,735
Vue.js 4,923Svelte 6,037
Angular4,915Angular 4,650

Node.js usage by employee size in companies

Most of the companies that employ the Node.js frameworks have an employee size between 0 to 9, and the total number of companies in this category is 106,250; for the employee size of 10-19, there are around 28,995 companies, and for 20-49 employees, there are around 52,115.

Nodejs usage by employee size in companies 

Node.js usage by company’s revenue

80% of the companies are small, with revenue ranges around $50M, whereas around 6% are mid-sized, and 11% are large-sized enterprises with more than $1000M in revenue.

Nodejs usage by company’s revenue

Country-based Node.js usage statistics

Most of the Node.js end users, around 39%, are from the United States, followed by India, which stands at 10%, and 6% are end users from the UK. The graphical representation of country-based Node.js usage data is below.

Country-based Nodejs usage statistics

Why do companies use Node.js?

Node.js frameworks significantly shorten the development time and help to build scalable web applications. Besides that, its asynchronous and event-driven structure promises top-notch performance, making it ideal for developing real-time applications. Go through some of the reasons that help you familiarize yourself with why companies consider Node.js for web development.

  • Node.js framework plays an essential role in optimizing efficiency. Only 3.5% of organizations have claimed that Node.js is not influential in improving overall efficiency.
  • By employing the Node.js framework, many companies expect to achieve new heights this year.
  • PayPal has reduced the response time for the same pages by 34%, which used to take a significant amount of time. After migrating from Java to Node.js, the pages are server 200ms quickly.
  • Mostly, website visitors find only those websites trustworthy, which are more responsive and faster.
  • So, that is what PayPal did by delivering a customer-oriented website experience by improving the response time and earning customers’ trust, and this is what validates the top-notch performance of Node.js.
  • Besides PayPal, Netflix experienced improved performance and cost improvement after employing Node.js.
  • Big enterprises, which were earlier a bit slow to adopt new technologies, are witnessing substantial advantages with Node.js adoption. So, partnering with a Node.js web development company is beneficial for building user-friendly applications.

Develop scalable and flexible web applications that smoothly manage huge traffic with top-notch performance

  • Node.js reduces the loading time by 50% to 60%, improving the consumer satisfaction ratio.
  • Node.js framework is one of the quickest among many other frameworks and optimizes the loading time of Node.js applications. So, embracing Node.js will prove beneficial for your organization.
  • With Node.js, you can decrease the number of servers that are necessary to reach out to your clients.
  • Node.js minimizes resource needs and prevents scaling-related performance issues. So, you can hire Node.js developers and prioritize running Node on scalable cloud clusters. You can complete the task with a VPS or budget-friendly dedicated server.

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  • Since Node.js’ popularity is at its peak, users correlate it with simplicity, quickness, scalability, and flexibility.
  • Node.js’s popularity is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. Even though there are a few flaws, it does make for it and helps you build responsive, flexible, and scalable web applications.
  • Node.js web development company helps you decrease the development cost by 57% and market your application in record time.
  • One tool or technology that lets you collaborate frontend and backend development seamlessly in the same language is vital, and that is what Node.js does. It impresses leaders across industries and encourages them to choose this framework.
  • Developer’s productivity improved by 70% as United States and Canadian businesses have incorporated Node.js into various strategies.
  • Node.js improves the application performance by more than 51% and addresses users’ needs quickly. It is lightning-fast and more powerful because of the V8 JavaScript engines.
  • Around 42.73% of professional developers use different Node.js libraries, frameworks, and IDEs for application development.
  • Node.js’s learning curve is easy. It also has a huge global community. Hence, developers get much-needed insights and offer the required support and new updates to simplify the development experience.
  • Various industry verticals utilize Node.js since it brings high website traffic and offers a user-oriented experience.
  • Speed and efficiency are vital parameters that enable companies to choose Node.js. Giant companies like Netflix and PayPal have adopted Node.js to manage the increasing website traffic.

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Top Node.js development trends you must know

A StackOverflow survey indicates that Node.js is one of the most common platforms for developing web applications. Around 47% of developers use it to develop dynamic and flexible applications. This data demonstrates the importance of Node.js and points out at the critical reason for availing Node.js development services in the USA.

You should follow the Node.js development trends because it lets you,

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Optimize user experience
  • Improve productivity
  • Support future applications

Go through the latest Node.js trends and stay ahead of the competition. Let’s take a closer look:

Increasing use of microservice architecture

Microservice architecture is an approach that aims to create small and independent services that work collectively and develop large applications. Software development has gained significant advantages because microservices simplify modifications and scalability and make the application fault-tolerant.

The microservice architecture breaks down the large application into smaller components. Most companies prefer this architecture because it adapts to business needs and does not affect the entire application if an error occurs.

