Taxi Booking Application Development, Develop an app Similar to uber

    • September 17, 2018
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    Agile Infoways has an elite development team which has prominent expertise in the cutting-edge technologies and tools. We have the tendency to build powerful and handy mobile applications as well as a website that speaks for you.

    The digital world has played an essential role in building our lives productive and simpler with an elegant move we can conquer many things. In the early days, people use to wait for a long time to catch a taxi to go from one place to another. Well now, we are having our reach to everything with a click of a button. Thanks to the technology!!

    Hence, why not own your customized taxi booking application and manage the users from a fell functioned admin panel! Generate revenue with just one shot investment now and would be able to own the taxi booking application with robust app features along with details about the sales analytics.

    Key features a Taxi booking application should have:

    1. Live tracking of drivers

    Users are able to view the live tracking of drivers. A user can also see the location map of the destination with the help of GPS.

    2. Fare Estimations

    Users are able to see the fare of the journey simply by entering the source and destination details.

    3. Choose from Wide Range of Cabs

    At the time of booking, app provides the facility to the users to choose the type of the car. You can choose from a wide range of standard, exotic, luxury cars.

    4. Online Payments

    Nowadays carrying cash in hands becomes unimaginable so the app is tailored according to the needs of the users. Hence, users can make hassle free payment by adopting cashless ways of payment.

    5. Review and Rating

    Passengers can rate and review drivers which makes the system more transparent and trustworthy.

    How to generate revenue?

    Everyone would like to have a moderate amount of returns on their investment. But the main question is how to earn through a taxi booking application? The below points will guide about the revenue model regarding the taxi booking application

    1 Advertisement space:

    Admin can also sell advertisement space into the application, which can gain lots of traffic. Further, you can connect your account to Google AdSense and can earn very much more than you actually imagine.

    Cost of developing a Taxi Booking application

    The cost of developing a taxi booking application greatly depends upon the level of functionality incorporated into it. Consolidating the basic above features could reduce your investment cost, but incorporating extra functionalities may require extra funds and development cost. Hence, it is necessary to look for a firm that already has experience in building such applications. Firms like Agile Infoways have prominent experience in providing solutions for taxi booking applications. View Demo Here.

    Also, the final cost of the software depends upon the following scenarios:

    1. Number of users
    2. Hourly software development costs
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Ongoing support and maintenance

    Why work with Agile Infoways

    We believe in stepping into client’s shoe for building their website and app in more awesome ways. We assure clients to bring their enhancing thoughts in the marketplace with more intuitive manner. Our developers are talented and expert to convey the best solutions. Agile Infoways believes in maintaining punctuality and moreover, quality is our key area to deliver the splendid work.