Highlighted points of the E-Commerce Application

    Browse diverse products
    Filter by category, etc.
    Order & Transactions
    Track the order delivery

    In today’s time, the trend of E-Commerce web and app development is going high. We at Agile Infoways have got full specialization in delivering all types of services related to Magento Platform. Whether its Magento Theme development & integration, Magento Extension Development or Magento Version Upgrade, we are fully experienced in handling all such services. Our team of Magento Developers is skilled in delivering the best Magento Solutions and has got full expertise in providing utmost satisfaction at client’s end.

    User Application

    In the user app module, user can see the product and put them in the cart for ordering as per their choice. User can search for various products as per the categories and subcategories. After ordering the product, user can track the status of his order. User can do the payment using the following payment modes i.e. credit card, debit card, internet banking or COD.


    Users can view and select the product according to categories & sub-categories


    Users can view/update the products added into the cart and checkout for place order.


    Users can place order by checkout cart through and get items at their door steps.

    Checkout and Track Order

    After adding desired products in to cart, user can check out Users can view total amount. And able to track order


    Payment option they can choose like pay through credit card, debit card, internet banking or COD according to their convenience.

    Customer Service

    Users can access wide range of customer's services like tracking order, customizable order emails, edit or cancel orders.

    Admin Panel

    Administrator will manage the Customer details, inventory, order management, notification management as well as the documents submitted by the Customer for approval. Admin has full authority to manage every section of the app.

    User Management

    Admin will approve the Customer registration after verifying the license details and will have the access to view user profile as well as history details.

    Product Catalogue Management

    From here administrator can add/edit/delete category/brand along with name, description and image.

    Order Management

    From here Administrator can view list of all orders with all information such as Order No., date, Time, Customer Name, contact No, shipping address, check out type.


    Administrator can manage Shipping cost section, VAT, TAX, Payment Gateway settings, email gateway settings, if required Change Password setting.

    Revenue Model


    • You can generate revenue using B2B, adding others business opportunity, you can have some commission when they sale something.
    • B2B also give you the opportunity to expand your business even if you don't know about the domain.
    • Your partner's company also earns from this app as the more you add the more you will gain.

    • Product and sales are the common B2C market where you can make money by selling your own product or any other's product.
    • You can also generate revenue by doing tie up with any other brands.
    • Using ads and video of business you can earn lots of stuff.
    • Add in-app purchase and generate more revenue like special member, premium account and monthly recurring process which makes money for your business.

    E-Commerce Application

    Trending Application


    The online shopping app from Amazon assures you of a great shopping experience with a lighter app.


    eBay makes it easy to shop, search, bid, sell and save money anywhere, any time.


    Wish also uses cool, new AI technology to find products just for you and to filter out the bad stuff

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How can I select a perfect Magento eCommerce partner?

    Collaboration between the customer and the development group can represent the moment of truth a Magento eCommerce usage project. Choosing the right partner will decide that you will face success or failure. This won’t just spare you time and cash, yet at last you will have the online store you longed for having.

    How can I find my Magento eCommerce site and back office systems to work simultaneously?

    Most advisors will reveal to you that communication is the right way to any kind of two-way relationship. We say that the same is valid for the connection between your eCommerce stage and any back office frameworks, including your ERP. While we may not be a group of authorized advisors, we are an affirmed Magento solution provider with the know-how to get your frameworks talking.

    How can you assist pick up the parts after development?

    Unfortunately, this is a story we hear very regularly. Magento is an effective stage to run your eCommerce site, and keeping that it was created because of the end client as a top priority, regardless it requires somebody with a specialized foundation to ensure you can completely use all that it brings to the table, and in addition extend it to tailor its capacities to your necessities. No one needs to be messy seconds, yet were upbeat to be your bounce back engineers keeping in mind the end goal to recover your site on track.

    How can I handle numerous tax localities on my Magento eCommerce site/application?

    Pause for a moment and think about everything you can buy online: books conveyed on the web and put away in the cloud, garments from a store in an alternate state, and even perishables conveyed appropriate to your door. For each of these buys there is a particular tax law that should be connected. Fortunately there are outsider accomplices who represent considerable authority in Magento and tax necessities.

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