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    “Primitive & Rigor - Extremely reliable to expose the finest!”
    -Vigilant Manual Testers

    Why Manual Testing?

    • Mature testing process
    • Detects critical bugs
    • Increases software’s applicability.
    • Improvises product UX and usability.

    Team of Manual Testers in Agile are an excellent analyst and acquire great knowledge of manual testing. Working in a team, we follow the appropriate approach of the testing. Our team has an awesome capability of learning trending tools. Tools such as JMeter for performance testing, JIRA for bug tracking & project management, Postman and SoapUI for API testing… and many more our team possesses learn and implements while software Manual testing.

    Benefits of Manual Testing
    • The lengthy but appropriately observed since it’s manual.
    • No need to change the entire code, humans can do it quickly.
    • Via manual software testing, testers can figure out the exact bugs from it.
    • Difficult codes and bugs are easily readable by manual testing.

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    Manual Testing Services

    Functional & Non- functional Testing
    API Testing
    Smoke Testing
    Sanity Testing
    User Acceptance Testing
    Regression Testing
    Data- Verification
    System Testing

    Industry We Serve

    We have specialization in serving various industry verticals whether they are start-ups, small companies or huge enterprises.

    • Healthcare / Medical
    • Education / E-Learning
    • Ecommerce
    • Social Networking
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Food & Restaurant
    • Fitness
    • Retail
    • IoT
    • Manufacturing
    • Energy
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • On-Demand Solutions
    • Real Estate
    • Logistics & Distribution
    • Construction
    • Gaming

    Apps and Websites Manually Tested By Us

    Swamini Vato

    Swamini Vato, Mul Aksharmurti Gunatitanand Swami’s divine discourses, is an ocean of knowledge for spiritual seekers all over the world. This scripture, filled with teachings based on the eternal Vedic Akshar Purushottam Siddhant, is read regularly by thousands of devotees seeking worldly advice and spiritual wisdom.

    Here are some features of the app:
    • Collection of all verses in the book
    • Reader view with customisation options such as fonts, theme and many others
    • Detailed explanations for ancient words in the book.
    • Ability to create own reading lists
    • English translation and transliteration to complement the Gujarati text
    • Audio feature to enhance the reading experience
    • Recommended reading lists
    • Subject-wise reading option
    • Ability to take notes
    • Full-text search options in all languages


    A free mobile application for finding great restaurants and meal deals. Find, filter by country / area & category, and interact with great restaurants in your neighborhood. See daily specials, announcements, build loyalty points, happy hour finder, food ordering, digital reviews and feedback, a complete restaurant tool kit on your mobile phone in a convenient application.

    Here are some features of the app:
    • Receive Food Orders Online
    • Take & Arrange Table Bookings
    • Conduct Real Time Direct Chats
    • Appear in User Searches in Your City
    • Run a Loyalty Points Program
    • Publish Daily Food Specials
    • See Restaurant Profiles & Amenities
    • Build a Loyal Customer List

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