JavaScript to TypeScript

TypeScript offers optional static typing and is a prototype-based object-oriented programming language. Its usage among developers is increasing as it helps to improve application reliability, scalability, and maintainability. TypeScrip also offers a more structured programming method, making writing and managing intricate development swift. It also minimizes errors and improves code quality.

Growing usage of Node.js practices in Node.js development

DevOps services are a set of services that incorporate software development and IT operations to offer quick and trustworthy results. They automate processes and minimize error rates, which is why Node.js and DevOps are gaining significant traction among companies and developers. The DevOps practices in Node.js consist of automated testing, CI/CD, and Infrastructure as code(IaC).

Harness the power of Node.js to improve the response time of your application and boost performance.

Node.js improves the Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

PWAs using Nodejs leverage the benefits, such as handling large amounts of data, creating reliable applications, event-driven architecture, and responsive user experience. In addition, the PWAs using Nodejs increase focus on performance. It also aims at improving performance.

Serverless architecture and Node.js

Serverless architecture is in demand because it is lightweight, asynchronous, and allows the development of scalable applications. It is an affordable option because developers only have to pay for the utilized resources, and there is no need to pay for the server. Therefore, business owners across the United States consider Node.js development services, as they do not have to spend much.

Blockchain integration with Node.js

Blockchain technology has gained significant momentum among developers and business owners as it is a decentralized system that enables secure digital transactions. Incorporating Blockchain functionality with Node.js allows developers to create quick, safe, and efficient applications. It facilitates flexibility and helps create unique applications. Along with immutability and scaling, it also maintains security at all levels.

AI&ML integration with Node.js

With time, AI and ML continue to evolve across various industry verticals; therefore, a Node.js development company that aims to integrate AI and ML may make revolutionary applications. Keras and TensorFlow offer predictive capability and unique models. Integrating them with Node.js will help you create chatbots and virtual assistants. Since the demand for AI and ML-based applications is on the surge, there might be a considerable adoption of Node.js in various areas.

Additional stats about Node.js usage

Now, considering the various trends and factors, all statistics regarding Node.js have been covered. Now, let’s go through the generic Node.js statistics that fueled its popularity even more and become the primary framework within the market.

  • eBay uses Node.js as a primary backend language.
  • A renowned company, AliExpress, has also chosen Node.js.
  • The companies that have adopted Node.js have experienced significant improvement in their business operations and noticed a positive change, though around 4% of companies have experienced no influence, as Node.js claims.
  • Hackernoon states that Node.js minimizes the startup time by 50 to 60%.
  • Node.js is a faster framework than other languages and enhances performance by up to 50%.
  • They also claimed that integrating Node.js into Canadian and American business strategies has increased developers’ productivity by 70%.
  • According to the data available on various sites, around 1.5 to 2.22% of websites worldwide use Node.js, which is over 30 million.
  • Every year, the Node.js download rate is over 40%.
  • The vast Node.js community emphasizes stability, maturity, and consistency over the newest features and updates. Therefore, there is more reliance on LTS. The latest research highlights that around 43% of developers use the existing version.
  • Node.js is a MEAN stack for developing web applications.

Get our web development services and gain a competitive advantage in a highly digitized landscape.

Top companies using Node.js

Node.js resolves a wide range of development challenges and streamlines the entire web development process. The Node.js platform allows developers to amplify their backend development using the proven and tested language JavaScript. Using Node.js, companies do not have to deal with slow loading time and high CPU usage. So, the Node.js – serverside programming scripting allowed them to eliminate the occasional overload presence or browser plugins by leveraging solely on the webserver. Many top companies have overcome various operational issues by adopting Node.js as their preferred runtime environment, such as

  • Netflix
  • Paypal
  • Trello
  • NASA
  • eBay
  • Medium
  • Groupon
  • Walmart
  • Mozilla
  • LinkedIn

It is essential to note that these companies did not develop successful applications instantly. It took a lot of effort to understand the company’s needs and strategize the roadmap to build an application powered by Node.js. It is vital to hire a Node.js development team, assess your business needs, strategize further processes, and implement them to build a fully functional application that can manage huge traffic and minimize response time.


It is obvious that Node.js holds significant potential in the tech world. Its extensive usage, huge community support, and immense popularity make it an exceptional technology. Considering the Node.js 2024 statistics, programmers and business owners greatly appreciate its benefits since it paves the way for success with limited resources, time, and complexity.

These detailed data compilations of the updated Node.js statistics are based on our thorough research. These Node.js statistics are sufficient and help you utilize the full potential of Node.js development services. If you still have any second thoughts about adopting Node.js, you can connect with our experts and clear your doubts to make the most of the Node.js framework.


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