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Magento Development Company

Magento is the most robust eCommerce platform that has changed the way people do business online. Magento was first released in the market on 31 March 2008 by Roy Rubin, the CEO of Varien. Magento is a Private Company, the US located in the Culver City of California. It is based on the PHP language & mainly made for eCommerce websites. After the introduction of Magento, eBay Company buys most of the shares. The research was done in 2015 to know the status of Magento in the marketplace, and the result was 29.8% of the shares became famous eCommerce platforms.

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform to provide customers with the facility to make their website look more attractive in its functionality. It offers a better UI/UX experience and even flexible access to various features. People are confused while building an online eCommerce store to start a business. But by choosing the Magento platform, one can get a superb start in your online eCommerce business.

Choosing Magento development is quite a popular eCommerce solution among business owners. Choose a robust, secure, easy, reliable, and customized eCommerce solution. Well-known companies like Harvey Nichols, Fred Perry, Smythson, Lenovo chose Magento as their best choice for online business.

Here know How does the eCommerce industry get its existence?

Why do companies choose Magento for their CMS solutions?

  • Simple to download and install

Users need a simple solution and focus on choosing a CMS system that’s easy to download and install. The best part about Magento is that it won’t take much time to create a website quickly. One can hire a magento development company that ensures that the download and installation take minimal time.

  • Feature-packed

The best thing to keep you ahead of your competitors is its features and usability. When you work with a professional Magento development company, make sure your website has tons of features. It means your eCommerce store has a superior shopping experience with multiple checkout options.  

  • Flexibility

Using Magento CMS, you’ll get robust, rich functional website features that offer a perfect blend of what you want in your online business. Any Magento development company can help to stand out your website from the crowd. Ensure that your site or visitors get an excellent experience and come back again. It comes with free plugins, modules, and extensions which can easily be integrated into an eCommerce store.

  • Growing and Support Community

While choosing an eCommerce store solution for your business, you need to ensure that it should grow continuously and help to stay ahead of the competition. Magento is so popular that one can easily find Magento development assistance as one of the leading CMS choices among online businesses.

Quick eCommerce Business Benefits

  • Easily manageable content management system
  • Well defined Architecture and Wide variety of features
  • It’s open-source, extensible, and has the mobile-friendly configuration
  • Advanced SEO techniques and Effective Administration
  • Better Optimized functionalities with generous support from international
  • Effective Marketing and promotional ways
  • Mobile optimized with Easy browsing products
  • Fast checkout process with best Payment support from various payment gateways
  • Easy for developers to use and code
  • Better marketing tools

Versions of Magento 

Magento mainly offers two distinct versions like Magento Enterprise and Magento Community. Let’s explore each edition and what differentiates them.

Magento Community Edition

  • It’s a free and open-source CMS platform. One can easily customize web or eCommerce websites without paying anything. The edition comes with forum sites where everyone shares knowledge, suggestion, experience, and answers for complicated questions.

Magento Enterprise Edition

It is the best version which consists of various features that are helpful for enterprise retailers. The version is costly because of its high price; the middle retailers will not afford it. There are a few common similarities between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Edition. Check them.

How to migrate from WooCommerce to Magento?

  • Scalability: If you’re looking to make your website multi-functional, use the latest technologies and go with Magento enterprise. Magento is chosen for small projects.
  • Performance: It provides faster performance to small websites with lesser modules. One can improve website performance by using the third-party extension in both versions.
  • Functionality: It comes with advanced ACL, customer segmentation, content staging, and other RMA functionality. The software helps to improve the performance and growth of your business.
  • Security: It offers multiple secure payment gateways like CyberSource, Worldpay, and more. It comes with external penetration testing.
  • Dynamic Marketing and Search: User basic features and boost your website using meta, header, URLs, etc. Focus on personalization and customer experience using advanced content staging, target content, and shop cart reminder notification.
  • Pricing: Magento Community is free and uses an accessible version whereas Magento Enterprise Edition cost increases as per offers and features. 

At Agile Infoways, get a dedicated team of developers with more than 5+ years of experience to develop Magento based eCommerce websites. Our developers are proficient and well- educated to complete their target before deadlines. Our developers work all day to satisfy all clients’ needs as directed by them.

Our Magento Certified Developers have excellent experience building different Extensions using Magento and PHP to provide the parallax effect.

Below is the information about the Extensions developed by our great developers:

Parallax Content Slider: Magento Extension made by Agile Infoways

It is a Magento Extension developed for providing the colossal facility. It makes it easy for people to insert different Images, Links, and Content. With Parallax Content Slider Extension, set the Size of Image and Enable/Disable to show the fields on the Front End.

To do all the above-defined changes, you will need to do Settings present in the Configuration Section. Hence, the Image can be Resized dynamically and set Active and Inactive Mode using the Admin Panel.

All the settings are done from the Admin Panel, and one can set various types of Contents, Images, Titles, Sub Titles & links that you want to show on the Home-Page. It is why it’s called the Global Parallax Slider, which helps set all the things according to the user’s choice.

If you want to develop a whole website using Magento and want to add the Parallax Effect, we can help you. We have a vast team of Magento developers specializing in developing Magento Extension and providing our clients’ best work. Agile Infoways can handle small to big-sized projects while providing agreeable work to our respected clients.

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