Important features of GB2S application

    Search schools
    Give donation
    Payment gateway support
    Location based search

    In the current technology based world, every business organization is in the need of mobile app development to reach more and more audience. Whether you are a start-up or huge enterprise, developing a mobile app for your business will boost sales and business revenue. Our developers are filled with creativity and high knowledge to provide utmost satisfaction at clients’ end. If you are thinking to develop an app just like GB2S (Give Back 2 School) application, our developers can help you with that.

    User Application

    In this module, user can search school or any business for the charity purpose. With the help of payment gateway integration, user will manage payment which is done by users for charity to different business group.

    Search School, Groups and Business

    You can Search schools group and business and Select the Schools or groups that you wish to support.

    Payment Gateway integration (CLM)

    It’s Secure, Link up your debit or credit card and we’ll make sure your donation gets to the right spot.

    Give donation to groups

    Shop at participating Business and watch your donations accrue.

    Show business location on map

    User can show business location on map and track the business.

    Admin Panel

    Admin panel manages the whole app. The backend of the app uses cloud platform which is integrated with Bluemix Services. Everything is stored in the cloud repository like media, objects and more. CLM Integration using MOGL API to access different resources.

    IBM BLUEMIX Integration

    IBM Bluemix is cloud based platform. The backend is integrated with bluemix services.

    Object storage

    All kind of media, objects or file would be stored in object storage cloud repository.

    Report and Spam

    Admin will able to see all the people who got reported by other, and can take serious action against him/her.

    CLM integration

    To integrate CLM we have used The MOGL API, which is used for accessing resources such as users, cards, businesses etc.

    Revenue Model

    • The GB2S app is developed mainly for charity purpose for schools. The motto of this app was to search different schools and donate some amount of money when you are visiting any restaurant for dinner or lunch. The app has full support of payment gateway integration that ensures secure payments.
    The main features of these apps are as under

    • User can search for different schools through the search functionality in the app. After finding users’ choice school, he will donate some amount of money to that school. The searching of school is location based and you can get the benefits of finding the nearby school as per your location. Payment gateway integration support is given in this app to provide a secure payment to customers.

    GB2S Solution Development

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What type of payment gateway is integrated in this application?

    For payment gateway integration we are using “Empyr Developer API”. This provides methods for accessing resources such as users, cards, businesses etc.

    Anyone can register the schools and its group?

    Only admin can register school and group from the admin panel but user can suggest the schools and group from the app.

    What is the highest limit to build a customized charity mobile application?

    We totally respect your necessities and we make full surety to work strictly on due dates and finish the project with a maximum limit of around 6-7 weeks and convey you the final outcomes.

    How we can invite people to come and donate?

    We can invite people through our contact list or through social media.

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