Apps is an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform. enables ISVs to develop products up to five times faster, and at much lower costs as compared to traditional software platforms. Building Apps with our unrivaled development experience, we can help you accelerate product development on while saving over half of the costs. The platform architecture provides an integrated architecture that lets you concentrate on building solutions rather than infrastructure.

    Our Application builds best the Cloud Solution
    • Classic Applications Development and support using Apex, Visual force, Triggers, Batch jobs
    • Passing products through Salesforce security and publishing to AppExchange
    • Lightning Platform platform as a service
    • ISVs (Product Development)

    Sales Cloud

    We have worked for several years using Salesforce Platform leveraging Salesforce Integration and all Cloud Based Apps. Salesforce Consulting Services for mechanize full end-to-end systems in different industry verticals. Agile Infoways believe to treat all customers like they are the only customer and provides with quality Product/Service. Offshore Salesforce Development is in demand to manage with easily log and analyze all customer activity at one place for CRM Software.

    Reasons to get your Salesforce App from our Experts
    • Lead Conversion (Standard and Custom)
    • Pipeline Forecasting and Revenue Forecasting
    • Subscriptions and Manufacturers
    • Sales Automation with Little or no up-front costs

    Service Cloud

    Our experts will understand needs, solve their problems, and identify opportunities to help by organizing in order and interactions with the company on a single podium. It consists of Case, Agent Console, Live Agent, Entitlements, and more. Cloud computing is the release of computing services such as a database, software, servers, and networking, over the Internet. It seems that end users can able to access software and applications from wherever from their location.

    We are proficient in Cloud Applications as per Market needs
    • Initially used for flexibility of delivery, operational cost savings, and scalability
    • Adoption of the cloud has been swift and global
    • Consist of High Security
    • It is Maintenance-free

    Health Cloud

    Our services range from a single resource to a full-scale turn-key. It’s a cloud- based, patient relationship management solution that builds on our strength as the world’s; and connect with their patients anywhere, on any device. It features a today screen with alerts to caregivers on timely patient issues. Private Communities that allow care coordinators to collaborate and assign tasks across a caregiver’s network and Salesforce Shield, a set of built-in features that allow providers to manage, audit and archive patient data.

    The role of Salesforce Health Cloud with quality Service
    • Salesforce for Healthcare helps to provider build stronger one to one relations
    • Patient Profiles and Timeline views that provide a central view of a patient’s history
    • Through Salesforce Health Cloud, easy-to-read clinical data for providers
    • Facilitate to take Smarter care decisions

    Salesforce Integration

    From productivity to marketing to collaboration and beyond, now you can connect your Salesforce to the other tools you need to run your business. Agile Infoways’s Salesforce Integration Solutions make it easy to integrate CRM, ERP,and other applications to run your business.​ Success with Salesforce is dependent on access to updated data. Tools are used to integrate templates that make it easy to consolidate, synchronize, and migrate any software and file data into Salesforce.

    Connecting Salesforce by Integration Salesforce
    • Integration consists of Jitterbit, Brist BI, Mailchimp, Chargify, Heroku Apps, DocuSign, Hubspot Integration, and more.
    • External Portal / Framework IntegrationsWordPress, Drupal, Integration using REST APIs, JS framework like ( EXT JS, JQuery ) integration

    Standard Administration

    Salesforce Administrators are responsible for tasks ranging from helping users for workflow, security, develop reports and reset passwords to maintaining quality of data, adding fields, and running backups. Experts of Agile Infoways know-how the standards till dashboard and reports. Administrators will occasionally need to resolve user problems in real time. Now anyone can turn business ideas into intelligent apps without the code on the world’s most trusted cloud platform.

    Have a glance at our Expert Areas for Salesforce Applications
    • Import leads and contacts
    • Run data-quality dashboards
    • Examine time-based workflow and scheduled APEX queues to make sure there are no unexpected entries.
    • Helping users develop or fine-tune reports to get meaningful metrics
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    Social Data

    The ability to share, follow, collaborate, and take business actions directly on data within Salesforce is at the core of the platform. Whereby users can follow records and data with a single tap.

    Declarative and Programmatic Development

    Salesforce provides intuitive drag-and-drop tools for storing and working with data, defining cloud-based logic with workflows, creating approval processes and formulas.

    Action-Based App Model

    Rather than require complicated development cycles, apps can be declared through actions: create an order, set a delivery date, select a route, and so on.

    Connect to Everything with Open APIs

    Salesforce provides the flexibility to create apps that connect to everything using efficient and scalable APIs that perform over 1.3 billion transactions a day.

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