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sustain applications with application maintenance services

Application support and maintenance services ensure your applications remain highly available and reliable and continue to address evolving business needs. Support services manage app functionality so well that it converges and keeps your information system fully functional. At Agile Infoways LLC, we cover everything from regular app updates and security patches to fixing bugs and performance improvement.

avail application support & maintenance to improve App uptime, efficiency, and agility

Application maintenance and support services assure your app continues to operate seamlessly, even at greater efficiency, and guarantee your users get uninterrupted services.

Enhanced capability

Robust security

Modernized functionality

Improved performance

Why App Support & Maintenance

end-to-end application support and maintenance services

Application maintenance services include detecting and fixing bugs, regular updates, contingency plans, seamless integration, maintenance, and upgrades and help you keep your application fully operational. Our multi-tier support ensures and delivers error-free and precise solutions.

  • Applications maintenance services

    Our application maintenance service team helps you enhance applications and assure progressive longevity and functional enhancements. Considering the evolving customer needs, we consistently update, analyze, modify, and re-evaluate your application while maintaining sustainability and staying competitive. For us, application maintenance is a continuous process.

  • Application evolution

    For application evolution, we help businesses by updating existing functional modules, developing new features, suggesting feedback-based features, evaluating ROI calculations, adding software integration, and modernizing applications. This allows businesses to flex with market shifts and keep pace with progressive technology while keeping end users engaged.

  • Application performance monitoring

    Implement detailed performance metrics and an intuitive dashboard to identify bottlenecks and actively resolve unfavorable trends. With consistent usability and performance testing, we help you improve the application’s scalability and responsiveness. We ensure consistent performance and UX optimization across all devices.

  • Application security management

    Our development team ensures security with 24/7 security monitoring, incident troubleshooting, regular audits, penetration testing, exhaustive stress testing, and scheduling app vulnerability and misconfiguration diagnosis. We fix potential threats via detailed vulnerability reports for instant remediation and assure swift response to emerging threats.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    With application support and maintenance services, you gain helpful insights into your application’s well-being and performance via transparent reporting. Our full-scale analytics tool offers a detailed overview and actionable intelligence, enabling you to identify trends and essential metrics and make data-driven decisions.

  • Level 0 to 3 support and maintenance

    We keep your application fully functional with level 01 to level 3 support services. From troubleshooting, back office activities, and deploying monitoring systems to provide DevOps services, fixing bugs, adding features, and updating legacy apps, we escalate the issue among these stages considering its severity.

  • Documentation & knowledge sharing

    Creating easy-to-understand documents and maintaining a detailed knowledge base help with efficient knowledge sharing and enable users to resolve issues faster. We offer personalized assistance, assuring your team remains proficient in using and enhancing the potential of your application, fostering a continuous improvement culture.

  • 24/7 helpdesk support

    Our helpdesk remains operational 24/7, irrespective of holidays, weekends, or nights. Our application support and maintenance service team promptly resolves issues without downtime and optimizes your application’s reliability. With our multi-channel support and leveraging modern tools, we ensure user satisfaction and productivity.

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Bespoke solutions for your business needs with endwise management & support

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    Helping rising businesses to create MVPs or envisioned products

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    Curated services for scaling-up issues with business accord

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    Skilled & qualified experts to enhance business processes

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hire application support engineer

Hire an application support engineer for development and implement processes for application maintenance and support for efficient issue resolution. They monitor application KPI, proactively identify issues, prevent downtime, and ensure optimum application health.

Application Support Engineer

Skill Set

Jiya Singh

Jiya Singh

Jiya has 8 years of experience and a background in Linux, Kubernetes, high availability, cloud computing, and automation. She is experienced in application maintenance and support, scaling, and provisioning systems with thousands of requests per second and 0 downtime.

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Skill Set

  • Application maintenance
  • Performance management
  • DevOps
  • Application programming
  • Application support
  • Automation

what makes Agile unique

With a proven track record of providing successful enterprise business solutions globally, we serve multiple industries offering a variety of services and engagement models

  • 85% NPS

    Choose Agile Infoways for an exceptional client experience, reflected in our impressive 85% Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • Pre-vetted resources

    We ensure top-notch quality by providing access to pre-vetted, skilled resources for your projects at Agile Infoways.

  • Onshore/Offshore teams

    Experience the flexibility of onshore and offshore teams, offering a seamless blend of local understanding and global expertise.

  • On-time delivery

    Count on Agile Infoways for punctual project deliveries, meeting and exceeding your expectations every time.

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Our commitment goes beyond development – with 24/7 technical support, we're here to address your concerns and ensure continuous project success.

  • 3 Development centers

    Benefit from our expansive reach with development centres strategically located to provide diverse perspectives and optimal project outcomes.

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We tailor software solutions to address the business challenges & needs of our clients.



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Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

Rod Machado

Recently I hired Agile Infoways to develop an iOS Mobile app. They have done a fantastic job. They have impressed me with their support in app development.

Rod Machado

all you have to know about application support and maintenance

Functioning your business without mobile and web applications is almost next to impossible. So, keeping your business application updated and relevant in a connected world is paramount since these applications have become an integral part of our lives. This is where application maintenance and support services come into the picture, assuring that applications remain secure, user-friendly, and robust throughout the application lifecycle.

Reasons to get application maintenance and support services

Application support and maintenance is a continuous process of updating, assessing, modifying, and reevaluating your existing applications. It has to be an ongoing task and ensure your applications are up and running to the fullest. With evolving customer needs and changing business dynamics, every business must consider continuous application maintenance. It makes the application more sustainable and relevant to evolving needs.

Bug fixes

Fixing bugs and glitches is essential to keeping your application running smoothly. Your application maintenance expert will fix the code errors without disrupting any existing application elements.

Removes obsolete functions

Your application’s outdated features are useless for you or your end users. They occupy unnecessary space and impact the overall app efficiency. Application maintenance and support services remove such elements from the code and keep your application updated with the newest tools and technologies.

Enhancing capabilities

Application support and maintenance services add the necessary functions according to evolving customer and market needs and keep your application relevant. Regular application maintenance improves performance, tweaks compilers, enhances work patterns, and upgrades hardware.

Performance improvement

Developers can easily spot and fix the issue to deliver better application functionality. Reengineering is also essential to improving the application performance to prevent unnecessary load time, hacking, and other vulnerabilities.


Regular application maintenance and support services make your application more scalable, allow you to keep up with larger workloads, and maintain high performance.

Consumer satisfaction

Improvements in overall application functionality, response time, and online presence directly impact the customer experience and positively result in consumer satisfaction.

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    Our clients are here to affirm our reliability, dedication, and quality of work.

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