Challenges in Health Care Sector

    Healthcare is facing rapid challenges such as the industry has become a prime target for cybercriminals, many healthcare providers are still slow to react, the issue in payment and big data.Proof Of Concept and SolutionThe decentralized systems through Blockchain Technology make criminal weak to attacks. Know right away where you’re doing well and where you have opportunities to optimize your health with nutrition through Agile Infoways Blockchain Solutions of Health Care. Our proof-based analysis through app helps you to measure with your activity level and weight goal. To meet patient expectations and improve the user experience, make sure your billing statements are patient-friendly. Blockchain to Healthcare will help with lower your administrative cost, minimize costly errors, improve patient experience, certified third-party provider to handle patient statement design, invoicing and payment processing.

    Key features that solve Medical related issues through Blockchain
    • Helps to optimize your health with a nutrition guide
    • Get a clear view of which foods we recommend for you and why
    • Organizations need to implement non-relational information technology
    • A decentralized system that Insurance claims settlements through the system
    • It includes your ideal plate, daily food guide, top-ranked foods, and personalized recipes
    • Leadership needs to embrace data-driven decision-making and Patient Identity Management

    Challenges in the Banking sector

    The finance sector is facing issues these days like Modifications of Data, Transparency problem that leads to a lack of accessibility, cost of Initiation, Implementation, and Maintenance.Proof Of Concept and SolutionThis blockchain solution creates a Distributed Ledger eco-system that provides the benefits of the shared KYC information to all network participants – banks, enterprises, regulating authorities, and service providers. The solutions developed by Agile Infoways for Banking Sector are much faster and more reliable than most blockchain-based solutions on the market. Blockchain for Banking includes Shared KYC Data, Shared Tx History, Blockchain Identities, and more. Blockchain makes it possible to reduce timeframes that have become accepted and established, such as the time from a loan application being approved to the funds actually being received, the time required for interbank or international transfers to be carried out, the time required for processing and confirming personal information, and so on.

    Key features that solve Banking related issues through Blockchain
    • A customer can link multiple bank accounts
    • Transfer fiat currency to a bank to the application and vice-e-versa
    • Send and receive payments from other customers of the system
    • Merchants can access to MPOS Device for receiving payments
    • Payment is been processed by fingerprint verification
    • The System will offer a Gateway Plugins for all online e-commerce platform

    Challenges in the Gaming sector

    As gaming, the most in-demand segment comes with challenges with every new modernism in technology and in terms of competition consisting of transaction speed, currency issues, and user experience.Proof Of Concept and SolutionThe gaming sector is one of the most technologically advanced industries today. Blockchain fosters an environment of creativity and improvement, enabling in-game currencies allows for the integration of games with a tokenized coin which enables gamers to buy and sell theirdigital goods from other games on the same platform. Forgery is not possible as all ledgers are connected and shared, and it is free from attack by hackers. Agile Infoways a game development company builds a multi-game blockchain system by delivering gamers the flexibility they are demanding to come up with gaming through blockchain concept.

    Key features that solve Banking related issues through Blockchain
    • Assist with cross-functioning of features between games
    • Multi-game integrating is possible to the same network to future games
    • Decreased research and development cost by network flexibility
    • Blockchain allows decentralization of computing power across multiple nodes
    • It enables virtual goods to get tokenized and exchanged for Cryptocurrency
    • Along with the system to run properly also provides protection against DOS attacks and spam

    Challenges in Real Estate

    Forgery is one of the major problems in real estate including valuations, disloyalty issues and duplicating of notary stamps and grant deeds is much easier with the use of the Internet.Proof Of Concept and SolutionA system that helps various investors to search and invest in various kinds of real estate projects and boost up their investment value using the Ethereum technology by forming and exchange property through smart contracts. A smart contract contains the information regarding the property including the units that are owned by the user. The ownership of the units shall change on the basis of the buying and selling of the property unit. With the introduction of smart contracts and third-generation blockchain technologies, we at Agile Infoways are providing solutions that will assist with all required functionalities. And based on the demand and supply the user is able to view the change in the price of each unit. Blockchain helps to improve efficiency, transaction speed and purchasing flexibility.

    Key features that facilitate Real Estate through Blockchain
    • Smarter & more transparent is the actual need in Real Estate
    • The biggest impacts of Blockchain on the commercial real estate would be smoother
    • The challenge of tracking inventory has become acute through blockchain technology
    • A faster contract management process that expedites future deals
    • It helps to verify identities and making the background check process faster
    • Allowing for better and more integrated records of title chain and creating eye-watering profits

    Challenges in Supply Chain Management

    The payment processing faces delay and security issues is common this days including contracts that are not been monitored and even traceability is even tough to manage.Proof Of Concept and SolutionWhether for food products, industrial appliances, consumer goods or digital offerings, supply chains is facing a lot many issues that can be overcome by Blockchain. Using the Hyper Ledger Fabric technology, Supply Chain Management Solution by Agile Infoways is used for any kind of exchange, agreements, security or tracking, and more. Every time a product changes hands, the transaction could be documented, creating a permanent history of a product, from manufacture to sale. This could dramatically reduce time delays, added costs, and human error that plague transactions today. One of the most appealing benefits of using blockchain for data is that it allows the data to be more interoperable. Supply chain management system, it can be integrated into anything from self-executing supply contracts to automated goods or inventory management.

    Key features that assist Supply Chain Management through Blockchain
    • Scalability is improved in the overall process of Supply chain management
    • Data visibility one of the most required features for tracking of product
    • Blockchain reduces the overall cost of moving items in a supply chain
    • Improve inventory management that leads to increasing customers
    • Helps to identify issues faster and can solve as soon as possible
    • Transparency as one of the key document that leads to increases trust and helps eliminate the bias
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