Must-Have Features in an On-Demand App

    Wide Range of Professional Service
    Book any Service in One Click
    Track Service Provider
    Give Feedback & Rating

    On Demand Application is highly useful app and becoming famous in the online marketplace that connects customers to service professionals, where user can get On-Demand Services. Our team is proficiently capable to provide you handy, reliable, fast, secured custom app. On-Demand App Solutions are provided by Agile Infoways to match the client’s need.

    User Application

    In the user application module, user will able to search nearby service provider as per the location and choose the best one as per their requirements. User will get only trustable and reliable service providers as the whole responsibility is on Admin to look after user’s security. You can track the service provider via push notification. There will be transparent pricing model for users’ and they can easily book a service provider.

    Range of Services

    User can search services nearby to their location. They can also see the status of provider’s availability.

    Trusted Service

    All service provider woulbe be trusted and proved. User can see their past record of services.

    Service Provider

    For the purpose of service confirmation, notification will be sent to user with full details of service provider.

    Transparent Pricing Model

    There will be different and clear calculation of price or service charge by the service provider.

    Easy Payment

    This application contains online payment method for the user. User can pay online with debit card, credit card or through PayPal account.

    Convenient Booking

    After selecting a particular service, user can book / request for the service with simple process. Firstly user has to enter all details required by particular service rules.

    Service Provider

    In this module, service provider will ask Admin to register their service in the app. After that, when a user will request for a service then service provider has right to accept or decline that service. Service provider has full right to set the pricing for his service and the service will be guaranteed on time. Also, they will adjust the timing for another service as per their current timing of work.


    Service provider will request admin to register their service into this application. Admin will approve the service.

    Accept/Reject Request

    When user will request to service provider, then service provider will have option to accept or reject the request.

    Service Time

    Service provider will have their time management, so that they will able to know their availability time for the next service.

    Set Price

    Service provider will have right to set the pricing model for the particular service.

    Admin Panel

    In this module, Admin will manage and see the activity of the whole app. Admin has full right to add, delete, edit the service provider and will manage the profile of service providers. Admin will manage the service management by adding any new service suggested by service provider. Admin will manage the whole payment mode in the app.


    Admin will have recent activity of the application on their dashboard, so that they can analyze the past activity.

    User Management

    Only Admin will take control over the service provider and the end user profile, Admin can add/ delete /edit the users.

    Service Management

    Admin has authority to add new service provider to the application. He can manage the category of services for the application.

    Payment Management

    Admin can manage the payments and payment modes from the admin panel of the application.

    Revenue Model

    • Customer will pay to service provider and a commission order will be given to admin.
    • Admin can connect his account to Google AdMob to earn extra money.
    Security Features

    • Service provider will be verified by admin
    • User will not meet any fraud service provider

    Service Provider Solution

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How I can place an order?

    To place an order, you need to go in the store section where you will find a list of different stores. From that list of stores, you can get the menu option and pick any items as per your needs. Add that selected item in the cart and place your order for confirm it.

    From where I can place an order?

    You can place your order when you are in the geo location of the app. If you are out of the geo location, then you will not able to place any order.

    How do I track the order?

    You can track the status of your order by going into ‘your order’ section and there you can see the ‘live order’ section. There you can see the current status of your order like, Place, Confirm, Prepared, On the Way, Delivered, and Cancelled.

    How to make payment for an order?

    You can do cash payment or else you can also use credit or debit card as our delivery boy will carry the card swipe machine with him.

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