As the use of SmartPhones is increasing in the world, there is a requirement to use the latest and updated platform. Today, businesses realized that the app must establish a strong connection with the customer. If you’re still aiming to get the best experience then, it’s essential to find the best mobile framework for developing an android app. Android app development is an easy task unless you find the best app developer for handling your whole work.

The market of Android is growing day by day, and people are shifting from iOS to Android. There’s a myth that Android app development takes more time to develop. Android App Developers work hard to develop an app based on the Android platform. The most challenging work for Android developers is to choose the development framework. With the best and efficient Android framework, the whole process of developing an app will become much simpler. Android changed the world’s scenario by offering the best features to all SmartPhone and Tablet users.

If confused about choosing the right framework for app development, then here’s the list of top Android frameworks that makes your work easier.

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Brief About Android App Development Frameworks

Android app development is a trend in today’s world, as more than 70% of people feel more comfortable with Android Smartphones. It is hard to believe, but half of the market is using Android to show their best work to introduce different features that attract users.

There are various benefits when you use the frameworks for building different Android apps:

  • With Android Operating System make better graphics designs
  • It’s cost-effective to use the Android Operating System
  • It offers new ways for developers to apply in the app development process
  • Android OS uses the Linux Kernel that makes the whole App Development process secure and stable.

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Below-defined is the list of Android App Development Frameworks

1. Ionic Android Frameworks

It’s an open-source framework certified by MIT and uses modern web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. It’s suitable for developers who want to build interactive and hybrid mobile applications. The ionic framework comes with a developer-friendly platform and has a rich toolset of gestures, elements, and animations to create a high-quality mobile app from a single codebase.

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Who uses Ionic Android Framework?

  • It’s designed for developers to build hybrid and interactive mobile apps.
  • The framework is rich and comes with a set of elements, gestures, and software tools.
  • It integrates with other libraries like AngularJS and utilizes functionalities such as Health Kit, Bluetooth, and fingerprint authentication.

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2. React Native Android Frameworks

A recent study shows, React Native is the 3rd popular framework that most developers prefer. It is a widely spread open-source platform. The React Native developer makes customized app development easier and much faster. It uses a Native platform based on APIs and interface components. Give a natural look and feel with the performance-friendly android application.

Who uses React Native development framework?

  • The global developers use React Native and make customized app development easier and faster.
  • To give a natural look and feel React, Native is needed.
  • React Native solves vital issues that developers face and simplifies them using community-driven technology.

3. Flutter Android Frameworks

It’s an open-source mobile UI SDK framework that builds an application using unique approaches compared to another framework. One of the best hybrid app development is Flutter as it uses a single codebase and allows developers to perform the test without encountering errors. The application adds a screen reader, quick rendering, a faster development cycle, and various themes for iOS and Android.

Who uses Flutter Android Frameworks?

  • It’s for developers who want to use a single codebase and its app to compile native code by exploiting Google’s 2D rendering engine.
  • Framework boasts a top-rated hot-reload functionality for continuous testing without having to restart applications.
  • Get plenty of benefits with a screen reader, quick rendering, and a theme for iOS and Android.

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4. Native Android Frameworks

It provides developers with API libraries and the necessary tools to build, test, and debug quality apps. The developers implement parts of their applications using native code like C & C++. It works on Native Android and provides full flexibility with delivering innovative applications for mobile devices.

Who uses Native Android platforms?

  • Developers who want to implement applications like native code that uses C and C++ use this framework.
  • The native game SDK provides game developers with an incredible reach with more than 2.5 billion monthly active devices.
  • The SDK for developers comes with API libraries and developers’ tools to build, test, and debug brilliant apps for the Android platform.

5. Native Script Android Frameworks

Looking for the native app development process, Native Script works best. It helps developers to develop mobile apps using Angular, TypeScript, Vue.Js while sharing the application across platforms. The developers make multi-platform apps in less time and less cost. Native Script features direct access to Android and iOS APIs by reusing Android SDKs.

Who uses Native Script Framework?

  • It’s for developers who want app development for multiple platforms.
  • It works differently than Ionic, Cordova, Xamarin, and React Native.
  • Get direct access to all Android and iOS APIs and reuse them using free templates and adding samples.

6. Xamarin Android Frameworks

Xamarin is an open-source platform used for building modern iOS, Windows, and Android apps. It’s user-friendly, and the development environment allows to build native apps with shared UI code written in C#. The framework is for those developers who intend to share code, test building logic, and write across cross-platform applications in C#.

Who uses Xamarin Android Framework?

  • It’s for those who want to share code and test business logic across various platforms.
  • It’s loved by developers and builds trust for enterprises.

7. jQuery Mobile Android Frameworks

It is an HTML based cross-platform that provides the easiest way to develop mobile and web applications. Its jQuery comes with a highly responsive application that works on smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The builder offers support by including custom JS files and style sheets for usage creation. There add plugins like popup boxes, image sliders, and content sliders to make web pages interactive and user-friendly.  

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Who uses jQuery Mobile?

  • It’s for all developers who want to build highly responsive and branded applications.
  • It offers added support by adding custom JavaScript files and using different plugins.
  • For easy development, developers use ThemeRoller features to drag and drop functionality simply.

8. Framework7 Android Frameworks

It’s the newest framework that comes with a full-featured development platform designed for iOS, Android, and desktop apps. It’s an open-source mobile HTML framework which needs HTML, CSS, and JS files to get up and to run. The developer who knows CSS, HTML, and JavaScript flows with Framework7. It focuses on crafting optimum simplicity and experience.

Who uses Framework7 Android Frameworks?

  • The developers who are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can use Framework7.
  • It’s not compatible with all platforms but focuses more on iOS and Google Material for the optimum experience.

9. Corona SDK Android Frameworks

It’s a cross-platform development framework used to create apps for mobile, TV, and desktop with a single codebase. It leverages more than 1000 built-in APIs with massive plugins and extensions to make the development experience easy. One can see changes instantly in the simulator and literate exceptionally well.

Who uses Corona SDK Android Frameworks?

  • It’s used for developing business apps and games.
  • It’s based on Lua, which is easy to learn and quick to use.
  • It supports real-time testing, native UI, advertising platforms, and an in-built engine.

10. Appcelerator Titanium Android Frameworks

It allows making native apps using web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Applications show performance equal to apps written using native APIs and supports OS adding HTML5, Android, Universal Windows operating single JavaScript Codebase.

Why use Appcelerator Titanium Android Frameworks?

  • It helps in creating native mobile apps from a single JavaScript codebase.
  • It performs the same when using native APIs.
  • It provides access to native APIs for the operating system.

Wrap Up

Android is the best platform for Inter-Application Integration. Android Framework provides a wide range of options for developers to build interactive mobile applications. It makes developers happy, so to work based as per their convenience. They come up with new and innovative features in the market to make users glad.

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