A mobile application, one such solution to come with all functionalities that are going to help and manage in our daily life schedule. It is facilitating us to solve the dilemma of whether to invest in mobile applications or not. Businesses are now seeking looking to lead the competition with high realistic Android App Development Company.

If you too are looking to have an error-free and user-friendly application, Android is the best-suggested platform to go with. Yes, you read right. Android is the solution for all who want to go with an open source application.

Be sure to focus on some benefits and challenges that were faced by Android and still leading the market. As the market for these devices is currently the largest in the world, contrary to popular belief.

Android as a platform undergoes many challenges as compared to iOS app development. Still a question arises what do you really need to build an application in android? For the same, you should go with facts that relay your answer. Even a little difference in UI can make a big difference and increases the time of development as well. Ultimately it affects to the consumer.

1. Targeted Budget

Android applications can be easily integrated with a wide range of the network to be covered that too in the targeted budget. Each Business asks for different requirements but no matter what are the business’ needs, there is a social network designed to assist them.

2. Usage Across Different Devices

Today’s consumer does not have to be restricted when it comes to browsing. They need apps that are able to be used across all devices. While hiring an Android app Developer, one goes with all aspects whereby they can able to provide apps that are evenly responsive whether they are being used on a Smartphone or a tablet.

A mobile app development company in a way that it solves all business needs and one can complete the task at a remote location as well across all devices. This is the best way to cast a network worldwide and with every possible sector of the target audience.

3. Social Media integration

The world is going digital and so almost every business has its social media existence. If you really want to succeed, it is hard to ignore social media platforms & your business existence over there from which social media optimization is the key factor of the contemporary marketplace.

4. Low Barrier of Entry

Any application either Android or iOS is not at all easy but with iOS app development, the barrier of entry often scares away various businesses and developers. Meanwhile, Android app development does not have the same barrier of entry. This allows businesses of all backgrounds to benefit from the advantages that are obtained when companies take the time to hire Android app developer.

5. Freedom: Open Source

Here I come with one of the advantages that Android app development services have over other platforms. The open source is chief among all of them. Smartphone manufacturers can access the Android more easily and since its coding is free, it is utilized by all developers.

6. Lesser Investment

We all know that Android has free software development tools like IDE Android Development Studio for the developer community that assists to reduce the cost of development. Even it requires comparatively lesser investment to entry. The development costs include only a few costs consist of the application development cost, hardware cost and testing cost for testing and deploying the Android mobile application.

7. Monetization

Android App development company in India has seen growth as the increase in the number of apps. In-app advertising is the future of mobile advertising. To target the right audience at the right time, it offers the better opportunities. One can access the data and can be used for that makes the marketer have an ability to achieve the target.

8. Easy To Customize

Android the right solution for your business if you are looking for customization and integration of web application. It is even a good option to have a smarter application consisting of all necessary features. You can easily integrate and custom android app development with existing software as per your business requirements just like that.

Market Share of Android

As per Google, there are 1.4 billion Android devices in the world which provides business with a large base of users to target through Android Applications. Amongst all the smart phones that are globally sold in the third quarter of 2015, whereby 84.7% of devices had Android operating system equipped with them.

Android App Development Allows For Branding & Growth Opportunity

Android app development can help to reach customers by facilitating loyalty & functions they are needed. Each and every business wants to perform high and brand value is what matters to engage with your customers by personalized communication. Android apps can help to emulate the brand experience associated with a particular brand.

There are plethoras of opportunities that can be harnessed through Android App development. Top Mobile App Development companies work with experience to get all queries of business and to come up with the best potential solution. SMEs and large enterprises in formulating a result-oriented Android strategy. With the insightful practice since long in developing android applications integrating the latest technology, Agile Infoways can give your business wings.

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